Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Set ups + eye rejuvenation date

Recently, I had another first date, and I was starting to think - being set up is not for me.  This guy was nice, intelligent, kind and sweet - but he seemed young.  The date, in general, also seemed destined to fail.  It was one where the waitress couldn't get anything right, the crowd at the restaurant was bizarre, the vibe just wasn't there.  I decided - I do not want to be set up anymore.  And then, what do you know?  I had someone suggest a guy to me just yesterday!  I saw his photos on Facebook, and I'm intrigued.  So, I decided to go for it.  PLUS, my friend said this new date is a great guy who would like to be in a committed relationship.  My friend also said he is solid, ambitious, considerate and fun.  Sounds good....he's a bit younger (why do I keep finding young guys)?....Incidentally, today I heard from a college friend who is in a relationship with a younger guy.  She said the age difference is 9 years, and she couldn't be happier.  Who knows, right?

I also received some advice from a knowledgeable man (his identity to be revealed later) that I need to be in a target-rich environment.  I love the terminology.  He got me thinking - alumni groups, charity events, professional networking groups, more groups in general.  I've said it before, but I feel I need to meet men in more group settings - with fewer one-on-one dating situations.

Recently, I took myself on a date to McKinney.  I had a fantastic date!!  I started with an eye rejuvenation treatment at Warthan Dermatology Center, which was amazing.  I admit that I receive Dysport treatments to treat and remove my crow's feet, and they work like magic!!  Maybe that's why I keep meeting younger guys :)  I had a great experience at the dermatology office.  The injections only take a few minutes, and then I received a spa eye treatment (with massage, gels and creams) that made me feel like a million bucks.  After the derm session, I headed to the Starbucks down the street.  It was the most adorable Starbucks I've ever seen - it looked like a stone cottage from the front.  I had a skinny latte and Rice Krispy treat (which was said to have 210 calories).  I sat outside and enjoyed the warm Texas fall weather.  I noticed an adorable older couple sitting near me.  They were looking at photos from a recent trip.  The husband was friendly, and he started talking to me.  I said I was on a date with myself.  He thought that was great.  When I explained my dating quest, the wife said she had heard about my project.  She also said that her daughter met a suitor on and married him only a few months later.  Years later, the couple still was together.  The lovely couple at Starbucks told me - don't give up hope, and choose to be with your best friend - that's what will make the relationship last.  Good advice!

Truly, I am looking for my best friend....someone who offers friendship, passion and commitment.  I'm still searching...


  1. Yep, did it for me...rather "us". 8 years later, I'm still loving every day with my best friend and spouse. Thanks for the tip on Dysport.

  2. 7 years. Not 9. ;)
    But yes, couldn't be happier. Go for it!!