Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wedding planning with Lauren

Yesterday, I met with Lauren, her mom and Rosa from the PeaPod Group.  I'm grateful for Rosa, a certified wedding planner!  We went through a checklist for the wedding and met with the photographers and staff at Premiere Photography in Colleyville.  When Lauren arrived to our meeting, she looked looking at her, you never would have guessed that she was in a coma last year.  You'd never know that she has Wegener's Granulomatosis --

I wasn't feeling 100% myself -- just feeling congested with allergies and feeling uncomfortable due to female stuff -- and when Lauren arrived, she declared that she had developed a rash and some severe pain.  While we were talking about flowers and colors, she was trading messages with her doctors.  She managed to make it through our afternoon of appointments and then headed to the emergency room for some tests.

I felt so humbled and honored to be with a girl with such tenacious spirit.  As I said, I wasn't feeling 100% myself, and I had nothing to complain about...Lauren has been in the fight of her life.  I truly feel grateful for my overall health (it's easy to take it for granted).  And now I'm helping Lauren with a dream wedding.  It all seems so surreal.  But I will say that it is wonderful to step into someone else's shoes -- even for an afternoon.  It is elevating to help someone else -- and I am inspired by Lauren and her strength.

I can't wait for the wedding on December 19th!  We'll have so much to celebrate...Lauren's life, and her love and commitment with Sean.  My advice for today -- enjoy each moment and be grateful for each breath.  Be grateful for being alive...


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