Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nashvegas trip - Part 1

Nashville is a great town - I love that people call it does have a layer of glitz and glam plus the entertainment influence....hence, the nickname Nashvegas.

My good friend, Elizabeth (also one of my bridesmaids) just moved to Nashville and is working with the Country Music Hall of Fame.  She invited me to visit to attend the re-opening of the Grand Ole Opry and to check out the city!  I was a kid the last time I visited.  This time, I'm getting a chance to network and see this amazing music city.

I knew I needed to get here because many signs pointed this way.  Since I've been here, I've had a couple of dates, uncovering interesting and passionate souls.  Last night, Elizabeth and I went on a photo safari with a fun-spirited freelance photographer, John Brown.  I'm on a drinking hiatus, so it was incredibly funny to bar hop with iced tea and club soda.  I found that I felt intoxicated from the atmosphere and the laughter, and I felt no zombies in my head this morning!

We were scoping out guys in each location, but I found that I was just having fun enjoying the conversation and change of scenery.  I did meet an incredibly good looking player from the Tennessee Titans, and that was fun...tall, dark and handsome.  But, I'm feeling as single as ever!!

People ask me - are there contenders?  And, I say - there have been, but I'm back at ground zero.  I'm learning - that is for sure.  I'm not certain that I've met my soulmate.  I'm not certain I will before the end of the year, but I do believe in possibilities.  I believe my soulmate will find due time.

Nashville is amazing - I could live here.  I took the adventure to come here at this time partly because of my mission.  Interestingly, I've met some amazing people in the music business, and the networking is invaluable.  I'm continuing to meet compelling individuals in this process...which can only mean I'm getting closer to myself, my path and my man.

Monday, September 27, 2010

State Fair date

I recommend The State Fair of Texas in general and as a date...

I was asked to be a judge for The Texas Fried Frito Pie costumed goat contest and thought - why not?!  My only stipulation was that I needed a date on a valuable Saturday night.  Mike Thomas (ironically, my stepdad's name), of the Frito pie family set me up with Eddie - single, piano-playing, entrepreneurial guy.

Eddie not only was a total gentleman, but he also was a ton of fun!  Eddie picked me up in his Hummer, and we headed to the fair.  I met Burton Gilliam (famous from Blazing Saddles), and we judged the goats together.  Eddie was great in that he let me do my thing but stayed nearby and supportive.

The goats and children were dressed in adorable Halloween-esque costumes.  My favorite was a tiny caveman with his dinosaur/goat...there were many contenders and three winners in each age category.  Burton and I made our final decisions on the prize winners with the help of audience applause.  It was such a fun glimpse into Texas farming and the passion surrounding it.  It was a lively crowd and a festive atmosphere.  It also was really cool to meet Burton and his wife.  He's a Hollywood legend.

After the goat judging, Eddie and I headed to the first beer stand and found some Fried Frito was yummy with salsa.  I really enjoyed the fried beer and fried Snickers.  Now, as a result, I need some fried food rehab.  In fact, all of the dining and drinking out has caused me to gain 5-7 pounds, depending on the day.  Thus, I have decided to cut back in a big way.  I need to fit into a wedding gown (maybe)!?  :)

I talked with my dating coach this morning and decided to give up drinking for 4 weeks, starting today.  That means - no alcohol in Nashville, none at the re-opening of the Opry tomorrow night and zero at dates that occur in the next 28 days.  It also will be interesting to see whether I have more clarity around dating with no alcohol.  Some drinking on dates can be good for "social lubrication."  But too much can be problematic...

So, the next four weeks will be interesting - I'll be like Pink - feeling good sober!  But I'm not planning on giving up the social lubrication forever.  I love champagne at a wedding, for instance!!  And at an engagement party...I just know it will help me take off the weight.

Mainly, I'm looking forward to feeling skinny again.  Dating can be fattening!  And, I'm excited about finding clarity.  I'm still not in love....I have to get serious about dating if I'm going to meet my deadline.  I know I can't force it.  It will happen when it's supposed to happen.  But I am ready for a new phase of dating - more daytime dates, less wining and dining!

