Thursday, August 5, 2010

New York City - I love you

 I love New York.  The Huckabee Show on Fox flew me to NYC Sunday night to appear in the studio Monday and Tuesday and to date one of two eligible bachelors!  I arrived late Sunday night (after spending the weekend at the fun-filled Dallas Bridal Show), and my hotel was right in Times Square.  I remembered how much I love the bright lights of the city.

I slept great in my comfy bed at a hotel called Stay.  And, in the morning, I walked around the corner to the Fox studios.  It was such a pleasure to meet Governor Huckabee.  No matter what your political affiliation is, you have to know that he is a genuinely nice man.  He remembered the names of each person he met, and he definitely made me feel important and special.

As we filmed the show, I met two great guys...Dominik and Kevin.  I was supposed to choose one at the end of the show, but because they both were so great, I chose each one.  I had dinner with Kevin and breakfast with Dominik.  I felt both guys were attractive, fun and interesting.....

I could fall in love in New York.  I'm already in love with the city itself....So, here's the quick recap on the guys:  Dominik declared that he is unsure of his desire to be married again.  But Kevin seemed to hold onto the possibility and had never been married.  So, we shall see.  A segment coordinator from the Rachael Ray Show called me while I was in the city, and it looks likely that I'll be back in NYC at the end of the month to be on Rachael's show.....and I hope to see at least one of the guys again....maybe my true love is in Manhattan.

The weekend at the Dallas Bridal Show was amazing.....I was in a fashion show in a wedding gown each day - and the gowns were incredible....designed by Jorge Perez.  And Jorge is a treat to meet....dresses aside!  He's vibrant, positive, fun, smart and talented!!!  He gave me advice about adding twitter followers and [not] responding to negativity.  He said he'd be a groom if all else I feel good about that :)  The ladies at PeaPod Group set up a lovely lounge for me, complete with gummy bears and fluffy pink pillows.  I had a dating game each day and gained two new dates......I'm excited about those!!!!

Tonight, I have a blind date with a guy referred to me by a girl in Minnesota.  She saw my clip on the Today Show and emailed me a picture of herself with her good guy friend.  She said he was "Minnesota nice in Dallas."  He's cute...!!!  And, we are meeting at American Airlines Center (public enough place)!! - for the Special 21+ Happy Hour Event at Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey....hooked up by Rebecca at the CW33 and her friend who is marketing the event....can't wait!!!!

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