Monday, December 27, 2010


Currently, Grenade by Bruno Mars is my favorite song.  I can feel the love, the pain, the sincerity....and it's all moving to me.

I really hope you all had a great holiday....and that you're gearing up to celebrate New Year's Eve in a fun, special way.  I thought about staying home, and I thought about traveling....but then I was invited to a house party down the street from me, and that seemed like the best option.  I just traveled to Florida for Christmas.  In fact, I'm on a plane right now (thanks to free Wi-Fi from AirTran and Google Chrome), and I am happy to stay put for New Year's.  The house party sounds perfect - it's just a cab ride away, and I'm fairly certain cute boys will be there.

My mom took me to the airport today, and we had a bittersweet goodbye on the curb.  The Florida sun felt so nice and warm on my face, and my mom gave me the warmest embrace.  The memory is sealed in my mind.  I'm so lucky to have the love of a good woman - my mom.  As we said goodbye, she said, "I think 2011 is going to be the best year for you yet.  I can't wait to see how it unfolds."  She said that regardless of my being single or married, the best was yet to come.  I needed to hear those things.  I've never been a wallflower, and I've never been timid or shy.  I'm a confident person.  But, having my mom say that she believes in me and that everything is going to be okay sounds pretty awesome to me.

Having the love of family makes it easy to take a Grenade.  The song is great....I suggest that you listen if you haven't.  Here - I'll make it easy:

I just listened to Grenade a few times from my laptop's iTunes, and now I just saw that I'm connected to Garrett's library.  How exciting!  Oh wait - tease - the library disappeared.  I guess it's back to Grenade.

Did you notice how many random and fun messages you received this holiday season?  Holiday cards from old friends....text messages from old flames....emails and Facebook notes from buddies and family members and phone calls from loved ones?  How great is it to reach out to the ones we love?!  My favorite message came from an ex who said I should come visit him because he's finally broken up with his girlfriend and living alone.  Funny thing is that I still have feelings for him after a number of years.  Too bad he's in Los Angeles.  Ships passing in the night....all the great, long-lost loves of my life.  If I put them all on a ship, I'd have a cruise line.

In the meantime, I look forward to lots of fun in 2011 - with or without a man by my side.  I am holding out for a hero - the one who would catch a Grenade for me.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Snakes on a Plane

Just kidding.  No snakes.  Just poodles – or one, actually.  Zoe is on the plane.

Hi Blog,

Life is good.  Did you know that?  Did you know that it’s good to take a breath, to eat pretzels, to have a hamburger and Coors Light at the Atlanta airport while waiting for a connecting flight?  It is so good!!!!!  As long as I’m able to take a breath, I know that I’m alive.  And I know that I have a chance to make a difference.  In my 35 years of life, I have made a difference.  I’ve made people notice.  They have looked.  An adorable woman in her eighties just stared at me at the airport bar.  I caught her glance, and we smiled at each other.  I saw through her – into her soul.  I saw her as a playful, beautiful soul.  Strangers surround me right now, yet I feel completely at ease.  In fact, I feel really happy.  I haven’t felt this happy in a while.  I am at peace with my destination.  At peace with my journey.  I love my life – I love this life.  I have nine pounds to lose, and I don’t care.  I know that most of it appears in my boobs and behind, and I’ve had no complaints so far.  I’m at ease with my path in life and love.  I am excited about the possibility of donating my Feb 15 wedding to a loving, deserving couple.  I want to help people find love and seal the deal.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to get married in Vegas.  I don’t know when and I don’t know to whom, but I know it’s gonna be pretty rad.  Zoe will be there.  Elvis will be there.  My parents will be there – my 84-year-old grandma will be there.  Maybe some of the strangers I’m about to meet will be there.

I’m in love.  With myself.  And my God.  I feel so complete – so completely wonderful.  I don’t need a man.  I want one.  I have my eye on a few.

Merry Christmas.  Happy Hanukkah.  Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus.  Happy Kwanzaa.  Let them know it’s Christmas.  Feed the world.  Feed yourself.  Feed your baby.  Make a baby.  Just live and love – and mainly, love yourself.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The truth

Hello Mr. Blog or Mrs. Blog - I'm not sure what your gender should be.  Maybe you're androgynous.  I’m listening to Scissor Sisters right now, so I’m feeling extra inspired.  I’ve completed week one of my diet and power yoga journey (thank you, Jenny Craig and YogaSport Dallas).  No thank you to dating and stress for adding an extra thirteen pounds.  Not nice!  But thank you to me for re-gaining some control (except for last night at my friend’s birthday party, where I celebrated like it was my own birthday and/or 1999).  Sometimes – you play, you pay.  I paid this morning when I arrived at a dance class at Equinox.  However, the burlesque moves were good for my booty-shaking soul, and for my headache.  Actually, the yoga has loosened me up – I felt like I could handle the dance moves better than ever.  And, Vickie, who taught the burlesque class, promises I can become a dancer with her tutelage.  I’m 35, yet I feel like I’m just getting to know my body.  Yoga provides amazing awareness – I think that’s why I’ve run away from it in the past.  I couldn’t handle the truth!  The truth is that I’m weak, I’m always learning, I’m clumsy and awkward when I try the tree pose.  But, the good news is that my body is responsive, I am strong, I am powerful, and I can practice.  I love how yogis say that yoga is called a practice for a reason – it’s not called a perfect.  I love that attitude for yoga and for life.

The other good news is that I lost two pounds in a week.  Yay.  I’m more focused on myself than ever, which feels awesome.  Funny thing is I’ve met a lot of guys recently, and many of them have asked me out.  But, I’d rather go to power yoga, come home, eat a healthy meal, hang with my pup, Zoe, and get a good night’s rest.  I think I’m sort of sick of dating.  Ha!  I’m sure some of you are laughing.  You’re thinking – no kidding.  Yup, I said it – I’m over dating.  I’d rather hang in groups and let it click when it clicks.  Plus, I’m starting to think the cliché is true – love happens when you least expect it.  I’m done expecting it.  In fact, I don’t think I really want to get married in February.  I said that, too!  HA!  Look at all this awareness.  Yet, since I don’t really ‘want’ it (for real), and I’m not looking for it, this is the time when it’s most likely to happen.  How whack is that??  There’s still time in time for February 15th for some incredible man to sweep me off my feet.  But I don’t care whether it happens or not.  Because I’m good.  I’m good on my own.  I don’t need companionship.  I’d like it at some point.  All of this – Project Husband – came from a simple thought at my friend’s wedding.  If I planned a wedding in a year, I’d get married, too…or so I thought.  It never was about desperation.  It was about self-exploration – and boy, am I exploring!

Yes, I thought I’d probably be engaged by now.  But I’m not!  And it’s cool with me…

I had a fun chat this morning with a cute guy who lives in Houston.  But he doesn’t want to get married.  So it’s just fun.  And what’s wrong with fun?  I’d rather have fun with someone for the rest of my life and stay single than rush into something stupid and be miserable in order to be married.  Wow – it feels so good to be so honest with you Mr. Blog.  I love this honesty.  I think it’s the yoga talking!!!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Speed dating and power yoga

In the last week, I found two powerful approaches to dating and exercise.  First, I found speed dating.  It just makes so much sense.  Why spend one entire evening with one date when you can meet ten?  Granted, all ten weren't amazing, but I really enjoyed meeting lots of new people.  The funniest part about speed dating is the way that eight minutes can feel like 8 seconds or 80 minutes, depending on the date.  

FastLife ( did a great job of organizing the evening, and the biggest bonus of all -- I met a great new girlfriend!  Some of the guys were pretty cool, too.  All in all, a night is never a wasted when it brings about new friends.

Shortly after my speed dating session, I learned about Power Yoga at YogaSport in Dallas ( -- and it was the perfect place to spend a Friday evening.  I felt the most amazing high at the end of the session -- a sense of euphoria that I hadn't felt in a long time....if ever.  I was at peace, in a state of relaxation and bliss.  The room was heated to 90 degrees, and the space was full of energy.  I was greeted by Angela, the instructor -- and and I have to say that she's done an amazing job with her studio.  I felt as if every muscle in my body was engaged, and I was grateful for the workout.

This past week was powerful -- speed dating, power yoga and relaxation with friends.  I'm less focused on dating right now.  I'm more focused on myself -- and it feels good.    

Thursday, December 9, 2010

My thoughts on love and marriage

Recently, I answered some interview questions that were posed to me by a college student, and I thought I'd share the results...

Have you always wanted to get married? Would you say that all little girls do?  When I was little, I figured I'd get married.  When I was in college, I thought I'd be married by the time I turned 25.  My parents divorced when I was in my early twenties, and I started to fear marriage and divorce.  Upon turning 35, I figured the risk was worth the reward in marriage, so I felt ready - ready to find a soul mate and start a family.

What was your first understanding of love and marriage?  Mom and Dad in love with each other - raising children and a family.

How was your family life growing up; what were the dynamics of your relationship with your Mother, Father, Siblings, etc?  I was an only child for 27 years.  I have a half-brother who just turned 9.  I grew up with my parents as my best friends.  To this day, they still are my best friends.

Do you feel that you are marketing yourself, your charms, your personality?  I do...

Would you say that anyone on facebook or twitter, those who blog, are all marketing themselves in one way or another?  Absolutely.  The tools allow individuals to create their own brands - the brand called YOU.

What would your response be to a person who believed you were using marriage as commodity?  I suppose it is a commodity on some level - with all the goods and services that are exchanged for money.  But I'm willing to donate my sponsored wedding to a deserving couple if I do not find love in time for the wedding date...thus, I'm looking for love - the real deal - and it's not about the $$$ involved in a wedding or marriage.  I just want to make it legal, binding and lasting when I find it.

