Saturday, November 27, 2010

Medieval Times date

Last week, I had my very first experience at Medieval Times.  A Facebook friend decided to fly to meet me....from San Diego.  And, as we drove past Medieval Times, he said - we should go there.  So, we did!  This Facebook friend and I had been communicating electronically for a few months - trading notes, poems, thoughts and adulation.  After some texting, phone calls and Skype chatting, I invited him to Dallas.  He booked a flight, and next thing I knew, we were at Medieval Times - taking a step back in time - and exploring our connection.

As we walked into Medieval Times, we saw the workout room for the "knights" and smelled the horses.  At the front entry, we smiled at the moat and knew this would be an unforgettable evening.  We checked in and learned we would be seated in the Red section - cheering on the Red Knight.  Our Medieval representative commented that the Red Knight was blood-thirsty that night.  We then were greeted by a fair maiden who placed paper crowns on our heads.  My date, Dylan, who is a poet, immediately adopted the lingo - saying "Mi Lady" and "Mi Lord" to those we encountered.

The main lobby of the venue was full of energy and excitement.  A few of the special birthday boys and girls took part in a knighting ceremony.  The trumpets beckoned us, and we were ushered to our seats - front row in the Red Knight's section.  Soon, our wench arrived with iced tea or soda - she also delivered tomato bisque along with garlic bread (Dragon dropping) - followed by a rib, half-chicken and potato (Dragon egg).  As we were fed, a romantic then valiant story unfolded.  The knights and their horses were athletic and entertaining.  The King and Princess greeted us, and we almost expected them to bust into song.  I think I'd like to be the Princess for an evening and sing Madrigal songs.  The funniest part about the food is the fact that you don't use silverware.  Hands only!!  This made for a fun hands-on evening and further bonding between my date and me.

For dessert, our wench served us a quite delicious apple tart with coffee.  Good thing we arrived hungry!  To our happy surprise, our Red Knight took the victory of the evening.  As we cheered for him, it felt as if I were rooting for my favorite college team or the Cowboys (especially with the new coach).  Medieval Times was even more fun than I expected it to be.

After dinner, we posed for photos in Medieval garb.  Dylan made a fine King, and the photographer instructed me to place my hand on Dylan's sword.  Nice for a first date!  :)  Finally, my date wrote a poem for our winning knight:

Lion Heart

On a lusty hot November night
in the kingdom of Dallas
did the mighty Lion's Heart roar
and tear open and through and rip asunder
cast under his swarthy spell
he fought so well, all gallantly
and we did see a Victory
for our Red Team
as if in some deep magic dream
Lord Dylan and Lady Lisa
shared in your victory, my liege
and salute you for your Heart

The look on the knight's face was priceless...and the entire evening was one of incredible adventure.  It's funny how it can take a visitor to get us to do things we normally wouldn't do.  I had driven by Medieval Times dozens (if not hundreds) of times, and I never explored it.  Having a new friend in town brought me to a new adventure around the corner from my home.

Incidentally, Dylan is quite talented.  You can find more of his poems at: and

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