Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nashvegas - Part 2

The second half of my trip to Nashville was just as amazing as the first half was.  What an incredible city for networking, live music and fun!  As I am still in my drinking hiatus, I knew I was having fun when I felt giddy without alcohol...and think of the cash I saved by not drinking :)

Next Big Nashville was occurring while I was in town, and as a result, I got to see some amazing bands.  My favorite live show was by Yeasayer (love the name) at the Cannery Ballroom.  I felt like I was walking into a NYC club....great lights, sound and vibe.  I easily could live in Nashville at some point.

I timed my trip perfectly because the temperature dropped considerably after I left...Nashvegas was sad that I departed :)  I was sad to leave my friend Elizabeth, but I reflected on an incredible week - one filled with fun, new contacts and new friends.  I did not find love in Nashville, yet I did fall in love with Nashville.  I also love to travel.

It is good to be back in Dallas, however.  I've just started working with an amazing team at Dreamfly Productions - formalizing my role in artist management and marketing in Big D and beyond.  I'm excited to join forces with some big guns and continue to make my mark on this city.  Perhaps we can bring some of the Nashvegas spirit to Big D.  I do believe it's possible, and there is talent here!!!

I also finalized my new single, Is This the Life this week....it's a great song about finding yourself and your true passion.  Further, I have two first dates this week.  I'm still hopeful that my soulmate is out there...somewhere.  I'm finding that I'm more passionate than ever about my work in music, and perhaps that is leading me closer to myself and ultimately closer to my mate.

In the meantime, I'm not sweating it...in fact, I'm enjoying the ride!  It looks like I may make an appearance on Dr. Phil this month, I will be featured in National Enquirer next month, and I'm being filmed for German and European television at the end of this week....maybe my soulmate is in Germany!!!

Stay tuned...


  1. Your future husband could be as close as Mexia, TX.......talk to ya later.

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