Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Daytime dates

My most recent date was with a 24-year-old who displayed maturity beyond his years.  He was such a gentleman....he drove from Grapevine to pick me up downtown and take me near Ft. Worth for a wakeboarding excursion.  The only downfall was that the place was closed for wakeboarding, even though he had been told it would be open.

Nonetheless, we had a great time chatting in the car, and he helped me realize the importance of daytime dates!  Instead of wakeboarding, we went to Urban Dog Coffee (he said he loves coffee), and we played Jenga while we sipped our iced coffees.  We discussed the fact that nighttime dates in bars are not the best way to get to know someone.  Daytime dates without alcohol really give us the chance to get to know another person.  I couldn't believe the wise words coming from someone relatively young.

He also said he and his friends are intrigued by dating and being with an older woman....he said it's exciting to go out with me.....yet, he respects me and wants to know me as a person.  After playing a few games and drinking coffee, we went for a walk on Katy Trail with Zoe.  He scored extra points for appreciating my dog.  I learned a lot about his family, his ambition, his life and past relationships.  It was nice to spend time getting to know him.  Too often in dating, I know I've rushed to the connection - wanting to have the physical rush - only finding that it was temporary.  I'm learning that I need more daytime dates!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Last night...

Last night I had a date with a really sweet and charming 35-year-old.  The funny part is that I thought I had a date with a 29-year-old I recently met.  I met Mr. 35 on Tuesday and Mr. 29 on Wednesday, and I had become confused!  Luckily, 29 sent me an email and made me realize the actual date last night was with 35....it was insane for a minute!

Ultimately, however, I had an awesome time.  I was exhausted and had to fit in a nap before the date, but it was totally worth it.  The bachelor picked me up and took me to Lee Harvey's to see his friend's band play.  As the night progressed, he moved closer to me, introduced me to some really nice friends and brought me yummy beverages.  He said things like - I'm so glad I met you, and I'm really glad you could come out tonight.....I felt the same way.  He is a kindred spirit.  He has a great group of friends, he's giving, he's loyal, and he's sweet.  Also, he is attractive.  So, all in all, he's a keeper.

The guy I've been seeing for about 5 weeks now is starting to disappoint.  He's really consumed with work, which is fine, but his work focus is excluding me.  I've communicated my disappointment with him, and he's apologized, but actions speak more loudly than words can.  I really hope he makes an effort this week.  I feel like we're at an impasse, and I really want to get through this.  I've developed feelings for him.  I've thought he could be the one...

On the other hand, I am meeting so many wonderful people through this process.....girls and guys alike.  I'm cultivating new relationships and finding that other women feel as I do - we've spent a lot of time working on our own identities - and we feel it's time to focus on being in a loving relationship with a compelling man.  I'm ready for the commitment.  I'm ready to find my man.  I feel he's out there.  I feel I deserve him.  And, I know I'd be an awesome wife!!  I am thoughtful, loving and fun....and I want to make someone happy!  I know I can do it...

As for my date last night, it was our second time hanging out, and I still haven't told him about Project Husband.  I will have to tell him next time.....but we were having such a good time, and it just didn't seem relevant while we were exploring our connection.  I think he will be understanding, but I wanted to give him a chance to get to know me a little before knowing about the project.  I'm relying on my instinct.....and I know I like him.  He's a really positive soul.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

TV filming today....!

Today was the first filming by CW 33 for my Project Husband reality segment....

I had a blast....first and foremost, the outfit I wore was provided by my incredible stylist, Dora Chu.  Check her out at cheapandchicbydora.com

She found me a fantastic Alice and Olivia dress, along with vintage, one-of-a-kind jewelry and silver Stuart Weitzman shoes.  The items came from Clotheshorse Anonymous and Antique Row in Dallas...

Since looking good is feeling good, I was feeling GOOD!  When the producers, Larissa and Jose, arrived to my apartment, I was ready....Larissa loved Zoe, so Zoe got in many of the shots, too!  Larissa created a script for me, and Jose took video and provided direction for flow.  I had such a good time....and it was easy since I'm not acting - this is for REAL!  300 days until the wedding - I feel the media coverage can only help me uncover my soulmate and groom.

Zoe was a complete angel - well behaved and picture perfect.  She actually helped to calm my nerves in a big way.  Overall, the support of the CW 33 has given me confidence.  Tomorrow, I will go into the station for a brief interview, and the first segment will air in the evening!!!

The dating is going well....it will be interesting to see how the TV coverage affects the dating pool.  I am optimistic...in the meantime, I had a good blind date from match.com last night.  He came to my open mic at O'Riley's, only knowing my first name.  He saw my performance, we talked for a while, and we had a good connection.  He asked for my number and my last name....so we shall see.  I did not tell him about Project Husband.