Friday, September 24, 2010

In and out of love

I had a new experience this past week.  I actually fell in and out of (the idea of) love with a particular person in under a week.  I had known this guy for quite some time, and I had sudden feelings for him, which seemed to be reciprocated.  I became excited about the possibility and the fact that I could really trust this person.  I had my weekly conversation with my relationship coach, Barbara Kenyon, and she encouraged me to call him and talk.

When he and I connected on the phone during the day, he was a different person.  He had been warm and flirtatious during the evening, but during the day, he was different.  The phone call allowed me to see that it can be easy to put on a mask in the evening hours.  In dating, it can be easy to be someone else.  A wise person said that in the early stages of dating, it is as if you are dating that person's representative.  Time uncovers the true person, as the mask is removed and the true face is revealed.

Luckily for me, I was able to catch the guy without his mask early into the situation.  Thus, I could stop the obsessive love feelings that kept creeping into my head.  You know how it is when you first click with someone - you want to doodle that person's name on your notepad.  You want to hear his voice.  You dream about kissing him...I am so glad I could stop thinking those things before I became too involved.

I do really like Miranda Cosgrove's hit song, Kissing You.  That's how it should be - no doubt, no question - just faith and trust and positive feelings.  Sign me up!

Recently, I received an email from an angry man who said I should have been married 10 years ago when men would have wanted to marry me.  He implied that I missed my chance at marriage.  He seems to think that 35 is over the hill.  I know many women who have married in their thirties and beyond, and they continue to be happy.  The best part about the angry emailer is that I found his blog, and he has written that women should not have the right to vote.  Enough said.

What is it about love that makes it so complicated?  Shouldn't it be simple?  It used to be...Today, I have a simple desire - to be loved, to be married and to have a family of my own.  I just need to find my partner in crime.  Is that so wrong?!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Interesting week + replacement date

This week was interesting because of some exciting media appearances, including one on German radio and Great Day Houston.  I am enjoying meeting new, exciting people and increasing my odds of meeting "the one."  For instance, the High Tech Texan, Michael Garfield, was a guest host on Great Day Houston.  He originally is from Dallas and said he has a ton of single, Jewish friends to send my way.  Love that!!!  As a result of my German radio interview, I have received the sweetest emails from German men.  This is my most favorite:

Dear Lisa,
I write from Germany and I hope that my english is understandable for you.  It might be unclear, then I beg you to interpret it.  By a german radio-station I have become aware of your projekt-husband.  Your idea to find the Love of Life by this way is exceptional, but exceptionally good and creative.  I love creative people, because they act with love. This love can be felt in your songs.  I love your songs and your ensitive voice.  Because your search for happiness is so special, that your story would be a wonderful artwork.  Because in this story, so much flirts-meetings, love, emotions and comic will happen, that this story will be succesful as a movie.  Like the film with Julia Roberts und Richard Gere, who was called
in german, the bride not dare, in german it rhymes, " Die Braut, die sich nicht traut."  Traut = also marry.  Therefore, a friendly advice from me, please, you absolute have to secure the film rights of this wonderful and heart-rending Love Story.  I am confident that you will find your desired husband soon and wish you well for your musical career succes.  In hope, do you give me a message, please, that it is possible to buy your songs in Germany.

Your friendly german soul

I love this message!

Also, my story was featured in the Dallas Morning News this week, and I have received messages from eligible bachelors in Dallas.  I just need an army of interns to help me respond to everything and everyone.  Until now, I've been handling everything on my own, and I love it, but I'm running out of hours in the day.

Okay - onto the replacement date, which probably is the true highlight of the week.  I had been set up with this tall, dark and handsome guy who said he was ready to be my mate.  He was ready to put an end to all of my dating.  He sounded promising until he bailed on our first date!  He seems to be preoccupied with work.  I had set up an amazing dinner at Sambuca Uptown, and the date bailed.  So, I figured I'd just stay in Thursday night.  No harm in a little rest.  But, fate had another idea for me.  I went to my apartment office to talk to the property manager, and there sat an attractive guy.  I didn't think too much of it, but when Sharon (manager) asked me what I was doing that night, I said I had a date, but he cancelled.  The cute guy casually mentioned that he was single...and next thing I knew, we were at Sambuca together!

