Saturday, February 27, 2010

Internet dating

In my quest to cast a wider net and leave no stone unturned, I joined a few online dating sites.  I've been IMing with some interesting characters.  I know that I have to take each profile, each picture and each conversation with a grain of salt.  Online profiles offer shades of grey, I believe.  As a result of my efforts in the last 24 hours, I have a lunch date with a totally interesting guy next week - we had a very normal and interesting phone conversation before setting the date.  We talked about places we've lived and traveled, and he sounds intelligent, articulate and sweet - and his pictures are nice.  On the other side of the dating coin is a totally bizarre dude.  This particular person seemed pretty nice and discreet at first.  He said he didn't want to post his photo because he works for a high-profile financial services firm.  So he sent a photo (which wasn't amazing, but he had a nice smile), and I decided to IM further.  He asked if I wanted to go shopping with him, which seemed pleasant but a little strange.  Then he said that he wanted to give me his wallet and credit cards and ATM PIN.  Well, he said PIN number, but that's redundant, since the N in PIN stands for number.  Anyhow, I digress, because I need a distraction from how weird this is.  I asked why he'd want to take me shopping when he doesn't even know me.  He said he does it all the time.  I said I would think about it, but I found it unusual.  He then said his dream would be to take me shopping and then kiss my feet.  Then he asked me if I liked my toes suckled.  I said not really.  Then I added that maybe I hadn't found the right foot fondler.  But bottom line is - this dude is strange!  And women probably go shopping with him in acts of desperation.  But I would rather keep my toes to myself and wait for a shopping trip as a 3rd or 4th date...


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