Do you believe that all people do (use marriage as a commodity)?  At some level, marriage becomes commercialized - like Christmas.  But it's important to keep in mind the true meaning and purpose - love, comfort, joy...

Where would you say that your desire to get married comes from?  A desire to love and be loved, to start a family and foundation for raising children.

On top of that, where would you say that your desire to wear make up, wear dresses, have an adorable little dog, and shop all come from?  My mom!  And girly magazines - and an innate desire to be loved and appreciated.

Do you believe that the differences between women and men are inherent or constructed?  Both.  Biological differences are undeniable - however, personalities vary within genders.  Some women like "guy" things like shooting guns or sports, and some guys like "girl" things - like fashion, shopping and design.  Clearly, the media likes to highlight the masculine nature of men and feminine nature of women, but I believe our social constructs are changing and people are allowed to be themselves today more than ever - whether they want to be girly girls or manly men or none of the above!

The last questions I can think to ask, is what is important to you?  In life - relationships + love, mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health are the most important elements.  I want to find someone who suits me and complements me - someone who shares my values and can be my partner for life.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Puppies, boys and marriage

I just squeezed my pup, Zoe, as I was working on a marketing proposal.  Then, I remembered wanting a puppy as a little girl.  I reflected on why I wanted a puppy so much.  I wanted the adorable face and squeezable body.  I wanted the shiny coat, the sparkly eyes and the playful persona.  For many of those reasons, I suppose, I wanted to find a boy...

Today, I want a man.  I want a husband.  But, it's easy to get caught up in the shiny, playful aspect of love. What about the annoying walks, the empty food bowls, the snoring, the poop and the smelly dog smell??

Those items apply to boys as much as they apply to puppies.

My conclusion is that true love is worth it - the amazing love and adoration we receive is worth the potty cleanup, the laundry, the bathing, the acceptance....

Luckily, I have the unconditional love of my poodle.  However, I'd be more lucky with the love of a man...and the love of a family.  I want to be a mother.  I want to experience the beauty of creation...not only in my own works (musically, visually) but also in my generativity - the legacy I leave with my own children.

Is marriage outdated?  Time Magazine has a great article on the subject.  It seems to me that marriage is what we want it to be.  When we find each other - two individuals who want the same things - we can have it all.  We can have love forever....the flames of passion, friendship and commitment.  Self determination and modern times give us a choice - to be happy - to define happiness - in our own subjective ways.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cowboys are sexy

Last night, I enjoyed an evening at Billy Bob's Texas and a live performance by Chris Young.  When I moved to Dallas three years ago, I never imagined that I'd be loving a country concert and cowboy so much!  After being born in San Diego and then living in Los Angeles for eight years before moving to Dallas, I was a bit of an anti-cowboy.  I didn't like country music, and I thought guys in cowboy hats were suspicious.  I figured I'd move to Dallas and be surrounded by crazy cowboys.  To my surprise, cowboys were few and far between.  And when I did meet a cowboy, I was impressed.  A man in a black cowboy hat can get my heart racing any day.  There's such an air of confidence touched by a little mystery and a whole lot of southern charm.  Last night at Billy Bob's, I fell in love with Chris Young's music and his stage presence.  I also caught a glimpse of some eye candy - two cowboys dressed in black hats and sexy jeans.  My friend Elizabeth and I decided to say hi and flirt a little.  I spoke with one of the ropers for a while and realized how hard-working and manly he was.  I gave him my card and said he should email me so I could send him our picture...

I think cowboys are sexy.  I actually realized a while ago that sexy comes in all's not about finding Mr. Right from California or France or's about finding a perfectly sexy man for me.  And, I believe there are wonderfully sexy and manly guys in all parts of the world.  Like music, people can be put into categories.  And, it's not fair!  Sure, it helps with marketing to a target audience, but it can detract from the two most important categories - good and bad - OR - pleasing to me and not pleasing to me.  I have learned to love all kinds of music - realizing that good songs come in all genres.  Likewise, I have learned to appreciate all types of men - realizing that good things come in all sorts of packages.

I am pleased to say that I have embraced my inner Texas-girl, and I'm enjoying the culture.  I love the southern hospitality and charm.  I love a true cowboy....and I love a great country song.  Just watch and listen to this - Chris Young sums it up well:

He's gorgeous, soulful, sultry, honest, and I love his black cowboy hat!!  Cowboys are sexy.  I need to find myself one.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Medieval Times date

Last week, I had my very first experience at Medieval Times.  A Facebook friend decided to fly to meet me....from San Diego.  And, as we drove past Medieval Times, he said - we should go there.  So, we did!  This Facebook friend and I had been communicating electronically for a few months - trading notes, poems, thoughts and adulation.  After some texting, phone calls and Skype chatting, I invited him to Dallas.  He booked a flight, and next thing I knew, we were at Medieval Times - taking a step back in time - and exploring our connection.

As we walked into Medieval Times, we saw the workout room for the "knights" and smelled the horses.  At the front entry, we smiled at the moat and knew this would be an unforgettable evening.  We checked in and learned we would be seated in the Red section - cheering on the Red Knight.  Our Medieval representative commented that the Red Knight was blood-thirsty that night.  We then were greeted by a fair maiden who placed paper crowns on our heads.  My date, Dylan, who is a poet, immediately adopted the lingo - saying "Mi Lady" and "Mi Lord" to those we encountered.

The main lobby of the venue was full of energy and excitement.  A few of the special birthday boys and girls took part in a knighting ceremony.  The trumpets beckoned us, and we were ushered to our seats - front row in the Red Knight's section.  Soon, our wench arrived with iced tea or soda - she also delivered tomato bisque along with garlic bread (Dragon dropping) - followed by a rib, half-chicken and potato (Dragon egg).  As we were fed, a romantic then valiant story unfolded.  The knights and their horses were athletic and entertaining.  The King and Princess greeted us, and we almost expected them to bust into song.  I think I'd like to be the Princess for an evening and sing Madrigal songs.  The funniest part about the food is the fact that you don't use silverware.  Hands only!!  This made for a fun hands-on evening and further bonding between my date and me.

For dessert, our wench served us a quite delicious apple tart with coffee.  Good thing we arrived hungry!  To our happy surprise, our Red Knight took the victory of the evening.  As we cheered for him, it felt as if I were rooting for my favorite college team or the Cowboys (especially with the new coach).  Medieval Times was even more fun than I expected it to be.

After dinner, we posed for photos in Medieval garb.  Dylan made a fine King, and the photographer instructed me to place my hand on Dylan's sword.  Nice for a first date!  :)  Finally, my date wrote a poem for our winning knight:

Lion Heart

On a lusty hot November night
in the kingdom of Dallas
did the mighty Lion's Heart roar
and tear open and through and rip asunder
cast under his swarthy spell
he fought so well, all gallantly
and we did see a Victory
for our Red Team
as if in some deep magic dream
Lord Dylan and Lady Lisa
shared in your victory, my liege
and salute you for your Heart

The look on the knight's face was priceless...and the entire evening was one of incredible adventure.  It's funny how it can take a visitor to get us to do things we normally wouldn't do.  I had driven by Medieval Times dozens (if not hundreds) of times, and I never explored it.  Having a new friend in town brought me to a new adventure around the corner from my home.

Incidentally, Dylan is quite talented.  You can find more of his poems at: and

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Checking in | dear blog

Dear blog,

I am sorry it has taken me so long to write.  Life has been moving full speed ahead, and I feel like I've been trying to catch up.  I've thought of you almost daily, but I didn't know what I wanted to say that would be pithy and insightful.

Therefore, I decided to write you a letter for the sole purpose of expressing myself.  This might sound a bit like a stream of consciousness expression, but that's the point of a journal anyhow, isn't it?!

Tonight is the Dallas Margarita Ball, and I scored tickets through the help of some awesome friends.  Monica and I decided we should go and scope out the guys and the scene in general.  This will be my first time at the event, which has been running for more than three decades.  Last night, Monica and I shopped for dresses at Northpark, and I think we're ready for action.

Last week, I seriously was about to give up on dating.  I was thinking of throwing in the towel.  Next thing I knew, my friend, Laura, set me up with an attractive, sweet and optimistic guy.  I felt instant chemistry with him, and our first date was in a flower shop, on camera.  He was a great sport, and our hug was my favorite part.  The only problem is that he's planning on moving soon, and he's almost 10 years, I'm not sure how ready he's going to be to get married in Dallas in February :)

I go back and forth between feeling ready to donate my wedding to someone else and feeling hopeful that I will be the one walking down the aisle.  I've learned and decided that girls fall in love with the idea of "the wedding."  Girls plan the details in their heads - from flowers, to bridesmaids, to colors, to signature cocktails...yet, the groom can be a question mark.  On the other hand, men don't fall in love with the idea of the wedding - they have to fall in love with the girl first.  Women don't need to know who the guy is to envision the wedding.  Yet, men have to be inspired by the right female.  When a man falls in love, he will move mountains to please a woman and to be with her.  Until that moment, the man orbits in a world that is far, far away from wedding land.

I've separated myself from the wedding.  I can remain objective in my quest.  If I were so in love with the idea of the wedding, I'd be engaged by now.  Sure, I'm a little scared of failing in a marriage.  I've seen so many others fail in marriage.  But, I want to win in love and in marriage.  Time will tell...the cliches all ring true - it will happen when you least expect it; you can't hurry love; money can't buy me love; whatever will be, will be...

