Sunday, August 15, 2010

Girls' Night Out (GNO)

I had a fantastic girls' night out Thursday. It began at a happy hour for No Excuses at The Tower Club. Then, we progressed to The Ritz for lobster nachos and a cheeseburger to share...we caught up with several friends and filled the space between the side lounge and bar area. The party kept growing, and it was a fun, social time. I've had so many one-on-one dates lately, that I started to miss going out in a group. Thursday alleviated that identified problem, and I had a blast. We later headed with a subset of the group to Teddy's in Uptown and ran into more friends. Late night, we had a bite at Buzzbrews. It was an action-packed night, and the funny thing is that my good friend and I ended up hanging out with the one married guy in the group. We laughed that it was girls' night out, yet we didn't pick up any male prospects. Dating prospects usually are a side-benefit of GNO. Nonetheless, the married guy was cool and full of advice. He was a total gentleman and a lot of fun. Maybe it's true that all the good ones are taken- just kidding!

Friday night, I had a follow up date from the Love Cures All auction. The date who placed a winning bid on me received 4 tickets to Verizon Theatre, and we used them for Jackson Browne. My dad came to Dallas to attend the concert with us. And he was set up by No Excuses with a blind date. Instantly, my dad and his date clicked. It was a great date- we were lucky to have a black stretch limo from Premiere Limo- a preferred vendor of the Dallas Bridal Show. Our driver, Victor, was amazing. He provided amazing service with a smile. In addition to lining up the limo, I found a fantastic babysitter for my 8-year-old brother, coordinated the date for my dad, ordered pizza for us before the show and took care of my brother the next evening so my dad and his date could continue with their connection. I'm the one looking for a husband, yet my dad found an amazing woman this weekend!

My date Friday night asked me how everything was going. I said that it has been a whirlwind, especially with recent media attention. I know I need to stay focused on my goal to find love. Of course, I also realize it cannot be forced. The question that remains for me is- which is the foundation for a happy marriage- an instant, force-field connection that becomes steady and strong and develops into friendship OR a friendship that grows into something more over time? I feel like I'm seeking that spark that burns into a fire yet remains lit and fed over time. You can't start a fire without a spark, right? Yet hot-burning love might actually be lust in disguise. So how does a couple find the balance between love, desire and friendship? My dad told me tonight that sometimes I think and worry too much...I know he has a point.

Thus, for my next phase of dating, I'm going to work smarter. I'm considering speed dating, more girls' nights and quite a few trips out of town. I am staying open to possibility. And I'm doing my research to be sure I make a good decision when the time comes. I think I will just know when it clicks and stays that way...and it could exist among a couple of my previous dates...time will tell.


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  2. As a newly engaged woman, I have to share a little bit of advice. I recently tried on a wedding dress that surprised me. In the garment bag it didn't look like something I'd want to try on. But once it came out of the bag and was on my body, wow. It was THE dress. I've read through a lot of your blog postings and you seem to mention a lot about how hot this guy was or how gorgeous another one is. What about cute but average guys? What about personality, their character, their passionate and creative sides? Is it really about finding them physically attractive first? Or their heart? I'm not saying you have to give Quasimodo a chance, just wondering as you're approaching your wedding date with no groom, that you see that beauty can easily fade but the person inside us there forever. Best of luck to you, you have an exciting life ahead of you. Be sure to fall in love with a man who is attractive on the inside and as an added bonus, handsome on the outside.

  3. Oh and the dress story... How that relates to your current situation is this: there is a man out there that at first glance you may pass over because he doesn't fit 100% of what you think is attractive. But he may be the one... Try someone who may be a bit of a risk, and you may be unexpectedly surprised. Again, good luck to you. Finding someone to love you, and can see you and handle you at your best and worst, well, they are a keeper. Life is an adventure and it's always better with a travel partner :)