Thursday, December 2, 2010

Puppies, boys and marriage

I just squeezed my pup, Zoe, as I was working on a marketing proposal.  Then, I remembered wanting a puppy as a little girl.  I reflected on why I wanted a puppy so much.  I wanted the adorable face and squeezable body.  I wanted the shiny coat, the sparkly eyes and the playful persona.  For many of those reasons, I suppose, I wanted to find a boy...

Today, I want a man.  I want a husband.  But, it's easy to get caught up in the shiny, playful aspect of love. What about the annoying walks, the empty food bowls, the snoring, the poop and the smelly dog smell??

Those items apply to boys as much as they apply to puppies.

My conclusion is that true love is worth it - the amazing love and adoration we receive is worth the potty cleanup, the laundry, the bathing, the acceptance....

Luckily, I have the unconditional love of my poodle.  However, I'd be more lucky with the love of a man...and the love of a family.  I want to be a mother.  I want to experience the beauty of creation...not only in my own works (musically, visually) but also in my generativity - the legacy I leave with my own children.

Is marriage outdated?  Time Magazine has a great article on the subject.  It seems to me that marriage is what we want it to be.  When we find each other - two individuals who want the same things - we can have it all.  We can have love forever....the flames of passion, friendship and commitment.  Self determination and modern times give us a choice - to be happy - to define happiness - in our own subjective ways.

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