I'm hopeful, yet realistic.  I do know this - just last week, I went to an event on Tuesday night (totally last minute).  And, I met a guy who declared, "I'm ready to get married."  My friend, Monica, said - you're in luck - she has a wedding planned!  It was hilarious...also, it was fun that the guy and I hung out all night.  Will we get married?  Probably not...but it provided us with a connection, and it was a ton of fun.  I had no expectations when I went to the event.  In fact, I thought I'd be in and out of there...but I ended up connecting with a cute guy and spending all night with him.

In the recent past, my friends and I have set out on the town, on a mission, to find dudes.  And we came up dry.  So, there is some truth in finding "it" when you least expect it.  I wonder what we'll find tonight at the Margarita Ball.  All I know is that I love my new dress and shoes...and it's fun to dress up sometimes (I also love watching movies in sweats on my couch).

I wanted this blog entry to be more "stream of consciousness" - yet I still formed neat paragraphs.  I guess I'm a nerd at heart.  It's easier for me to rant in my paper and pen journal.  Typing forces me into more proper writing.

So, here's a poetic expression - just to try the exercise with a keyboard.  I would love to be in love.  Hearts racing, eyes popping, dance beats in my head.  That feeling when he walks into the room - how my heart goes boom.  Stomach hurts, time stops.  Sun shines even thought it's raining.  It's like puppies at Christmas.  My birthday everyday...the most glorious sunsets on Greek islands.  New territory, a fine glass of wine.  Chatting with best friends...belly laughing and smiles that hurt my cheeks.  The excitement of someone new who seems so familiar.  The comfort and joy....sharing life with someone else.  Feeling like a child about to open a stack of presents....with no cares, no worries, because that someone will always be there.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Journey versus destination

At this point, I am completely satisfied with my journey.  I know I've set a wedding date, and the clock is ticking, but I have realized that the date may or may not work for me.  Love doesn't really have a deadline. However, I can prepare my heart and mind for it, wish for it and pray for it.

I had a great time at the Sarah McLachlan concert last night, thanks to my friend, Mandi.  And, I had a great friend date, Daniel.  He loves and plays music like I do, so he was a perfect date.  I enjoyed the music, the atmosphere and the chance to see my idol perform.

All along, I have been interested in finding the lasting connection with someone special.  I have wanted to find my soul mate and the father of my children.  Yet, when I recently attended a wedding, I wasn't dying to be the bride.  This weekend, when I heard a baby crying, I didn't feel an overwhelming desire to have my own crying baby.  Haven't you felt that way on planes when babies are crying?  That has to be one of the most painful situations ever.

Yet, I love children, and I enjoy the company of men.  I still seek the companionship and the partner for the rest of my life.  And, now more than ever, I know how monumental the decision to marry is.  No one is perfect - yet two imperfect people have to connect and decide to share their hearts.  I think it's best to let time tell.  It's best to trust the instincts of love.  And mature love replaces lust with respect.  There has to be a spark that burns for a lifetime, yet there has to be kindness and tolerance and compromise.  Those are huge adjustments for a single person!  Thus, a potential partner has to be really compelling.

Why am I saying all of this?  I am expressing my must current and honest thoughts.  I believe I will find my man in due time.  I also know it might not be on my exact timeline...

And that's okay...

Incidentally, I had a great date in Houston over the weekend with a very sexy guy.  I like him.  He's witty, smart, confident and attractive.  He is honest, and he does not play games.  Time will tell when I see him again, but I hope it's sooner rather than later.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Visit with Mom

My mom is in town from Florida, which is a lot of fun.  It makes me wish we lived closer to each other.  We had a cake tasting arranged at Delicious Cakes Friday afternoon.  Butch and Ruthie, the owners of the cake shop, hosted us for the session.  Butch sketched a beautiful wedding cake design while we talked and tried the amazing flavors.  Someone thought Butch was my husband, which was hilarious.  Maybe it's a good sign...Either way, the cake was YUMMY.  My mom loves loves loves cake, and I do, too!!  Who needs a groom to have cake?!?!

I am having a great time with my mom, and I am so happy she is visiting me.  There is nothing like time with family.  It is a miracle of life to feel unconditionally loved and accepted.  We had a great weekend - from the cake tasting to shopping at Frocks Boutique in Addison to dinner at Gloria's in Colleyville and then watching the Rangers game!!  I also took my mom by the wedding venue in Colleyville and to Premier Photography...Someone will be getting married there, and Premiere will be taking the pictures.  Time will tell what the outcome is!  111 days until the wedding.  And, I would be equally happy to donate the wedding to a deserving, loving couple.  Even if I'm not ready to be married, we'll have a celebration!

Saturday, I sang in a wedding in McKinney, and my mom was my date.  It was a beautiful ceremony, and I sang How Great Thou Art.  What a beautiful song.  I also sold merch for Cary Pierce at Deux Lounge for an SMU Class of '90 Reunion.  It was a cool space, and Cary sounded great.  His wife, Cara, was there to show her support.  Their relationship continues to inspire me!  It also was a lot of fun to witness the reunion - lots of fun group photos and visible trips down memory lane.  My mom and I sported Jackopierce shirts at the merch table and made some new friends.

Sunday, I took my mom to church with me, and the community at Legacy Presbyterian was loving and welcoming to her.  She had a great time.  I also taught music lessons over the weekend - from guitar to singing to songwriting.  I love teaching!  I also love my pink beginner guitar - it makes playing the guitar fun and PINK!

Yesterday, my mom and I had facials at Facelogic.  It had been four months since my last facial, and I could tell that I needed one.  My skin was a combination of dry and oily - nice!  My mom upgraded her facial with an enzyme peel, and her skin looks amazing today.  She always looks amazing though.  I think it's her Greek skin.  We agreed that the spa treatments were just what the doctor ordered.  The spa chairs were awesome, the massage was fantastic, and we felt like a million bucks after our treatments!

Last night, we saw Jason Derulo at the House of Blues, and it was a BLAST.  Jason has some amazing moves, and he's only 21.  My mom agreed that he is a hottie.  His backup dancers were incredible, as well.  They made me want to I did.  [But not on stage.]  It was a great girls' night - lots and lots of fun.  House of Blues is one of my most favorite venues ever.  It's pretty much the perfect size!  The sound and lights are excellent, and the talent that comes across that stage is wonderful to witness.  I hope to see more of Jason Derulo.  He has a bright future ahead of him.  Maybe he has a single older brother.  I'll have to investigate.

In summary, I had a blast with my mom.  I'm totally at ease with my journey in life and dating.  In fact, I'm dating less now than I was earlier this year.  And, it's really nice.  I'm taking more time for myself, and I'm trusting fate.  Time will one can rush love, no one can predict when it will happen.  Yet, as individuals, we can have faith, along with open and happy hearts.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dating without drinking

It has been almost four weeks since I had my last alcoholic beverage.  This was a choice I made with the help of my relationship coach, Barbara.  Here are some of the results of dating without drinking:

- fewer drinks
- less money spent on alcohol
- fewer dates
- higher incidents of declined date offers (where I said "no")
- fewer late night text messages
- more sleep
- better skin
- less fun (at times)
- more time for reflection
- more relaxation
- less anxiety

I really am looking forward to having a drink on Monday - it will be my first drink in a month, and it will be delicious!  And, I will be a much cheaper date.  And, I have found some clarity.  I have realized that drinking while dating can create false connections, false hope and false happiness.  I believe a best first date is one that does not involve alcohol.  A couple needs to get to know each other in a sober situation before introducing alcohol.

During my hiatus from drinking, I realized that some of the guys I had been seeing were not that compelling to me - that the connections were not real.  I also realized that just about anyone can be fun after a few drinks...

Finally, I got to spend some time by myself - without so many dates - and I got to reduce some of the beer bloat I had been feeling!!

I won't give up on alcohol forever - it is a great social lubricant.  But it needs to be used with caution - especially during the beginning of a relationship - and in general when a connection can be compromised by too much alcohol.

Saying no to alcohol is a good exercise - try'll see how much society relies on it for social interactions.  And, you'll see how much you don't really need it.  If you want to save money (and face), ask for a club soda when you're out - you'll feel great all night and even better in the morning.  And, most of the time, bartenders don't charge for it.  You'll have no beer goggles, and you'll cut down on the beer gut.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Set ups + eye rejuvenation date

Recently, I had another first date, and I was starting to think - being set up is not for me.  This guy was nice, intelligent, kind and sweet - but he seemed young.  The date, in general, also seemed destined to fail.  It was one where the waitress couldn't get anything right, the crowd at the restaurant was bizarre, the vibe just wasn't there.  I decided - I do not want to be set up anymore.  And then, what do you know?  I had someone suggest a guy to me just yesterday!  I saw his photos on Facebook, and I'm intrigued.  So, I decided to go for it.  PLUS, my friend said this new date is a great guy who would like to be in a committed relationship.  My friend also said he is solid, ambitious, considerate and fun.  Sounds good....he's a bit younger (why do I keep finding young guys)?....Incidentally, today I heard from a college friend who is in a relationship with a younger guy.  She said the age difference is 9 years, and she couldn't be happier.  Who knows, right?

I also received some advice from a knowledgeable man (his identity to be revealed later) that I need to be in a target-rich environment.  I love the terminology.  He got me thinking - alumni groups, charity events, professional networking groups, more groups in general.  I've said it before, but I feel I need to meet men in more group settings - with fewer one-on-one dating situations.