When we met, we both were in casual clothes - I had just worked out.  When we met later before dinner, I thought we both looked great...he has beautiful blue eyes.  We rode together to the restaurant and were greeted by the sweetest server, Chris (who also is an actor and said he'd like a date with me). :)

In conversation, I discovered that my replacement date was a gentleman and sensitive guy with a lot of courage and confidence.  We enjoyed a fantastic meal (we both loved my miso sea bass) and drinks.  We both love Red Bull.  He prefers regular, and I prefer sugar free.  I found out he's only 26 - but he's had a lot of life experience.  We connected well, and he said he'd like to go out again.  He said he'd "definitely" like to go out, thank you fate!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Quadruple dinner date + baseball date

Dating really can be a ton of fun...

It struck me recently that I'm having so much fun, maybe I don't want to get married?!  Alas, I still do....but I don't think I've met "the one."

However, I've met some great guys and reinforced friendships along the way.  This past Monday, I had a quadruple dinner date with Cary Pierce of Jackopierce and his wife Cara; Whitney (Cary's marketing coordinator) and her husband, Spencer; plus Elizabeth (my girlfriend) and two guys for us...Elizabeth lined up the dates and provided the Sonoma wine.  Chef Craig delivered an incredible Italian meal.  He's available for private and small-group cooking coaching, by the way - AMAZING.  You can email him at - you won't regret it!

We also were very lucky to have sponsorship for our feast - from the ladies at PeaPod Group.  Check them out on Facebook.  They are my wedding planners, as well!  For our dinner, Chef Craig prepared a bolognese sauce that took him four hours to concoct.  He also helped me prepare proscutto wrapped asparagus and chicken polenta tartlets for appetizers.  We made a handmade Italian dressing and added fresh parmesan to mixed greens for the starter salad.  The main dish involved spaghetti with the amazing special sauce by Craig.  For dessert, Craig prepared creme brulee - one of my top five favorite desserts of ALL TIME!!!  My date, Tim, loved it, too.....he was adorable and sweet and a little closer to my age (my previous date was 22).  Does that make me a cougar?

It was so cool to sit at the table together over dinner, wine and conversation - eight of us for a quadruple dinner date.  Elizabeth has a beautiful home in University Park, and she was our hostess.  Luckily, she offered her large dining room table that accommodated us brilliantly.  I really enjoyed sitting across the table from Cary Pierce and his wife.  I've enjoyed Cary's music since college - I first heard Jackopierce in 1994.  I've been a fan ever since, and I have learned that Cary is as likable as his music is.  He's an inspiration to me - in his craft, his life and his relationship with his wife and family.  The dinner was such a blessing - and the connection to Whitney began when I first volunteered to sell merch for a Jackopierce show at the Granada last October.  Whitney and her husband are another inspiring couple - with a baby on the way!  I feel fortunate to know them.  Back in May, I volunteered to help Jackopierce again (while roping in Elizabeth) in Sonoma for a series of winery concerts.  The experience showed me that volunteering is a great way to learn about a band, build a relationship and do something positive and enriching!

I've been lucky to have some volunteers in my life, as well - and it is wonderful to help and be helped...Shout out to LJ, Erin, Megan and Abby for their recent help with Chick Singer Night!!!  Special thanks also to Casey Romanski with Atlas Video Productions for filming Monday night's date (which will air on the CW33 this coming Monday during the 9PM news).

Last night, I had a baseball date with Kaden.  He was my very first date to be aired on the CW33 back in March.  He lives in Houston and is a DJ for HOT 95.7.  We have music in common, and he is a lot of fun.  He is a huge Yankees fan who originally hails from New York.  Last night's game was an upset for the Yankees, but the Rangers were thrilled!  I sported a Yankees hat since Kaden brought it for me.  I almost wore my pink Rangers hat, but I decided to make a choice to please my date.  It paid off :)  We had a great time - and the game was the world's longest (I'm exaggerating a little here) - with 13 innings.  We stayed until the end.  Then we grabbed drinks at Idle Rich in Uptown and sat together in a cozy booth.  Kaden is 30, and I believe he has some more living to do before he gets married.  But we have a great time together, and I love that!

