Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cowboys are sexy

Last night, I enjoyed an evening at Billy Bob's Texas and a live performance by Chris Young.  When I moved to Dallas three years ago, I never imagined that I'd be loving a country concert and cowboy so much!  After being born in San Diego and then living in Los Angeles for eight years before moving to Dallas, I was a bit of an anti-cowboy.  I didn't like country music, and I thought guys in cowboy hats were suspicious.  I figured I'd move to Dallas and be surrounded by crazy cowboys.  To my surprise, cowboys were few and far between.  And when I did meet a cowboy, I was impressed.  A man in a black cowboy hat can get my heart racing any day.  There's such an air of confidence touched by a little mystery and a whole lot of southern charm.  Last night at Billy Bob's, I fell in love with Chris Young's music and his stage presence.  I also caught a glimpse of some eye candy - two cowboys dressed in black hats and sexy jeans.  My friend Elizabeth and I decided to say hi and flirt a little.  I spoke with one of the ropers for a while and realized how hard-working and manly he was.  I gave him my card and said he should email me so I could send him our picture...

I think cowboys are sexy.  I actually realized a while ago that sexy comes in all's not about finding Mr. Right from California or France or's about finding a perfectly sexy man for me.  And, I believe there are wonderfully sexy and manly guys in all parts of the world.  Like music, people can be put into categories.  And, it's not fair!  Sure, it helps with marketing to a target audience, but it can detract from the two most important categories - good and bad - OR - pleasing to me and not pleasing to me.  I have learned to love all kinds of music - realizing that good songs come in all genres.  Likewise, I have learned to appreciate all types of men - realizing that good things come in all sorts of packages.

I am pleased to say that I have embraced my inner Texas-girl, and I'm enjoying the culture.  I love the southern hospitality and charm.  I love a true cowboy....and I love a great country song.  Just watch and listen to this - Chris Young sums it up well:

He's gorgeous, soulful, sultry, honest, and I love his black cowboy hat!!  Cowboys are sexy.  I need to find myself one.

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