Recently, I took myself on a date to McKinney.  I had a fantastic date!!  I started with an eye rejuvenation treatment at Warthan Dermatology Center, which was amazing.  I admit that I receive Dysport treatments to treat and remove my crow's feet, and they work like magic!!  Maybe that's why I keep meeting younger guys :)  I had a great experience at the dermatology office.  The injections only take a few minutes, and then I received a spa eye treatment (with massage, gels and creams) that made me feel like a million bucks.  After the derm session, I headed to the Starbucks down the street.  It was the most adorable Starbucks I've ever seen - it looked like a stone cottage from the front.  I had a skinny latte and Rice Krispy treat (which was said to have 210 calories).  I sat outside and enjoyed the warm Texas fall weather.  I noticed an adorable older couple sitting near me.  They were looking at photos from a recent trip.  The husband was friendly, and he started talking to me.  I said I was on a date with myself.  He thought that was great.  When I explained my dating quest, the wife said she had heard about my project.  She also said that her daughter met a suitor on and married him only a few months later.  Years later, the couple still was together.  The lovely couple at Starbucks told me - don't give up hope, and choose to be with your best friend - that's what will make the relationship last.  Good advice!

Truly, I am looking for my best friend....someone who offers friendship, passion and commitment.  I'm still searching...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sofa Date

Recently, I had the most amazing date.  It was with my sofa!  I cleaned up my DVR, caught up on guilty pleasure shows, wrote in my journal, played Words With Friends (lcube is my username), spent time with Zoe (my pup) and got to bed early.  It's funny because I had three offers to go out that evening, but I stuck with my original plans.  I had committed to my sofa, and I didn't want to disappoint myself.  Because ultimately, the date was with myself.  And, since I'm now in my third week (of four) of not drinking alcohol, I resisted the temptation to open a bottle of wine.  I truly didn't need it.

Interestingly, I have met a ton of happily married people lately!  How great is that?!  I view each of them as role models.  The interesting thing is that I've met all of them individually (outside their couples), and they all offer independence, strength, passion and compassion.  They speak lovingly of their mates and offer encouraging words to me.  Today, I worked with a local production team to shoot some footage for a national TV program, and all three individuals shared their married stories with me.  More than ever, I felt inspired to find love, as I sat among competent individuals who found their matches.

This morning and afternoon, we shot some footage at my wedding venue, Piazza in the Village, and I learned about a fun blog.  Michael Tamer, the owner of the venue, has created a blog from the perspective of the Father of the Bride:

Michael has ten rules for the wedding guest, and my favorite is - Rule Four:  If you have nothing nice to say; don’t say anything at all.  Incidentally, several of my contacts were interviewed on film today, and they all had encouraging words to offer!  It's as if they heard Michael's advice in advance.  Mainly, I think they believe in me, and they know I will make a sound decision about my soulmate and my project.  From my friend, Kathy, at Premiere Photography - to my bridesmaid, Cyndie - to Robin at the Piazza - to Heather at Brides by Demetrios - to Chris, my yoga date - to Marla at PeaPod Group - everyone was excited about and supportive of Project Husband.  Marla told me that she will plan my wedding no matter what, and she will plan a fabulous wedding if I decide to donate the ceremony, and she will continue to plan one for me regardless of the ultimate date.  It was incredible to receive such support.

And, I have to take a moment to express gratitude to all of my supporters - all of the folks at CW33 who believed in me from the start - and Anna, who created my webpage after I bought the domain - and to the Ruthie and Naomi at The Dallas Bridal Shows for hooking me up!!!  All of the vendor support has been amazing, and I see such generosity in Dallas and beyond.

The producer of today's filming said she thinks I might meet my soulmate on my way to Los Angeles this I travel to be in front of a live audience Monday....what if my soulmate is on the plane next to me?!  My coach, Barbara, thinks good things are around the corner, and she is proud of what I've accomplished.  I'm proud of what I've accomplished, and I'm excited about the future.  When I tried on a wedding gown again today at Brides by Demetrios, I felt hopeful.  I know I will walk down the aisle in a beautiful dress when the timing is right.  In the meantime, I'm enjoying the journey, and I plan on scheduling regular dates with my sofa.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Yoga date + love coach date

This past week, I had two first dates.  One was with Chris, the actor and waiter I met at Sambuca during another date a few weeks ago...Chris had been my waiter for the evening, and he was awesome!  He said he'd go on a date with me, so I took him up on the offer!  We had a rooftop yoga session with Shana Stein in Deep Ellum, followed by coffee at Mokah down the street, followed by live music at the House of Blues Foundation Room.  Chris just turned 27, and he is a great guy.  He's attractive, fun and photogenic.  He should be photogenic since he's an actor!  Actually, I believe he has a promising career.  I think we'll be seeing him on the big screen.

Chris was a perfect gentleman and date, and I'd recommend him to all the girls in the world.  I think I might need someone a little closer to my age, but emotional maturity goes a long way and is not necessarily measured by age.  Chris and I had a fun evening, so we'll see.  And, I am enjoying my hiatus from alcohol.  I'm feeling better, sleeping better and seeing things more clearly.  After all, anyone can be fun with a couple glasses of wine, right?  Chris was fun sans alcohol, and I loved the yoga.  We agreed that we both needed it.

The best part of the yoga date was lying on the roof, looking up at the crystal clear blue sky, with planes drifting by in the distance.  It felt surreal.  I can't remember the last time I relaxed and stared at the sky.  It made me realize that I need to relax more!  Shana is an awesome teacher.  She's one of two yoga instructors that I've truly loved.  She makes the practice approachable and fun.  Chris agreed that the yoga was excellent.

The following evening I had a dinner date with Alfonso, the Life Coach/Transformational Trainer/Speaker/Author.  His publicist reached out to me and planned the dinner date for us.  She also said he was 41, single and gorgeous...all true.  However, he was interested in coaching me, so we set up a coaching dinner date.  Some of Alfonso's advice did resonate with me.  He said that we have to let go or "surrender" to the possibilities of love.  He has some very conventional ways of looking at gender roles, which do not always work for me.  I did appreciate Alfonso's insight and willingness to share his experiences with me.  I believe he's been on a soul searching journey, just as I have been.

I believe now, more than ever, that the journey in life is to each his own.  What I believe as an individual will be true for me.  What you believe as an individual will be true for you.  My God may not be the same as your God, and that's okay.  I hope to find a partner who has faith and believes in himself - one who is complete and unique - one who embraces life as an individual yet sees the power in partnership.  I want someone who doesn't need me - but rather someone who wants me.

I believe I am beautiful just the way I am.  One thing Alfonso said definitely rings true for me - in dating, be yourself.  Don't try to be something you are not.  Thus, I am not trying to fit into a gender role.  I am fitting into the role of myself as a person.  Yes, I am a woman.  Yes, I want to be a mother.  Yes, I want to be a wife.  But I will continue to be the strong, independent, loving, giving, positive and fun person I've always been.  I will not compromise my identity to be married.  I will find someone who fits me just as I am.  I truly believe I will know my soulmate when I see him.

There is a chance that I spotted him last week.  But I am being a little careful.  I know I have a deadline, but I don't want to force this.  I think it will come together if it is meant to be.  I hope I see him again this week.  I am going to leave it to chance...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nashvegas - Part 2

The second half of my trip to Nashville was just as amazing as the first half was.  What an incredible city for networking, live music and fun!  As I am still in my drinking hiatus, I knew I was having fun when I felt giddy without alcohol...and think of the cash I saved by not drinking :)

Next Big Nashville was occurring while I was in town, and as a result, I got to see some amazing bands.  My favorite live show was by Yeasayer (love the name) at the Cannery Ballroom.  I felt like I was walking into a NYC club....great lights, sound and vibe.  I easily could live in Nashville at some point.

I timed my trip perfectly because the temperature dropped considerably after I left...Nashvegas was sad that I departed :)  I was sad to leave my friend Elizabeth, but I reflected on an incredible week - one filled with fun, new contacts and new friends.  I did not find love in Nashville, yet I did fall in love with Nashville.  I also love to travel.

It is good to be back in Dallas, however.  I've just started working with an amazing team at Dreamfly Productions - formalizing my role in artist management and marketing in Big D and beyond.  I'm excited to join forces with some big guns and continue to make my mark on this city.  Perhaps we can bring some of the Nashvegas spirit to Big D.  I do believe it's possible, and there is talent here!!!

I also finalized my new single, Is This the Life this's a great song about finding yourself and your true passion.  Further, I have two first dates this week.  I'm still hopeful that my soulmate is out there...somewhere.  I'm finding that I'm more passionate than ever about my work in music, and perhaps that is leading me closer to myself and ultimately closer to my mate.

In the meantime, I'm not sweating fact, I'm enjoying the ride!  It looks like I may make an appearance on Dr. Phil this month, I will be featured in National Enquirer next month, and I'm being filmed for German and European television at the end of this week....maybe my soulmate is in Germany!!!

Stay tuned...

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nashvegas trip - Part 1

Nashville is a great town - I love that people call it does have a layer of glitz and glam plus the entertainment influence....hence, the nickname Nashvegas.

My good friend, Elizabeth (also one of my bridesmaids) just moved to Nashville and is working with the Country Music Hall of Fame.  She invited me to visit to attend the re-opening of the Grand Ole Opry and to check out the city!  I was a kid the last time I visited.  This time, I'm getting a chance to network and see this amazing music city.

I knew I needed to get here because many signs pointed this way.  Since I've been here, I've had a couple of dates, uncovering interesting and passionate souls.  Last night, Elizabeth and I went on a photo safari with a fun-spirited freelance photographer, John Brown.  I'm on a drinking hiatus, so it was incredibly funny to bar hop with iced tea and club soda.  I found that I felt intoxicated from the atmosphere and the laughter, and I felt no zombies in my head this morning!

We were scoping out guys in each location, but I found that I was just having fun enjoying the conversation and change of scenery.  I did meet an incredibly good looking player from the Tennessee Titans, and that was fun...tall, dark and handsome.  But, I'm feeling as single as ever!!

