Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vegas trip

I just spent way too long in Vegas, but it was great......I traveled there for a bachelorette party, but I mixed some business with pleasure.

On the flight to Vegas, I sat next to a wonderful female pastor, who was super cool and enlightened.  I told her about my Project, and she said she would pray for me...can't hurt!!

Thursday evening, I had a date with a great guy who lives in Vegas and was on a brief break from his world tour.  We had sushi and drinks followed by video poker at a bar off the strip.  He is incredibly cool and fun but on tour for quite a while.....so I don't know when I'll see him again.  Friday, I spent the day at the gym and spa at THEHotel at Mandalay Bay.  It was great to have some time to myself, although I was really missing my little pup, Zoe.  She stayed at home in Dallas with her Auntie Sharon.  As I worked out and rehydrated, I felt good about taking some time for me.  I sat in the steam room, plunged into the jacuzzi and treated myself to a luxurious pedicure.  It was good to be alone with my thoughts - for me, it doesn't happen too often!  But I'm glad I had the solitude.

Later that afternoon, I headed to Hard Rock to meet guys and try my luck at Blackjack.  I was lucky on both fronts.  I sat at a table by myself, and before the first hand concluded, I was surrounded by guys from Minnesota and South Dakota (who were in Vegas for a bachelor party).  My bachelorette party wasn't arriving until Saturday, so I had some time on my own.  After the third hand or so, a girl from another bachelorette party showed up and sat next to me.  She was super cool and fun and the only one of her friends still standing after drinking by the pool all day.  She and I handled the table, which became sort of a revolving door for guys.  We played for hours, and I ended up with a guy to my right who should have been named Harvard Business School, because he couldn't stop telling me about the fact that he went to school there.  I started calling him Harvard....

I was winning and playing and enjoying the cocktail service (that was very slow to start but then picked up steam).  Then Harvard said he was meeting a business associate at Nobu for dinner and how I should join them.  He said it was his treat, and I couldn't refuse....we had delicious sushi and great conversation.  And I started to realize that I probably should head back to my hotel to avoid an encounter with Harvard.  He was very fresh and rather interesting, but I didn't feel the desire to hang out with him all night.

So, I retired early to my hotel room, got a great night's rest and was ready for a jog on the strip in the morning.  I like to detox in Vegas with some good sweating before I start the retox process with a vodka drink.  I packed up my bag at THEHotel and met my girlfriends at The Wynn.  I hadn't seen Michele or Lisa for quite a while, so we stood at Registration and just hugged and laughed for a while!  Shortly thereafter, we headed to our cabana by the pool and ordered drinks and snacks.  The cabana was awesome, and the vibe at the pool was hot - not just in the climate, baby!  The European pool allows women to be topless, but most women chose to keep their tops fastened.  The scene was vibrant and fun - we enjoyed sitting in the water, chatting and scoping out the men.  There was some eye candy for sure.

We headed back to our cabana, and I noticed a super cute guy walking by.  So, I said, "Hey."  He stopped in his tracks and said, "Were you talking to me?"  Score - he stopped by to say hi when he realized I was talking to him.  The bad news was - he had a girlfriend.  Next!!  The next couple of guys we met had girlfriends - all of them were gorgeous - so I guess it was a trend - hot guy, in possession of girlfriend.

Later, we got showered and ready for dinner at 9 Steakhouse at the Palms.  Note to self - if you start drinking vodka drinks by the pool early, you may not make it out late.  Nonetheless, it was a fun day and night - and I continued to meet hot guys with girlfriends!  It was a curse...

Sunday, my dad arrived, and we had plans to visit some wedding chapels to scope out fun venues for Project Husband and to share my song, Wanna Get Married.  I had never visited Vegas wedding chapels, and seeing them totally put me in the mood to be married.  I saw a beautiful couple kissing on a 60-year-old "kissing bridge."  I saw the chapel where Britney was (briefly) married, and I met some very cool people.  One guy who actually married the couples was GORGEOUS.  But I'm pretty sure he had a girlfriend, too.  The trip was a blast, and 5 nights in Vegas is probably too many....but I'm glad I made the trip.  I reconnected with friends, had a great time, met some fun new people and reconnected with myself at the spa and with a jog each morning on the strip.

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