Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Destin trip

I had an incredible trip to Destin, Florida last was a family trip at our friend's condo.  We spent a lot of time on and in the water, and it was fantastic.  So many people balked at the idea of heading to Destin - what about the oil spill?  The answer is - the area has been untouched by the oil spill.  The water is incredibly beautiful and clear, and there is nothing wrong with Destin!

It's a quick flight from Dallas....and a needed break from being landlocked.  There is nothing like watching a sunset over the water.  It is liberating and humbling at the same time.  I had a great date while I was in Destin.  I had dinner and drinks with a server at Harry T's (super cute guy).  We sat on the balcony at the restaurant and watched the sunset together.  We followed up the meal with a cruise on a beautiful boat - complete with fireworks and hand holding.  It was sweet and fun....I enjoyed the experience, and it raised the bar for future dates.  There wasn't an overwhelming love connection, but we both enjoyed the date, and being on the water truly heightened the romance.  I know that I've made a new friend in Destin, and there's nothing wrong with that!

While I was in Destin, Fox drove me to a satellite facility so that I could interview with the Huckabee Show.  My driver was a cutie named Chris, and he joined my group for some fishing the day that followed the interview.  During the Huckabee Show interview, I spoke with Mike Huckabee and Bethenny Frankel, and they were encouraging and hilarious!  As a follow up, Fox is flying me to NYC for some bachelorette-style dating....I've always loved New Yorkers, so we'll see!!

As a note to some of the haters out there, I love you and do not take your attacks personally.  I'm not forcing this on anyone else - this is a personal decision and quest for finding my soulmate.  I'm not delusional.  I launched this effort to find a partner for life and to start a family.  To each his own.....marriage is a choice, not a mandate!  Society has changed so much, and I like to think that we're more open minded today than we were in the past.  I'm hoping that my approach will help me find a confident, secure man who loves an independent woman.  I'm looking for a lasting and solid union - and it could happen on a timeline.  I believe in love at first sight...!  The glass is half full....and we'll see how it goes!  Truly, this is an experiment, and it was an idea that came to me when I least expected it.  Have you heard of The Secret?  Do you believe in The Power of Positive Thinking?  Have you read The Road Less Traveled?  My answer is yes to all of the above questions.  This is not for everyone....but it's my path, and let me follow it....with love!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Michael Buble

Last night's Michael Buble concert was a lot of was a romantic date....with couples everywhere!  Michael has made a career out of love.  The music and atmosphere were covered in love.  David and I went to Kenichi for dinner before the show, and the restaurant was filled with couples and groups of couples.  It was excellent people watching...the food was fantastic, and I enjoyed some delicious Malbec, as well.  David is a great date - attentive, charming and sweet.  Plus he has a great smile and sense of humor.

We walked down to the concert and ran into my friends, Vanessa and Mike (another couple)!  It was great to see them....they looked happy and stunning.  It's nice to see a handsome couple out on the town.

I got cozy with David at the concert - it was so romantic!  Dinner and a concert make the perfect date.  Michael's show was very entertaining, but I was surprised that he didn't play any instruments.  He does have a great sense of humor - at times, he was a total comedian on stage.  His voice is smooth and in control - very sensual and exciting.

Guys - take your girls to Michael Buble.  Everyone is doing it!  It's like a dating phenomenon. There should be a concert geared towards singles.  The pre-Buble show.  A concert for single people to meet each other.  Then, their first date could be a Michael Buble concert!

I have to say I feel a little nervous about the fact that my wedding date is fewer than 7 months away.  BUT, it will all come together............I hope!!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Older men

Last night, I had a wonderful date with an older man.  The ladies at No Excuses introduced me to Terry at a happy hour last month, and we had our first date last night.  Terry planned the entire date, which was great!  I love a man who knows how to take charge in dating.  He chose Sangria for dinner, and his choice was fantastic by me.  I love tapas and anything that reminds me of the summer I studied in Spain.  Terry is the oldest man I've dated.  He has three adult daughters, who sound wonderful and amazing.