People ask me - are there contenders?  And, I say - there have been, but I'm back at ground zero.  I'm learning - that is for sure.  I'm not certain that I've met my soulmate.  I'm not certain I will before the end of the year, but I do believe in possibilities.  I believe my soulmate will find due time.

Nashville is amazing - I could live here.  I took the adventure to come here at this time partly because of my mission.  Interestingly, I've met some amazing people in the music business, and the networking is invaluable.  I'm continuing to meet compelling individuals in this process...which can only mean I'm getting closer to myself, my path and my man.

Monday, September 27, 2010

State Fair date

I recommend The State Fair of Texas in general and as a date...

I was asked to be a judge for The Texas Fried Frito Pie costumed goat contest and thought - why not?!  My only stipulation was that I needed a date on a valuable Saturday night.  Mike Thomas (ironically, my stepdad's name), of the Frito pie family set me up with Eddie - single, piano-playing, entrepreneurial guy.

Eddie not only was a total gentleman, but he also was a ton of fun!  Eddie picked me up in his Hummer, and we headed to the fair.  I met Burton Gilliam (famous from Blazing Saddles), and we judged the goats together.  Eddie was great in that he let me do my thing but stayed nearby and supportive.

The goats and children were dressed in adorable Halloween-esque costumes.  My favorite was a tiny caveman with his dinosaur/goat...there were many contenders and three winners in each age category.  Burton and I made our final decisions on the prize winners with the help of audience applause.  It was such a fun glimpse into Texas farming and the passion surrounding it.  It was a lively crowd and a festive atmosphere.  It also was really cool to meet Burton and his wife.  He's a Hollywood legend.

After the goat judging, Eddie and I headed to the first beer stand and found some Fried Frito was yummy with salsa.  I really enjoyed the fried beer and fried Snickers.  Now, as a result, I need some fried food rehab.  In fact, all of the dining and drinking out has caused me to gain 5-7 pounds, depending on the day.  Thus, I have decided to cut back in a big way.  I need to fit into a wedding gown (maybe)!?  :)

I talked with my dating coach this morning and decided to give up drinking for 4 weeks, starting today.  That means - no alcohol in Nashville, none at the re-opening of the Opry tomorrow night and zero at dates that occur in the next 28 days.  It also will be interesting to see whether I have more clarity around dating with no alcohol.  Some drinking on dates can be good for "social lubrication."  But too much can be problematic...

So, the next four weeks will be interesting - I'll be like Pink - feeling good sober!  But I'm not planning on giving up the social lubrication forever.  I love champagne at a wedding, for instance!!  And at an engagement party...I just know it will help me take off the weight.

Mainly, I'm looking forward to feeling skinny again.  Dating can be fattening!  And, I'm excited about finding clarity.  I'm still not in love....I have to get serious about dating if I'm going to meet my deadline.  I know I can't force it.  It will happen when it's supposed to happen.  But I am ready for a new phase of dating - more daytime dates, less wining and dining!

Friday, September 24, 2010

In and out of love

I had a new experience this past week.  I actually fell in and out of (the idea of) love with a particular person in under a week.  I had known this guy for quite some time, and I had sudden feelings for him, which seemed to be reciprocated.  I became excited about the possibility and the fact that I could really trust this person.  I had my weekly conversation with my relationship coach, Barbara Kenyon, and she encouraged me to call him and talk.

When he and I connected on the phone during the day, he was a different person.  He had been warm and flirtatious during the evening, but during the day, he was different.  The phone call allowed me to see that it can be easy to put on a mask in the evening hours.  In dating, it can be easy to be someone else.  A wise person said that in the early stages of dating, it is as if you are dating that person's representative.  Time uncovers the true person, as the mask is removed and the true face is revealed.

Luckily for me, I was able to catch the guy without his mask early into the situation.  Thus, I could stop the obsessive love feelings that kept creeping into my head.  You know how it is when you first click with someone - you want to doodle that person's name on your notepad.  You want to hear his voice.  You dream about kissing him...I am so glad I could stop thinking those things before I became too involved.

I do really like Miranda Cosgrove's hit song, Kissing You.  That's how it should be - no doubt, no question - just faith and trust and positive feelings.  Sign me up!

Recently, I received an email from an angry man who said I should have been married 10 years ago when men would have wanted to marry me.  He implied that I missed my chance at marriage.  He seems to think that 35 is over the hill.  I know many women who have married in their thirties and beyond, and they continue to be happy.  The best part about the angry emailer is that I found his blog, and he has written that women should not have the right to vote.  Enough said.

What is it about love that makes it so complicated?  Shouldn't it be simple?  It used to be...Today, I have a simple desire - to be loved, to be married and to have a family of my own.  I just need to find my partner in crime.  Is that so wrong?!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Interesting week + replacement date

This week was interesting because of some exciting media appearances, including one on German radio and Great Day Houston.  I am enjoying meeting new, exciting people and increasing my odds of meeting "the one."  For instance, the High Tech Texan, Michael Garfield, was a guest host on Great Day Houston.  He originally is from Dallas and said he has a ton of single, Jewish friends to send my way.  Love that!!!  As a result of my German radio interview, I have received the sweetest emails from German men.  This is my most favorite:

Dear Lisa,
I write from Germany and I hope that my english is understandable for you.  It might be unclear, then I beg you to interpret it.  By a german radio-station I have become aware of your projekt-husband.  Your idea to find the Love of Life by this way is exceptional, but exceptionally good and creative.  I love creative people, because they act with love. This love can be felt in your songs.  I love your songs and your ensitive voice.  Because your search for happiness is so special, that your story would be a wonderful artwork.  Because in this story, so much flirts-meetings, love, emotions and comic will happen, that this story will be succesful as a movie.  Like the film with Julia Roberts und Richard Gere, who was called
in german, the bride not dare, in german it rhymes, " Die Braut, die sich nicht traut."  Traut = also marry.  Therefore, a friendly advice from me, please, you absolute have to secure the film rights of this wonderful and heart-rending Love Story.  I am confident that you will find your desired husband soon and wish you well for your musical career succes.  In hope, do you give me a message, please, that it is possible to buy your songs in Germany.

Your friendly german soul

I love this message!

Also, my story was featured in the Dallas Morning News this week, and I have received messages from eligible bachelors in Dallas.  I just need an army of interns to help me respond to everything and everyone.  Until now, I've been handling everything on my own, and I love it, but I'm running out of hours in the day.

Okay - onto the replacement date, which probably is the true highlight of the week.  I had been set up with this tall, dark and handsome guy who said he was ready to be my mate.  He was ready to put an end to all of my dating.  He sounded promising until he bailed on our first date!  He seems to be preoccupied with work.  I had set up an amazing dinner at Sambuca Uptown, and the date bailed.  So, I figured I'd just stay in Thursday night.  No harm in a little rest.  But, fate had another idea for me.  I went to my apartment office to talk to the property manager, and there sat an attractive guy.  I didn't think too much of it, but when Sharon (manager) asked me what I was doing that night, I said I had a date, but he cancelled.  The cute guy casually mentioned that he was single...and next thing I knew, we were at Sambuca together!

When we met, we both were in casual clothes - I had just worked out.  When we met later before dinner, I thought we both looked great...he has beautiful blue eyes.  We rode together to the restaurant and were greeted by the sweetest server, Chris (who also is an actor and said he'd like a date with me). :)

In conversation, I discovered that my replacement date was a gentleman and sensitive guy with a lot of courage and confidence.  We enjoyed a fantastic meal (we both loved my miso sea bass) and drinks.  We both love Red Bull.  He prefers regular, and I prefer sugar free.  I found out he's only 26 - but he's had a lot of life experience.  We connected well, and he said he'd like to go out again.  He said he'd "definitely" like to go out, thank you fate!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Quadruple dinner date + baseball date

Dating really can be a ton of fun...

It struck me recently that I'm having so much fun, maybe I don't want to get married?!  Alas, I still do....but I don't think I've met "the one."

However, I've met some great guys and reinforced friendships along the way.  This past Monday, I had a quadruple dinner date with Cary Pierce of Jackopierce and his wife Cara; Whitney (Cary's marketing coordinator) and her husband, Spencer; plus Elizabeth (my girlfriend) and two guys for us...Elizabeth lined up the dates and provided the Sonoma wine.  Chef Craig delivered an incredible Italian meal.  He's available for private and small-group cooking coaching, by the way - AMAZING.  You can email him at - you won't regret it!

We also were very lucky to have sponsorship for our feast - from the ladies at PeaPod Group.  Check them out on Facebook.  They are my wedding planners, as well!  For our dinner, Chef Craig prepared a bolognese sauce that took him four hours to concoct.  He also helped me prepare proscutto wrapped asparagus and chicken polenta tartlets for appetizers.  We made a handmade Italian dressing and added fresh parmesan to mixed greens for the starter salad.  The main dish involved spaghetti with the amazing special sauce by Craig.  For dessert, Craig prepared creme brulee - one of my top five favorite desserts of ALL TIME!!!  My date, Tim, loved it, too.....he was adorable and sweet and a little closer to my age (my previous date was 22).  Does that make me a cougar?

It was so cool to sit at the table together over dinner, wine and conversation - eight of us for a quadruple dinner date.  Elizabeth has a beautiful home in University Park, and she was our hostess.  Luckily, she offered her large dining room table that accommodated us brilliantly.  I really enjoyed sitting across the table from Cary Pierce and his wife.  I've enjoyed Cary's music since college - I first heard Jackopierce in 1994.  I've been a fan ever since, and I have learned that Cary is as likable as his music is.  He's an inspiration to me - in his craft, his life and his relationship with his wife and family.  The dinner was such a blessing - and the connection to Whitney began when I first volunteered to sell merch for a Jackopierce show at the Granada last October.  Whitney and her husband are another inspiring couple - with a baby on the way!  I feel fortunate to know them.  Back in May, I volunteered to help Jackopierce again (while roping in Elizabeth) in Sonoma for a series of winery concerts.  The experience showed me that volunteering is a great way to learn about a band, build a relationship and do something positive and enriching!

