Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lauren & Sean

Yesterday, I met the most amazing couple, one that has found true love.  Last fall, Sean stuck by Lauren's side when she nearly died.  She contracted a rare auto-immune disease and was in a coma.  Sean proposed while Lauren was in the ICU -- since time was of the essence, he decided not to waste any.  He also had encouragement from Lauren's family.  I truly believe that love saved Lauren.  She is a brave young woman.  At 21 years old, she has endured quite a battle.  And Sean was with her every step of the way.  They already have demonstrated their commitment -- their ability to stay together in sickness and in health.  They are so inspiring!

We tasted cakes yesterday at Delicious Cakes, and it was such a happy moment!!  Lauren's mom, Becky, joined us, and she is such a lovely woman.  Sean and Lauren were on the same page and quite decisive about the cake decision, and it was excellent.  I love people who know what they want!  We then headed to Robbins Brothers, where Lauren was able to replace her cubic zirconia with a real diamond!!  Robbins Brothers was amazing -- the CW33 brought in Robbins Brothers to sponsor the diamond -- and the guys at the store even went above and beyond the original promised prize.  Lauren has the ring of her dreams.  Sean got on one knee and proposed again, and we all cried.  It was beautiful to witness, and I couldn't be more pleased about the couple who will be getting married due to Project Husband.  It all feels meant to be.  While I was dating last September and having a ball, Lauren was in the hospital fighting for her life.  Today, she is planning a dream wedding, and she deserves it!!

You can read about her journey here:

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  1. Cool!

    I haven't been commenting much (busy making ridiculous drawings for my blog. You know how hard it is to depict your cat flying through the air from the cat put?) but I've been reading.

    Maybe it's the optimism of impending spring, but I think you're going to make some major positive changes soon!

    Plus, your horoscope today said "you will meet the man of your dreams and get married soon. Oh, and you will check out Caleb's blog, too."

    Weird. They're not usually that specific.