One very notable thing about Terry is that he brought me the most beautiful flowers.  I have dated 45 different men since launching my project five months ago, and Terry is the first one to bring me flowers!  Is it because he's from an older generation?  Is he more in touch with chivalry?  He was quick to open doors and take charge during the date.  I liked it.  I'm empowered, but I feel it's nice to avoid role confusion during a date.  I like that he took the lead.  In a way, dating is like a dance.  One person needs to lead.  I think it's most natural to let the male lead.  Plus, men seem to need more time to buy into the idea of love.  I think it's most organic to let the man decide that the woman is a priority.  When I've decided in the past to make a man a priority and take the lead, the relationship has not worked.  I'm just saying that it's healthy to allow a man to be a man.  Yet, Terry and I discussed the fact that he likes independent women.  He said he was intimidated to meet me.  He had listened to my music and read about my professional and educational background, and, of course, my project.  I couldn't believe he was intimidated to meet me!  I was intimidated by him....he's raised three children, had a successful oil and real estate business and lived a full life!  How could he be intimidated by me.....nearly 30 years younger than himself.  The cool thing is that we related to each other as complete individuals - as whole people - bringing unique experiences to the table.  He totally respects me, and I respect him.  To me, that is the new chivalry - a man who can be a man while respecting a woman who is whole and complete on her own.  Thus, the dance of dating has a leader, but both partners can stand on their own.  They can move in sync to create a beautiful partnership, while holding onto their individual qualities and strengths.  Terry was wonderfully communicative and affectionate, and he was complimentary, in a very sincere way.

After dinner, Terry planned to take me to see live music (which he chose before he knew I was a musician).  He said that when we first met, all he knew was that I was cute and fun.  He didn't know much else, but he was curious.  Despite our age difference, we had a lot in common - passion for live music, travel, new experiences, love, knowledge, respect, being on the water, fishing and fun.  We saw an incredible band at Pearl in Deep Ellum.  I had never been to the venue or seen the band, and it was a great vibe!!  Terry has good taste.  I also taught him about Words With Friends and Live Poker on his iPhone, so we taught each other some things!

At Pearl, we ran into my friend, Kim, and her boyfriend and friend, and it was nice to have some friends join our date.  It took a little pressure off the one-on-one.  I saw many couples around us, however, and I think Saturday night is date night!!  Nonetheless, I like blending a date with socializing with friends.  One-on-one is great, but I love socializing in groups, as well.  I need to be with someone who understands my need to be social.  Terry was a great date - it was a really nice evening, and I feel like I've made a new friend.  Will the age difference be too big for a more serious connection?  I don't know...but either way, I think he is a wonderful person, and I'm really happy to have the chance to know him.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Last two dates...

Tuesday night, I had a dinner and drinks date with John at LaGrange in Deep Ellum.  The restaurant opened recently, and the food was amazing!  We also had shaved ice cocktails...delicious and refreshing on a super hot day.  We were set up by our mutual friend, Stephanie...and again, I am a fan of being set up!  It also helps that we have a ton in common - we both love live music, we play music, we are addicted to our phones and social media.....

It was a great night - and a great way to kick off the singer/songwriter show that I host most Tuesdays at LaGrange.  John was a great date....attentive, thoughtful and interesting.  He also had great menu recommendations...I like a guy who knows good food.  He's really cute, so we'll see...!

Thursday night, I had a dinner date at Ferrari's Italian Villa in Grapevine.  What a romantic spot!  My date was Bob, who has been a friend for several months.  It was nice to have some one-on-one time with him, since we normally hang out in a group.  The restaurant was lovely...the owners were amazing to us, and their son, the chef, was gorgeous!  I love eye candy...

Bob was a perfect gentleman - picked me up, took care of the waiter, was a good conversationalist and terrific date.  We got a tour of the place, which includes private rooms, a martini lounge (great martini flights), outdoor bocce ball court and beautiful patio.  I'd go back to the place in a heartbeat.

I'm not certain where either date will lead....I do know that the clock is ticking!  Seven months remain before the wedding...realistically, I may or may not find my soulmate in that timeframe.  I am putting myself out there, however, more than I ever have!  So, if there's truth in numbers, my truth is bound to emerge!  I still feel strongly that I want to share my life with someone, and I want to start a family.  I hope my soulmate is out there - I hope I find the one who remains mutually interested and wants to start a life with me.

I've also realized that I need to have some girls' nights out - I've had so many one-on-one dates (and I'm not complaining), but there's nothing like going out and locking eyes with a hottie across the room.  That is on my radar.....I'm heading to Destin for a few days next week and will be scoping out men on the beach, as well....

This is GO TIME!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cooking date with Keith

Sunday night, I had a great dinner date with Keith.  Of course, I had help from Chef Craig.  We prepared an Italian feast, and truly we had the best manicotti I've ever tasted...the secret was in the cheesy, meaty filling and the butter cubes to top off the dish.  Keith got extra involved in the kitchen - although Craig really did most of the work.  It was fun to be in the kitchen with my date, however.  I liked it.

Keith and I had met about a month prior at the Big D Opry, and we already had established a connection.  However, our schedules had not aligned, and our second date took a month to set up!  It was worth the wait - I know we both had a great time...