I've been lucky to have some volunteers in my life, as well - and it is wonderful to help and be helped...Shout out to LJ, Erin, Megan and Abby for their recent help with Chick Singer Night!!!  Special thanks also to Casey Romanski with Atlas Video Productions for filming Monday night's date (which will air on the CW33 this coming Monday during the 9PM news).

Last night, I had a baseball date with Kaden.  He was my very first date to be aired on the CW33 back in March.  He lives in Houston and is a DJ for HOT 95.7.  We have music in common, and he is a lot of fun.  He is a huge Yankees fan who originally hails from New York.  Last night's game was an upset for the Yankees, but the Rangers were thrilled!  I sported a Yankees hat since Kaden brought it for me.  I almost wore my pink Rangers hat, but I decided to make a choice to please my date.  It paid off :)  We had a great time - and the game was the world's longest (I'm exaggerating a little here) - with 13 innings.  We stayed until the end.  Then we grabbed drinks at Idle Rich in Uptown and sat together in a cozy booth.  Kaden is 30, and I believe he has some more living to do before he gets married.  But we have a great time together, and I love that!

Today, I started working with a new student - she is 12 years old and loves Taylor Swift.  I'm working with this particular student on voice, songwriting and beginning guitar.  I love working with students!  I love teaching and sharing music.  Both provide such a gift and blessing.  I'd marry music if I could!!  The main thing I'm feeling now is self-respect, love for life and happiness in adventure.  I hope I find my soulmate before my wedding deadline, but regardless, I'm enjoying the journey!!  Follow the yellow brick road and enjoy the path....that's where I am in my process!


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Wedding weekend in Los Angeles

This weekend, my good friend, Lisa, was married in Los Angeles.  I hoped I might find love during the romantic weekend, but I did not....

There were three bachelors at the wedding (with 200 total guests)!!  It's true that there are more single women in Los Angeles versus single men.  I'm glad I left three years ago!  :)

One bachelor was seated at my table, and the lovely couple next to me seemed convinced that the guy and I might hit it off.  When we finally got a chance to chat in a smaller group, the bachelor kept remarking about the beauty of my friend/good friend of the bride.  The three of us were standing together, and the bachelor kept talking about how beautiful my friend was....and her boyfriend was nearby!  Thus, I did not find love....not even close!

It was good to be in Los Angeles again - to connect with friends and to re-connect with an ex....if he and I lived closer, I think we could date.  But I'm not sure about the distance.

Tonight, I am so happy to be able to sleep in my own bed and to have a quiet night at home.  There's no place like home...but I still want to share my home with someone.  I wonder whether I'll find him in time for my February wedding date.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Firefighter double date

This past weekend, my good buddy from Atlanta was in town.  We have known each other since we were 10 years old.  Saturday night, I told her I needed a date for dinner at Al Biernat's restaurant on Monday evening.  She was the perfect wingwoman.  We bar hopped in Uptown and ended up at Sfuzzi.  Next to us sat some beautiful, buff men.  Next thing we knew, we were talking and drinking together.  My guy was tall, strapping and lovely with light eyes and dark hair.  Our group got along great...and we topped off the night with pizza at Rocco's.

I traded numbers with my guy and asked him to dinner Monday night.  He said yes....and we traded texts the following day to confirm.  My friend from Atlanta said she'd love a double date, so I made the request - Tom, please bring your friend for my friend...

Ask and you shall receive!  The boys picked us up in an immaculate, big, black truck - true Texas style.  My friend from Atlanta loved it...we had to jump up in our dresses to get in the back seats - no running boards.  Good thing we're both athletic.

At dinner, we were greeted by my friend, Victor.  The atmosphere was warm and inviting in Al Biernat's.  Our dates were impressed.  We were seated in a spacious, lovely booth, and we began with cocktails.  Victor chose an amazing Cabernet Sauvignon for us to drink, and it was heavenly.  I chose the Filet Oscar, and I think the table had food envy.  Our appetizers included baked brie and tuna tartare. The food was amazing, and the company was fantastic.  We had a ton to talk about, and my friend and I learned that our dates were younger than we had known!  Mine was 22 (about to turn 23), and hers was 23.  Both are firefighters.  My date also is studying to be a paramedic.  He is one of the warmest, kindest people I've met.  It takes a sweetheart to dedicate his life to saving others.  I felt safe in his presence.  We continued to eat and drink, and the age difference, honestly, did not matter.

We followed up the meal with delicious desserts - cheesecake (my date's favorite) and a chocolate melty sensation.  My date and I also had a glass of was so decadent and fabulous!  I'm in love with Al Biernat's, and my date was lovely, too.

After dinner, we headed to the W Hotel for drinks and sat outside beneath the stars.  The outdoor lounge area is comfy and romantic.  It was so much fun to have a double date!  I'm a big fan....bring on the double dates.

All in all, it was a wonderful with a mission is FUN!

Monday, August 30, 2010

French reporter

Recently, I was approached by a French reporter who wanted to tell my story.

Here is the result:

Where do you come from?
I was born in San Diego, CA - raised in the midwest, attended high school and college in Virginia, lived in New York City for two years, London for 6 months and Los Angeles for 8 years, and I have been in Dallas for 3 years.

How old are you ?  35

What is your job ?  singer/songwriter and marketing consultant

Do you except to wed on February ? I hope so!

Why did you choose this date: the 15 February 2011 ?  It gave me a year to plan and was the anniversary of my grandparents, who were married for 46 years.

Are you superstitious ?  yes

What's your idea of a perfect wedding in ?  A white wedding - with a large bridal party, lots of family and friends, delicious food and champagne and great music!  The Dallas Bridal Show is sponsoring my wedding, including a helicopter to take away the groom and me after the ceremony.  This could be a dream wedding - I just need my man!

Describe your perfect groom for us (physical and psychological) ?  Tall, dark, handsome, physically fit, intellectual with a great sense of humor; someone with family values, integrity and a positive attitude.  I want someone who is ready for commitment and who wants to have children in the next few years.

How many men contact you ? and/or

How do you select "your" bachelors ?  The ones who send me photos and videos get a closer look - a simple email is difficult to assess.  Plus I am lucky to receive quite a bit of fan mail...I often choose my bachelors based on recommendations from friends or family.

Do you feel under pressure to find your bridegroom?  I do....but I believe that what is meant to be will be.  So I'm allowing fate to work here....

Are you interested about a French lover ?  Absolutely!

What's the most romantic (or crazy...) thing some candidate ever done for you ?  The craziest was a guy who wanted to take me shopping and then kiss my feet.  The most romantic was a dinner overlooking the water at sunset, followed by a boat ride with great music and amazing fireworks - all right on the water.

There is been speculation that you've done it for publicity ?  My idea was a simple one - if I plan my wedding a year in advance, I will have to get married!  I truly want to be married and in love.  This wasn't about publicity - it was (and still is) about finding my soul mate.

What's the biggest misconception about you and your love quest ?  Some people have called me desperate - if I were desperate, I would have chosen one of the many men I've already dated.  I like to think that I'm creative and romantic, and that anything is possible.

And if you won't meet him in time?  The wedding will be donated to a couple that is ready.

And If you 're not tired of my "indiscretion " ...

I'm happiest when...I'm around music - creating it or enjoying it.

The proudest moment of my life was ... singing the National Anthem for The Los Angeles Dodgers after 9/11 - my baseball anthem was broadcast to millions.  I felt patriotic and proud.

I get angry when...people are rude and inconsiderate.

My earliest memory is...standing in front of the mirror sticking my tongue out at myself.

In 10 years, I'll be...a mom with a satisfying music career, loving husband and happy family.

My greatest fear is...being surrounded by bugs (I hate bugs)!

The last time I cried a movie.  I always cry at movies.

My favourite TV show is...Entourage

My favourite singer is...Sarah McLachlan

My secret crush is...Antonio Banderas

My worst habit is ...getting behind on my laundry.

My secret talent is ...I can flick my tongue really really fast.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vegas trip

I just spent way too long in Vegas, but it was great......I traveled there for a bachelorette party, but I mixed some business with pleasure.

On the flight to Vegas, I sat next to a wonderful female pastor, who was super cool and enlightened.  I told her about my Project, and she said she would pray for me...can't hurt!!

Thursday evening, I had a date with a great guy who lives in Vegas and was on a brief break from his world tour.  We had sushi and drinks followed by video poker at a bar off the strip.  He is incredibly cool and fun but on tour for quite a I don't know when I'll see him again.  Friday, I spent the day at the gym and spa at THEHotel at Mandalay Bay.  It was great to have some time to myself, although I was really missing my little pup, Zoe.  She stayed at home in Dallas with her Auntie Sharon.  As I worked out and rehydrated, I felt good about taking some time for me.  I sat in the steam room, plunged into the jacuzzi and treated myself to a luxurious pedicure.  It was good to be alone with my thoughts - for me, it doesn't happen too often!  But I'm glad I had the solitude.

Later that afternoon, I headed to Hard Rock to meet guys and try my luck at Blackjack.  I was lucky on both fronts.  I sat at a table by myself, and before the first hand concluded, I was surrounded by guys from Minnesota and South Dakota (who were in Vegas for a bachelor party).  My bachelorette party wasn't arriving until Saturday, so I had some time on my own.  After the third hand or so, a girl from another bachelorette party showed up and sat next to me.  She was super cool and fun and the only one of her friends still standing after drinking by the pool all day.  She and I handled the table, which became sort of a revolving door for guys.  We played for hours, and I ended up with a guy to my right who should have been named Harvard Business School, because he couldn't stop telling me about the fact that he went to school there.  I started calling him Harvard....

