Monday, October 11, 2010

Sofa Date

Recently, I had the most amazing date.  It was with my sofa!  I cleaned up my DVR, caught up on guilty pleasure shows, wrote in my journal, played Words With Friends (lcube is my username), spent time with Zoe (my pup) and got to bed early.  It's funny because I had three offers to go out that evening, but I stuck with my original plans.  I had committed to my sofa, and I didn't want to disappoint myself.  Because ultimately, the date was with myself.  And, since I'm now in my third week (of four) of not drinking alcohol, I resisted the temptation to open a bottle of wine.  I truly didn't need it.

Interestingly, I have met a ton of happily married people lately!  How great is that?!  I view each of them as role models.  The interesting thing is that I've met all of them individually (outside their couples), and they all offer independence, strength, passion and compassion.  They speak lovingly of their mates and offer encouraging words to me.  Today, I worked with a local production team to shoot some footage for a national TV program, and all three individuals shared their married stories with me.  More than ever, I felt inspired to find love, as I sat among competent individuals who found their matches.

This morning and afternoon, we shot some footage at my wedding venue, Piazza in the Village, and I learned about a fun blog.  Michael Tamer, the owner of the venue, has created a blog from the perspective of the Father of the Bride:

Michael has ten rules for the wedding guest, and my favorite is - Rule Four:  If you have nothing nice to say; don’t say anything at all.  Incidentally, several of my contacts were interviewed on film today, and they all had encouraging words to offer!  It's as if they heard Michael's advice in advance.  Mainly, I think they believe in me, and they know I will make a sound decision about my soulmate and my project.  From my friend, Kathy, at Premiere Photography - to my bridesmaid, Cyndie - to Robin at the Piazza - to Heather at Brides by Demetrios - to Chris, my yoga date - to Marla at PeaPod Group - everyone was excited about and supportive of Project Husband.  Marla told me that she will plan my wedding no matter what, and she will plan a fabulous wedding if I decide to donate the ceremony, and she will continue to plan one for me regardless of the ultimate date.  It was incredible to receive such support.

And, I have to take a moment to express gratitude to all of my supporters - all of the folks at CW33 who believed in me from the start - and Anna, who created my webpage after I bought the domain - and to the Ruthie and Naomi at The Dallas Bridal Shows for hooking me up!!!  All of the vendor support has been amazing, and I see such generosity in Dallas and beyond.

The producer of today's filming said she thinks I might meet my soulmate on my way to Los Angeles this I travel to be in front of a live audience Monday....what if my soulmate is on the plane next to me?!  My coach, Barbara, thinks good things are around the corner, and she is proud of what I've accomplished.  I'm proud of what I've accomplished, and I'm excited about the future.  When I tried on a wedding gown again today at Brides by Demetrios, I felt hopeful.  I know I will walk down the aisle in a beautiful dress when the timing is right.  In the meantime, I'm enjoying the journey, and I plan on scheduling regular dates with my sofa.

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