We also had an impromptu water balloon fight during the date.  I was looking for cooking tools in a drawer and instead found balloons that were left over from Father's Day.  Keith declared a water balloon session, and we raced to the sink to create our weapons.  He won the toss.....clearly, he is more experienced in water ballooning.  For me, it had been years....which was why it was so much fun.

The dinner was great, the company was great....I wore a fun Alice and Olivia dress found at Buffalo Exchange by the fabulous Dora.  I also had a fun apron from Market Street of Frisco, which was the provider of our delicious food for the evening.

Truly, Keith and I have a connection - it was palpable.  But I wonder how ready he is for a committed relationship.  He plays with a fabulous band, The King Bucks, and he has a musician's attitude - fun-loving, free-spirited, exciting.....I love all of those qualities, but will they allow him to be a husband and father?  Time will tell.  At the end of the date, he suggested going to Vegas and getting married...!  HA!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Vigilantes game and date

Last night's Vigilantes game was so much fun.  It was my first experience at an arena football game, and I loved it.  I arrived early for sound check and enjoyed watching the players warm up (love those tight football pants).  I ran through the National Anthem and then had a bite to eat in the media lounge (fantastic pot roast)!!

My date, Dilan, arrived just before the game started, so he didn't miss my Anthem - hooray!  I got to hang with Ruthie and Naomi from Dallas Bridal Shows before the game, right next to the field.  I was happy they arrived early enough to be my pre-game "dates."  Before they arrived, I kept myself occupied with Words With Friends.

Everyone affiliated with the team was amazing - friendly and fun.  American Airlines Center was teeming with energy and excitement.  Arena football blends the toughness of football with the spirit of hockey and the pace of basketball - nice combo in my book!  The fans were hilarious - we had amazing seats on the 25 yard line (there are only 50 yards in arena football) - and we were second row.  The guys in the front row were off the hook - yelling at the players on the other team, calling them "McFatty," for instance - and yelling at the refs.  Hilarious!  I was happy we were in the second row because the players get slammed into the sides of the arena quite frequently, and the front row really feels it!

Dilan was a great date - he is a go with the flow guy.  He brought me a Bud Light (that always scores points), and he hung out with the entire group from the CW33 and Dallas Bridal Shows.  During the first quarter, Chandler (the Vigilantes Jumbotron host) interviewed me about Project Husband.  Chandler was hilarious, and again, Dilan was a good sport.  I introduced Dilan as a candidate, and Chandler asked Dilan whether he'd be ready to get married in February.  Dilan said - "I didn't hear the question."  The guys in front of us gave him a hard time saying they all heard the question!  Dilan swore he didn't, but either way, it was well played.  I had a lot of fun during the interview with Chandler.

It was a great night, and I was thrilled to be wearing a Zac Posen dress, provided by TOOTSIES.  Special thanks to the boutique and my stylist for hooking it up!!  I felt great....had a blast singing the Anthem....enjoyed the game (and the company), and I hope to catch the Vigilantes again soon.  There's only one home game remaining, but there's always next year!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Couples yoga date

Yesterday was a super fun couples yoga date at Super Yoga Palace in Deep Ellum.  Shana Stein hooked me up not only with the yoga but also the date.  Pat is a great guy - a creative soul with positive energy.  For our first date, we had a couples date session.  We both thought we'd be guided through poses individually, but we were involved in a lot of closeness and touching in yoga moves designed for two.  We had to communicate not only with our minds but also our bodies.  We had to trust each other and rely on each other for strength.  What a great endurance and tenacity test for any couple!

I recommend it!  As Pat said, couples yoga probably is better for a second date, but hey - why not get right to some innocent touching?!  I love trying new things and getting thrown into new experiences.  It's also fun to share a new experience with someone else.  Pat was a great date, and he said he'd like to hang out again....I'm looking forward to it.

The other great part about the yoga date was uncovering a gem in Deep Ellum.  Super Yoga Palace is tucked away on Taylor Street, and it shares space with a glorious performance room and hip coffee shop, Mokah Coffee Bar.

Incidentally, last night, after the yoga date, I had a late dinner with a successful physician....we were set up by the ladies at No Excuses.  I'm fairly certain the doctor and I will have another date.  He is worldly, attractive, fit, fun and interesting....he has some promise as a potential mate.

Many people lately have told me they are having "bad luck" at dating - they just don't date in this city - their timing is bad....and I say - get out there, and go for it!  What's the worst that can happen?  You make a new friend, try something new, learn something about yourself...