I was winning and playing and enjoying the cocktail service (that was very slow to start but then picked up steam).  Then Harvard said he was meeting a business associate at Nobu for dinner and how I should join them.  He said it was his treat, and I couldn't refuse....we had delicious sushi and great conversation.  And I started to realize that I probably should head back to my hotel to avoid an encounter with Harvard.  He was very fresh and rather interesting, but I didn't feel the desire to hang out with him all night.

So, I retired early to my hotel room, got a great night's rest and was ready for a jog on the strip in the morning.  I like to detox in Vegas with some good sweating before I start the retox process with a vodka drink.  I packed up my bag at THEHotel and met my girlfriends at The Wynn.  I hadn't seen Michele or Lisa for quite a while, so we stood at Registration and just hugged and laughed for a while!  Shortly thereafter, we headed to our cabana by the pool and ordered drinks and snacks.  The cabana was awesome, and the vibe at the pool was hot - not just in the climate, baby!  The European pool allows women to be topless, but most women chose to keep their tops fastened.  The scene was vibrant and fun - we enjoyed sitting in the water, chatting and scoping out the men.  There was some eye candy for sure.

We headed back to our cabana, and I noticed a super cute guy walking by.  So, I said, "Hey."  He stopped in his tracks and said, "Were you talking to me?"  Score - he stopped by to say hi when he realized I was talking to him.  The bad news was - he had a girlfriend.  Next!!  The next couple of guys we met had girlfriends - all of them were gorgeous - so I guess it was a trend - hot guy, in possession of girlfriend.

Later, we got showered and ready for dinner at 9 Steakhouse at the Palms.  Note to self - if you start drinking vodka drinks by the pool early, you may not make it out late.  Nonetheless, it was a fun day and night - and I continued to meet hot guys with girlfriends!  It was a curse...

Sunday, my dad arrived, and we had plans to visit some wedding chapels to scope out fun venues for Project Husband and to share my song, Wanna Get Married.  I had never visited Vegas wedding chapels, and seeing them totally put me in the mood to be married.  I saw a beautiful couple kissing on a 60-year-old "kissing bridge."  I saw the chapel where Britney was (briefly) married, and I met some very cool people.  One guy who actually married the couples was GORGEOUS.  But I'm pretty sure he had a girlfriend, too.  The trip was a blast, and 5 nights in Vegas is probably too many....but I'm glad I made the trip.  I reconnected with friends, had a great time, met some fun new people and reconnected with myself at the spa and with a jog each morning on the strip.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Girls' Night Out (GNO)

I had a fantastic girls' night out Thursday. It began at a happy hour for No Excuses at The Tower Club. Then, we progressed to The Ritz for lobster nachos and a cheeseburger to share...we caught up with several friends and filled the space between the side lounge and bar area. The party kept growing, and it was a fun, social time. I've had so many one-on-one dates lately, that I started to miss going out in a group. Thursday alleviated that identified problem, and I had a blast. We later headed with a subset of the group to Teddy's in Uptown and ran into more friends. Late night, we had a bite at Buzzbrews. It was an action-packed night, and the funny thing is that my good friend and I ended up hanging out with the one married guy in the group. We laughed that it was girls' night out, yet we didn't pick up any male prospects. Dating prospects usually are a side-benefit of GNO. Nonetheless, the married guy was cool and full of advice. He was a total gentleman and a lot of fun. Maybe it's true that all the good ones are taken- just kidding!

Friday night, I had a follow up date from the Love Cures All auction. The date who placed a winning bid on me received 4 tickets to Verizon Theatre, and we used them for Jackson Browne. My dad came to Dallas to attend the concert with us. And he was set up by No Excuses with a blind date. Instantly, my dad and his date clicked. It was a great date- we were lucky to have a black stretch limo from Premiere Limo- a preferred vendor of the Dallas Bridal Show. Our driver, Victor, was amazing. He provided amazing service with a smile. In addition to lining up the limo, I found a fantastic babysitter for my 8-year-old brother, coordinated the date for my dad, ordered pizza for us before the show and took care of my brother the next evening so my dad and his date could continue with their connection. I'm the one looking for a husband, yet my dad found an amazing woman this weekend!

My date Friday night asked me how everything was going. I said that it has been a whirlwind, especially with recent media attention. I know I need to stay focused on my goal to find love. Of course, I also realize it cannot be forced. The question that remains for me is- which is the foundation for a happy marriage- an instant, force-field connection that becomes steady and strong and develops into friendship OR a friendship that grows into something more over time? I feel like I'm seeking that spark that burns into a fire yet remains lit and fed over time. You can't start a fire without a spark, right? Yet hot-burning love might actually be lust in disguise. So how does a couple find the balance between love, desire and friendship? My dad told me tonight that sometimes I think and worry too much...I know he has a point.

Thus, for my next phase of dating, I'm going to work smarter. I'm considering speed dating, more girls' nights and quite a few trips out of town. I am staying open to possibility. And I'm doing my research to be sure I make a good decision when the time comes. I think I will just know when it clicks and stays that way...and it could exist among a couple of my previous dates...time will tell.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Circus date and matchmaker

I had a fantastic time at the circus last week at American Airlines Center.  The date was wonderful - both because of the date himself and because of the novelty of being at the circus.  It probably was the best blind date I've had.  And, no matter what, I know I've made a new friend I would not have met.  He was a ton of fun - great sport, up for adventure, intelligent, fun, adorable with blue eyes...There was an adult happy hour before the actual circus, and we were able to interact with the clowns (which, in the past, seemed a little scary to me), but these clowns were awesome - funny, talented and engaging...My favorite part of the circus itself was the part with the dogs - especially the poodles - they jumped and danced and stayed completely in tune with the humans leading them.  It was awesome.

Last week, I received a call from a matchmaker in Dallas.  Her name is Sarah Norton, and she is lovely.  I met her at her home office this afternoon, and we spent some time talking about my background and preferences, and she suggested three men to me - all who want children and who want to be married.  They sound solid, loving, interesting and full of potential.  I figure there's nothing to lose and everything to gain.  I also felt great about meeting Sarah.  She ran a modeling agency for a number of years and has a wall of beautiful pictures of herself with unique and impressive individuals.  I felt a sense of peace and excitement upon entering her home.  Again, this is a person I probably would not have met outside Project Husband.

There is power in listening to ourselves - some think I'm crazy for embarking on this journey.  But the guidance to launch the project came from my inner voice - from my soul - and the journey has been incredible thus far.  I've learned that I love being in and around TV stations...the people are incredible, and I enjoy the stimulating environment.  I also love having a driver - CNN, Fox and the Dallas Bridal Show have hooked me up with cars and limos as transportation, and I'd be happy never to drive again.....

I have dates planned each night this week - with the exception of a happy hour and girls' night out Thursday night...will there be potential husbands or just boy toys?  Time will tell...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

New York City - I love you

 I love New York.  The Huckabee Show on Fox flew me to NYC Sunday night to appear in the studio Monday and Tuesday and to date one of two eligible bachelors!  I arrived late Sunday night (after spending the weekend at the fun-filled Dallas Bridal Show), and my hotel was right in Times Square.  I remembered how much I love the bright lights of the city.

I slept great in my comfy bed at a hotel called Stay.  And, in the morning, I walked around the corner to the Fox studios.  It was such a pleasure to meet Governor Huckabee.  No matter what your political affiliation is, you have to know that he is a genuinely nice man.  He remembered the names of each person he met, and he definitely made me feel important and special.

As we filmed the show, I met two great guys...Dominik and Kevin.  I was supposed to choose one at the end of the show, but because they both were so great, I chose each one.  I had dinner with Kevin and breakfast with Dominik.  I felt both guys were attractive, fun and interesting.....

I could fall in love in New York.  I'm already in love with the city itself....So, here's the quick recap on the guys:  Dominik declared that he is unsure of his desire to be married again.  But Kevin seemed to hold onto the possibility and had never been married.  So, we shall see.  A segment coordinator from the Rachael Ray Show called me while I was in the city, and it looks likely that I'll be back in NYC at the end of the month to be on Rachael's show.....and I hope to see at least one of the guys again....maybe my true love is in Manhattan.

The weekend at the Dallas Bridal Show was amazing.....I was in a fashion show in a wedding gown each day - and the gowns were incredible....designed by Jorge Perez.  And Jorge is a treat to meet....dresses aside!  He's vibrant, positive, fun, smart and talented!!!  He gave me advice about adding twitter followers and [not] responding to negativity.  He said he'd be a groom if all else I feel good about that :)  The ladies at PeaPod Group set up a lovely lounge for me, complete with gummy bears and fluffy pink pillows.  I had a dating game each day and gained two new dates......I'm excited about those!!!!

Tonight, I have a blind date with a guy referred to me by a girl in Minnesota.  She saw my clip on the Today Show and emailed me a picture of herself with her good guy friend.  She said he was "Minnesota nice in Dallas."  He's cute...!!!  And, we are meeting at American Airlines Center (public enough place)!! - for the Special 21+ Happy Hour Event at Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey....hooked up by Rebecca at the CW33 and her friend who is marketing the event....can't wait!!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Destin trip

I had an incredible trip to Destin, Florida last was a family trip at our friend's condo.  We spent a lot of time on and in the water, and it was fantastic.  So many people balked at the idea of heading to Destin - what about the oil spill?  The answer is - the area has been untouched by the oil spill.  The water is incredibly beautiful and clear, and there is nothing wrong with Destin!