Today, I started working with a new student - she is 12 years old and loves Taylor Swift.  I'm working with this particular student on voice, songwriting and beginning guitar.  I love working with students!  I love teaching and sharing music.  Both provide such a gift and blessing.  I'd marry music if I could!!  The main thing I'm feeling now is self-respect, love for life and happiness in adventure.  I hope I find my soulmate before my wedding deadline, but regardless, I'm enjoying the journey!!  Follow the yellow brick road and enjoy the path....that's where I am in my process!


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Wedding weekend in Los Angeles

This weekend, my good friend, Lisa, was married in Los Angeles.  I hoped I might find love during the romantic weekend, but I did not....

There were three bachelors at the wedding (with 200 total guests)!!  It's true that there are more single women in Los Angeles versus single men.  I'm glad I left three years ago!  :)

One bachelor was seated at my table, and the lovely couple next to me seemed convinced that the guy and I might hit it off.  When we finally got a chance to chat in a smaller group, the bachelor kept remarking about the beauty of my friend/good friend of the bride.  The three of us were standing together, and the bachelor kept talking about how beautiful my friend was....and her boyfriend was nearby!  Thus, I did not find love....not even close!

It was good to be in Los Angeles again - to connect with friends and to re-connect with an ex....if he and I lived closer, I think we could date.  But I'm not sure about the distance.

Tonight, I am so happy to be able to sleep in my own bed and to have a quiet night at home.  There's no place like home...but I still want to share my home with someone.  I wonder whether I'll find him in time for my February wedding date.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Firefighter double date

This past weekend, my good buddy from Atlanta was in town.  We have known each other since we were 10 years old.  Saturday night, I told her I needed a date for dinner at Al Biernat's restaurant on Monday evening.  She was the perfect wingwoman.  We bar hopped in Uptown and ended up at Sfuzzi.  Next to us sat some beautiful, buff men.  Next thing we knew, we were talking and drinking together.  My guy was tall, strapping and lovely with light eyes and dark hair.  Our group got along great...and we topped off the night with pizza at Rocco's.

I traded numbers with my guy and asked him to dinner Monday night.  He said yes....and we traded texts the following day to confirm.  My friend from Atlanta said she'd love a double date, so I made the request - Tom, please bring your friend for my friend...

Ask and you shall receive!  The boys picked us up in an immaculate, big, black truck - true Texas style.  My friend from Atlanta loved it...we had to jump up in our dresses to get in the back seats - no running boards.  Good thing we're both athletic.

At dinner, we were greeted by my friend, Victor.  The atmosphere was warm and inviting in Al Biernat's.  Our dates were impressed.  We were seated in a spacious, lovely booth, and we began with cocktails.  Victor chose an amazing Cabernet Sauvignon for us to drink, and it was heavenly.  I chose the Filet Oscar, and I think the table had food envy.  Our appetizers included baked brie and tuna tartare. The food was amazing, and the company was fantastic.  We had a ton to talk about, and my friend and I learned that our dates were younger than we had known!  Mine was 22 (about to turn 23), and hers was 23.  Both are firefighters.  My date also is studying to be a paramedic.  He is one of the warmest, kindest people I've met.  It takes a sweetheart to dedicate his life to saving others.  I felt safe in his presence.  We continued to eat and drink, and the age difference, honestly, did not matter.

We followed up the meal with delicious desserts - cheesecake (my date's favorite) and a chocolate melty sensation.  My date and I also had a glass of was so decadent and fabulous!  I'm in love with Al Biernat's, and my date was lovely, too.

After dinner, we headed to the W Hotel for drinks and sat outside beneath the stars.  The outdoor lounge area is comfy and romantic.  It was so much fun to have a double date!  I'm a big fan....bring on the double dates.

All in all, it was a wonderful with a mission is FUN!