I am feeling good about myself and the process - even though I have moments of insecurity and fear - my overall sentiment is good.  I'm not putting all my eggs in one basket.  In fact, I'm putting different eggs in different baskets.  Baskets in multiple cities, in multiple age brackets, in multiple industries.....this is my own social experiment.  My hypothesis is that I will find my match.  I'm growing in this process, and I'm learning more about myself.  Thus, I am coming closer to self-actualization, and I believe I will find a complete soul to enhance my life - ultimately, to merge two whole individuals into a fantastic shared life.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sugardaddie date and wedding sponsor

I had my first date with a guy from sugardaddie.com, and he was great....attractive, normal, great job (DJ for a major radio station in Houston), Italian, Yankees fan....super fun date!

We met up to watch the Rangers Yankees game, and he was thrilled that the Yankees won....

He asked me why I joined sugardaddie.com, and I said I wanted to diversify my dating pool and cast a wider net for a "project."  Then I told him about Project Husband, and he was pretty freaked out, but he took some time to think about it and kept an open mind.  He said that he thought it was pretty crazy, but he was smiling at the same time, so it wasn't a deal breaker....We had a great time hanging out - for about 4 hours in the afternoon.  The game ended, and we played video games at the bar as well as an iPhone drinking game....it was fun.  He showed me some great new apps, as well.

I asked why he joined sugardaddie, and he said the women on the site are better looking in general versus other dating sites....interesting!!

I really enjoyed the conversation and the connection.  He was attractive, confident and hilarious.  Personality and sense of humor are everything.  He's also Italian, originally from NY.  And, apparently, I love that.....so I'm learning.

Hopefully, I will get to see him again soon.  He actually lives around the corner from my dad in Houston, ironically.  After our date, I waited a couple of hours and decided to text him that I had a great time.  It seems the feeling was fairly mutual.  He wanted to meet up again later in the evening, but I had made other plans.  So, the story will continue....

Today, I had a meeting at the CW 33 with representatives from Dallas Bridal Shows.  The organization is the 3rd largest bridal convention in the country.  The show and its vendors are sponsoring the wedding and have some exciting ideas for gathering potential bachelors.  Luckily, the show already has a relationship with Piazza in the Village (my previously chosen venue), and is willing to work with the DJ I've chosen (Adam Pickrell, White Lotus Entertainment), as well as the photographers at Premiere Photography.  It's so cool!!  We all agree that Project Husband is very powerful and can be replicated for other women in the future.  But, for now, it's all about finding a husband for me for Feb 15, 2011.  Leave no stone unturned!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Brain surgeon and Houston

Yesterday, my dad turned 60 and had surgery on his spine. I had flown to Houston to help him...and to help my little brother, who is 8. Since my dad is a single dad (and because he had a hole in his spine), he needed some assistance. In return for the favor, he's setting me up with a brain surgeon (who used to be a fighter pilot). I am intrigued by this man...he is a friend and business associate of my father's. I am meeting this potential beau this afternoon, and I hope he will want to go on a proper date before I leave Houston!

Tomorrow, I am meeting with a manager at the House of Blues Houston to set up the next Houston Chick Singer Night. And, I have a potential date with a new guy in Houston (from sugardaddie.com) who also is a musician. I sent him a text with my pic to refresh his memory...so we shall see!
Also, last week, I had a breakup...sort of :) I had a second coffee date with my friend Daniel, and we determined that although there could be great chemistry (the kissing was nice), he is not going to be ready to get married in the next year. He needs to focus on his music career. After all, he's only 23, and getting married could be problematic for his musical path. He's better off staying solo for now....but it was funny that we had the conversation. And he said he was an idiot for being so honest, since he definitely wouldn't get any action from me ;) - but I am so happy that we could be honest because the physical stuff isn't worth it if it kills a friendship. I value his friendship, and he values mine. What a cool concept!! Project Husband already is helping me to communicate my desires and to maintain friendships with men. In the past, I didn't ask for what I wanted. I figured it would happen if it were meant to be. But, as a result, I think I lost out on some potentially great male friendships. I've always been better at girl friendships, and I think I've discovered the reason!!

This just in - the sugardaddie.com guy replied to my text (and we're meeting up tonight)! He's heading to Dallas this weekend, so we are totally crossing paths!! So funny.....he looks pretty cute online. We shall see....it's always good to meet another entertainer regardless. And, with my new approach, we can be friends if nothing else!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Vegas date and Bon Jovi

This weekend, I took a date to Vegas.  In the past, all of my Vegas dates ended poorly.  I have taken three different dates to Sin City over the past several years, and all of the relationships ended afterwards.  This time, my date passed the test!  In fact, I can't wait to see him again....

He was fun, he had a good attitude, and he truly was the perfect Vegas date.  It was a quick trip because I had plans to see Bon Jovi last night in Dallas.  It was action packed and very fun.

