Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tonight I'm loving you

I love Enrique Iglesias.  I love his latest song so much....tonight I'm loving him (I wish).

Also, I'm loving Kaycee at Dear Clark.  As I waited for my appointment with her recently, I noticed the fact that having one's hair done is like going to therapy.  I watched Kaycee greet each customer at the end of the appointment, and each customer looked so happy (and beautiful with freshly trimmed and fixed hair)!  It really is fabulous to be treated to a shampoo and feels so good.  When I visited Shanghai a few years ago, I loved the fact that I could pay $2 for a shampoo, scalp massage and ear cleaning!  Literally, the girl would clean out my ears with Q-tips.  But I digress.  The point is I love going to Kaycee's salon and feeling pampered.  She really is awesome -- as a person and at her craft.  She even added a semi-permanent color to my hair to cover a few silver strands.  Don't tell....but she did an awesome job.  This was the first time I ever ever colored my hair, so I was scared.  But she made the experience painless and successful!  Greys be gone.

I've got a lot of love.  So I'll also say that I love working at Dreamfly.  Last night, basically our entire team went to Love and War in Texas (in Plano) to see John David Kent and the Dumb Angels play.  What a fun show!  And, thanks to a tip from Jaclyn at My Fit Foods, I drank vodka and water with tons of lemon, and I lost weight yesterday...I lost 7.5 pounds in 16 days, so I took off the weight gain from massive celebrating over Super Bowl, my birthday and Valentine's Day.  Now, I'm feeling awesome....!!  I'm only one pound from my favorite goal weight.  I lost 50 pounds last year, and I want to keep it that way.

I also love working with Lauren and Sean -- they're getting MARRIED, and their fabulous dream wedding package is totally coming together.  With some big help from Ruthie at Dallas Bridal Shows, Inc., I was able to secure the honeymoon yesterday, and it's INCREDIBLE!!  It's an all-inclusive package at a luxury resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico (near Cancun).  Check out all the goodies in their wedding package on Facebook:

I get so excited thinking about this wedding.  And I still hold onto the hope that my soulmate is out there somewhere.  He has to be, right?!  I want to find him.  I want to love and be loved....even more than I already do and am.  I want a family of my own, but I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't have children without a father.  It seems so simple, but it's become so complicated these days.  Why is it that the simplest things are sometimes the hardest to achieve?  Is it because we make them too complicated?  Perhaps...what I know right now is that I am living my life.  When fate allows it, I will find a soulmate who fits me.  I guess it's just not my time...I have bigger work to do -- like plan a dream wedding for Lauren and Sean and help them build their lives together.  It's kind of cool because they both are interested in getting in shape, and many of the donation items will help them do exactly that!  Lauren's medical treatments have been tough on her body.  And the stress of it all has affected Sean, too.  I just want to be a ray of sunshine in their lives and help them achieve all of their wildest dreams.  It's pretty wild how I booked this wedding for me but ended up finding the couple who was meant to have this ceremony and celebration all along.  While I was dating last fall and living it up, Lauren was fighting for her life.  Now, she can focus on getting better and living an incredible life.  Life is such a precious gift.  We can't waste a single moment.  Feel the love, people!  Go tell someone, "I love you."  Do it because I love you...I love you for reading this.  I love you for being you.  And I'm truly learning to love myself and this beautiful path called life.

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