Friday, February 19, 2010

Two is better than one

So, my mom asked me - is this really what you want?  Do you want the wedding only or do you want the marriage, as well?  Great questions, Mom!!  The truth is that I do want the wedding - I want the celebration, the closeness with family and friends and the joy of a special occasion.  Ultimately, I want the union, the closeness with a partner, the sharing of life - in all its simplicity and complexity.  A simple visit to the drive through bank teller goes from blah to yeah with a fun partner in crime.  For me, this is about sharing my journey.  I feel I've been waiting for the perfect man to come my way, but I've realized that no one is perfect - there is only a [nearly] perfect match.

I've experienced glimpses of the joy in partnership - but those joys are all too fleeting when I'm left single.  Thus, I'd love to share my days and nights with someone special...

So, the answers to my mom's questions are - yes, this is what I want, and I want it all - I want the wedding and the commitment and the rest of my life with a wonderful man.

Truly, two is better than one....

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