It's a quick flight from Dallas....and a needed break from being landlocked.  There is nothing like watching a sunset over the water.  It is liberating and humbling at the same time.  I had a great date while I was in Destin.  I had dinner and drinks with a server at Harry T's (super cute guy).  We sat on the balcony at the restaurant and watched the sunset together.  We followed up the meal with a cruise on a beautiful boat - complete with fireworks and hand holding.  It was sweet and fun....I enjoyed the experience, and it raised the bar for future dates.  There wasn't an overwhelming love connection, but we both enjoyed the date, and being on the water truly heightened the romance.  I know that I've made a new friend in Destin, and there's nothing wrong with that!

While I was in Destin, Fox drove me to a satellite facility so that I could interview with the Huckabee Show.  My driver was a cutie named Chris, and he joined my group for some fishing the day that followed the interview.  During the Huckabee Show interview, I spoke with Mike Huckabee and Bethenny Frankel, and they were encouraging and hilarious!  As a follow up, Fox is flying me to NYC for some bachelorette-style dating....I've always loved New Yorkers, so we'll see!!

As a note to some of the haters out there, I love you and do not take your attacks personally.  I'm not forcing this on anyone else - this is a personal decision and quest for finding my soulmate.  I'm not delusional.  I launched this effort to find a partner for life and to start a family.  To each his own.....marriage is a choice, not a mandate!  Society has changed so much, and I like to think that we're more open minded today than we were in the past.  I'm hoping that my approach will help me find a confident, secure man who loves an independent woman.  I'm looking for a lasting and solid union - and it could happen on a timeline.  I believe in love at first sight...!  The glass is half full....and we'll see how it goes!  Truly, this is an experiment, and it was an idea that came to me when I least expected it.  Have you heard of The Secret?  Do you believe in The Power of Positive Thinking?  Have you read The Road Less Traveled?  My answer is yes to all of the above questions.  This is not for everyone....but it's my path, and let me follow it....with love!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Michael Buble

Last night's Michael Buble concert was a lot of was a romantic date....with couples everywhere!  Michael has made a career out of love.  The music and atmosphere were covered in love.  David and I went to Kenichi for dinner before the show, and the restaurant was filled with couples and groups of couples.  It was excellent people watching...the food was fantastic, and I enjoyed some delicious Malbec, as well.  David is a great date - attentive, charming and sweet.  Plus he has a great smile and sense of humor.

We walked down to the concert and ran into my friends, Vanessa and Mike (another couple)!  It was great to see them....they looked happy and stunning.  It's nice to see a handsome couple out on the town.

I got cozy with David at the concert - it was so romantic!  Dinner and a concert make the perfect date.  Michael's show was very entertaining, but I was surprised that he didn't play any instruments.  He does have a great sense of humor - at times, he was a total comedian on stage.  His voice is smooth and in control - very sensual and exciting.

Guys - take your girls to Michael Buble.  Everyone is doing it!  It's like a dating phenomenon. There should be a concert geared towards singles.  The pre-Buble show.  A concert for single people to meet each other.  Then, their first date could be a Michael Buble concert!

I have to say I feel a little nervous about the fact that my wedding date is fewer than 7 months away.  BUT, it will all come together............I hope!!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Older men

Last night, I had a wonderful date with an older man.  The ladies at No Excuses introduced me to Terry at a happy hour last month, and we had our first date last night.  Terry planned the entire date, which was great!  I love a man who knows how to take charge in dating.  He chose Sangria for dinner, and his choice was fantastic by me.  I love tapas and anything that reminds me of the summer I studied in Spain.  Terry is the oldest man I've dated.  He has three adult daughters, who sound wonderful and amazing.

One very notable thing about Terry is that he brought me the most beautiful flowers.  I have dated 45 different men since launching my project five months ago, and Terry is the first one to bring me flowers!  Is it because he's from an older generation?  Is he more in touch with chivalry?  He was quick to open doors and take charge during the date.  I liked it.  I'm empowered, but I feel it's nice to avoid role confusion during a date.  I like that he took the lead.  In a way, dating is like a dance.  One person needs to lead.  I think it's most natural to let the male lead.  Plus, men seem to need more time to buy into the idea of love.  I think it's most organic to let the man decide that the woman is a priority.  When I've decided in the past to make a man a priority and take the lead, the relationship has not worked.  I'm just saying that it's healthy to allow a man to be a man.  Yet, Terry and I discussed the fact that he likes independent women.  He said he was intimidated to meet me.  He had listened to my music and read about my professional and educational background, and, of course, my project.  I couldn't believe he was intimidated to meet me!  I was intimidated by him....he's raised three children, had a successful oil and real estate business and lived a full life!  How could he be intimidated by me.....nearly 30 years younger than himself.  The cool thing is that we related to each other as complete individuals - as whole people - bringing unique experiences to the table.  He totally respects me, and I respect him.  To me, that is the new chivalry - a man who can be a man while respecting a woman who is whole and complete on her own.  Thus, the dance of dating has a leader, but both partners can stand on their own.  They can move in sync to create a beautiful partnership, while holding onto their individual qualities and strengths.  Terry was wonderfully communicative and affectionate, and he was complimentary, in a very sincere way.

After dinner, Terry planned to take me to see live music (which he chose before he knew I was a musician).  He said that when we first met, all he knew was that I was cute and fun.  He didn't know much else, but he was curious.  Despite our age difference, we had a lot in common - passion for live music, travel, new experiences, love, knowledge, respect, being on the water, fishing and fun.  We saw an incredible band at Pearl in Deep Ellum.  I had never been to the venue or seen the band, and it was a great vibe!!  Terry has good taste.  I also taught him about Words With Friends and Live Poker on his iPhone, so we taught each other some things!

At Pearl, we ran into my friend, Kim, and her boyfriend and friend, and it was nice to have some friends join our date.  It took a little pressure off the one-on-one.  I saw many couples around us, however, and I think Saturday night is date night!!  Nonetheless, I like blending a date with socializing with friends.  One-on-one is great, but I love socializing in groups, as well.  I need to be with someone who understands my need to be social.  Terry was a great date - it was a really nice evening, and I feel like I've made a new friend.  Will the age difference be too big for a more serious connection?  I don't know...but either way, I think he is a wonderful person, and I'm really happy to have the chance to know him.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Last two dates...

Tuesday night, I had a dinner and drinks date with John at LaGrange in Deep Ellum.  The restaurant opened recently, and the food was amazing!  We also had shaved ice cocktails...delicious and refreshing on a super hot day.  We were set up by our mutual friend, Stephanie...and again, I am a fan of being set up!  It also helps that we have a ton in common - we both love live music, we play music, we are addicted to our phones and social media.....

It was a great night - and a great way to kick off the singer/songwriter show that I host most Tuesdays at LaGrange.  John was a great date....attentive, thoughtful and interesting.  He also had great menu recommendations...I like a guy who knows good food.  He's really cute, so we'll see...!

Thursday night, I had a dinner date at Ferrari's Italian Villa in Grapevine.  What a romantic spot!  My date was Bob, who has been a friend for several months.  It was nice to have some one-on-one time with him, since we normally hang out in a group.  The restaurant was lovely...the owners were amazing to us, and their son, the chef, was gorgeous!  I love eye candy...

Bob was a perfect gentleman - picked me up, took care of the waiter, was a good conversationalist and terrific date.  We got a tour of the place, which includes private rooms, a martini lounge (great martini flights), outdoor bocce ball court and beautiful patio.  I'd go back to the place in a heartbeat.

I'm not certain where either date will lead....I do know that the clock is ticking!  Seven months remain before the wedding...realistically, I may or may not find my soulmate in that timeframe.  I am putting myself out there, however, more than I ever have!  So, if there's truth in numbers, my truth is bound to emerge!  I still feel strongly that I want to share my life with someone, and I want to start a family.  I hope my soulmate is out there - I hope I find the one who remains mutually interested and wants to start a life with me.

I've also realized that I need to have some girls' nights out - I've had so many one-on-one dates (and I'm not complaining), but there's nothing like going out and locking eyes with a hottie across the room.  That is on my radar.....I'm heading to Destin for a few days next week and will be scoping out men on the beach, as well....

This is GO TIME!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cooking date with Keith

Sunday night, I had a great dinner date with Keith.  Of course, I had help from Chef Craig.  We prepared an Italian feast, and truly we had the best manicotti I've ever tasted...the secret was in the cheesy, meaty filling and the butter cubes to top off the dish.  Keith got extra involved in the kitchen - although Craig really did most of the work.  It was fun to be in the kitchen with my date, however.  I liked it.

Keith and I had met about a month prior at the Big D Opry, and we already had established a connection.  However, our schedules had not aligned, and our second date took a month to set up!  It was worth the wait - I know we both had a great time...

We also had an impromptu water balloon fight during the date.  I was looking for cooking tools in a drawer and instead found balloons that were left over from Father's Day.  Keith declared a water balloon session, and we raced to the sink to create our weapons.  He won the toss.....clearly, he is more experienced in water ballooning.  For me, it had been years....which was why it was so much fun.

The dinner was great, the company was great....I wore a fun Alice and Olivia dress found at Buffalo Exchange by the fabulous Dora.  I also had a fun apron from Market Street of Frisco, which was the provider of our delicious food for the evening.

Truly, Keith and I have a connection - it was palpable.  But I wonder how ready he is for a committed relationship.  He plays with a fabulous band, The King Bucks, and he has a musician's attitude - fun-loving, free-spirited, exciting.....I love all of those qualities, but will they allow him to be a husband and father?  Time will tell.  At the end of the date, he suggested going to Vegas and getting married...!  HA!