Last night at the concert, I saw a super hot guy in a purple shirt and went up to him with my Project Husband business cards in hand.  I asked him whether he was married, and he said yes....so I said, here's my card - hook me up with your single friends!  I mean - this guy was gorgeous.  So, I figure his friends might be gorgeous, too!!  I won't be single for long, so I might as well work it while I can!!!

The concert was awesome - and it was a trip down memory lane.  My friend, Lisa, and I saw Bon Jovi in Barcelona at the Olympic Stadium 15 years ago.  We couldn't believe it took us so long to see the band again!  But, the guys looked and sounded just as amazing as they did in Spain.  The energy was good, and the crowd was a ton of fun....

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rangers Game

Last night was the second Project Husband singles mixer....at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.  It was a beautiful evening, and I kicked off the game by singing O Canada, since the Rangers were playing Toronto.

We had a group of 18.....and it was $1 hot dog night.  I enjoyed the rush of singing for tens of thousands of people, and then I had a great time with my group....the hot dog and Michelob Ultras added to the experience, as well.

It's notable that I actually had a date for the game and mixer.  I realized that I have performed National Anthems for major sporting events about twenty times over the past decade.  And, last evening marked the first time that I've had a date for one of the events.  He picked me up, provided activities for the short road trip and provided his support and humor.  It was nice....it was refreshing.  It took some of the pressure off me.  This is what I envisioned when I set out on my Project Husband journey - companionship, support, kindness and a partner to lighten my load.  Two is better than one....I felt that last night.  I really wanted him to bolster me.  It's not as if I needed it (I survived the other Anthems without a date) - but I wanted it.

The group had a great time at the game....even though the Rangers lost, and it was nice to have the support of friends and to see everyone mingling and enjoying themselves.  At the end of the night, it had become quite cold, and it was nice to be able to intertwine my arm in my date's - to warm up a bit on the walk from the stadium to the car.  It was nice to be a passenger on the ride home, to relax and take in the evening.  I felt blessed, and I enjoyed myself.

So far, so good......still cultivating those relationships to make sure to find the right "one."  312 days until the wedding!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dating anxiety and positive outcomes

I've had so many thoughts lately and have been running and running and neglecting my blog!

I definitely have had some dating anxiety lately.....clearly, I have created some time pressure for myself with a wedding deadline.  And, the CW 33 station would like weekly video clips of a date highlight of the week.  Thus, I need to have weekly dates (2-4 is the goal).  As of last night, I didn't have my weekly clip for the Tuesday deadline.  While sitting with some friends at State and Allen, watching the Butler Duke game (so sad about Butler), I told the girls how I needed a date.  We were scoping the guys in the joint - from the guys around us to the bartenders and waiters, and we saw some prospects.  But one of the girls took it a step further - she sent text messages to two guy friends, and one of them drove over to meet me after seeing the Project Husband site.  Turns out he's 25....a strapping rugby player with dark hair and kind eyes.  It was fun!  I loved how the stressful situation turned into a game with a positive outcome.

My favorite part of the date was the yummy dessert and the fact that this 25 year old said he prefers to meet girls through friends.  He's tired of the bar "pickup" scene.  He said that guys go to bars to pick up girls for "one reason," and he's over that.  What a breath of fresh air....coming from a relatively young guy.  

So, you see, the time pressure actually led me to meet a mature and cool guy - the ball is in his court as far as a second date.  But, regardless of what happens, I'm really happy I met him.  He'll be a good friend no matter what...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

He's not my type...is he?

I had two first dates this past week with interesting, intelligent and articulate guys.  However, I felt chemistry with neither of them.  Normally, I go for brunettes.  These guys were blondes.  Is that a coincidence?  I have heard from some people that their partners turned out to be nothing like the preconceived notions in their minds.

So, do we know what we're looking for?  Is that image skewed?  Are we shooting ourselves in the foot if we stay too narrowly focused on our ideal mate?  Or, is it better to stay true to the feelings of attraction we have developed for a particular "type" over time?  I have envisioned myself with a specific and particular type of guy, but I've found myself attracted to men from all cultures, races and hair colors (even though I still love a dark haired man).

Last night, a friend asked me whether I was limited by ethnicity.  I said that I think it would be too myopic to limit my dating pool based on someone's skin color.  Ultimately, we are all people, first and foremost.  I'm looking for a solid individual to enhance my life.  I don't think now is the time to limit myself in finding that fit.  Thus, I'm open!!  I've even considered the fact that I should probably go on one date with a woman just to have the experience.  Don't get me wrong - I'm looking for a man.  But I'm also looking for insight into dating, love and marriage.  I want Project Husband to lead me to my first and only marriage....and I want to start a family with the man I marry.  So, I'm on a mission!  But, I'm staying open to new dating experiences and am learning so much about myself and relationships in the process.  In fact, my head is spinning right now.....

I have heard from multiple brides that their grooms were very different from what they thought the men would be....so, I'm trying to broaden "my type" and keep an open mind.