Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Destin trip

I had an incredible trip to Destin, Florida last was a family trip at our friend's condo.  We spent a lot of time on and in the water, and it was fantastic.  So many people balked at the idea of heading to Destin - what about the oil spill?  The answer is - the area has been untouched by the oil spill.  The water is incredibly beautiful and clear, and there is nothing wrong with Destin!

It's a quick flight from Dallas....and a needed break from being landlocked.  There is nothing like watching a sunset over the water.  It is liberating and humbling at the same time.  I had a great date while I was in Destin.  I had dinner and drinks with a server at Harry T's (super cute guy).  We sat on the balcony at the restaurant and watched the sunset together.  We followed up the meal with a cruise on a beautiful boat - complete with fireworks and hand holding.  It was sweet and fun....I enjoyed the experience, and it raised the bar for future dates.  There wasn't an overwhelming love connection, but we both enjoyed the date, and being on the water truly heightened the romance.  I know that I've made a new friend in Destin, and there's nothing wrong with that!

While I was in Destin, Fox drove me to a satellite facility so that I could interview with the Huckabee Show.  My driver was a cutie named Chris, and he joined my group for some fishing the day that followed the interview.  During the Huckabee Show interview, I spoke with Mike Huckabee and Bethenny Frankel, and they were encouraging and hilarious!  As a follow up, Fox is flying me to NYC for some bachelorette-style dating....I've always loved New Yorkers, so we'll see!!

As a note to some of the haters out there, I love you and do not take your attacks personally.  I'm not forcing this on anyone else - this is a personal decision and quest for finding my soulmate.  I'm not delusional.  I launched this effort to find a partner for life and to start a family.  To each his own.....marriage is a choice, not a mandate!  Society has changed so much, and I like to think that we're more open minded today than we were in the past.  I'm hoping that my approach will help me find a confident, secure man who loves an independent woman.  I'm looking for a lasting and solid union - and it could happen on a timeline.  I believe in love at first sight...!  The glass is half full....and we'll see how it goes!  Truly, this is an experiment, and it was an idea that came to me when I least expected it.  Have you heard of The Secret?  Do you believe in The Power of Positive Thinking?  Have you read The Road Less Traveled?  My answer is yes to all of the above questions.  This is not for everyone....but it's my path, and let me follow it....with love!


  1. Yes to your last 3 questions.

    You weren't counting me as a hater, were you?

    PS kids nowadays spell it H8er

    PPS Huckabee has a great show!

  2. Your quest typifies everything wrong with women today. Husband as checklist item. Nice.

  3. Good luck! I think, if anything, it will be a great adventure and you'll meet a lot of cool people! I hope you find him! And, I agree - what's wrong with going for the things you want in life? Career, marriage, family, etc.? You only have a limited time on the planet, so why not make a concentrated effort and go for them! If you just sit there and wait...nothing might ever happen. I think you're brave for being proactive in your quest for love and happiness!