Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Visit with Mom

My mom is in town from Florida, which is a lot of fun.  It makes me wish we lived closer to each other.  We had a cake tasting arranged at Delicious Cakes Friday afternoon.  Butch and Ruthie, the owners of the cake shop, hosted us for the session.  Butch sketched a beautiful wedding cake design while we talked and tried the amazing flavors.  Someone thought Butch was my husband, which was hilarious.  Maybe it's a good sign...Either way, the cake was YUMMY.  My mom loves loves loves cake, and I do, too!!  Who needs a groom to have cake?!?!

I am having a great time with my mom, and I am so happy she is visiting me.  There is nothing like time with family.  It is a miracle of life to feel unconditionally loved and accepted.  We had a great weekend - from the cake tasting to shopping at Frocks Boutique in Addison to dinner at Gloria's in Colleyville and then watching the Rangers game!!  I also took my mom by the wedding venue in Colleyville and to Premier Photography...Someone will be getting married there, and Premiere will be taking the pictures.  Time will tell what the outcome is!  111 days until the wedding.  And, I would be equally happy to donate the wedding to a deserving, loving couple.  Even if I'm not ready to be married, we'll have a celebration!

Saturday, I sang in a wedding in McKinney, and my mom was my date.  It was a beautiful ceremony, and I sang How Great Thou Art.  What a beautiful song.  I also sold merch for Cary Pierce at Deux Lounge for an SMU Class of '90 Reunion.  It was a cool space, and Cary sounded great.  His wife, Cara, was there to show her support.  Their relationship continues to inspire me!  It also was a lot of fun to witness the reunion - lots of fun group photos and visible trips down memory lane.  My mom and I sported Jackopierce shirts at the merch table and made some new friends.

Sunday, I took my mom to church with me, and the community at Legacy Presbyterian was loving and welcoming to her.  She had a great time.  I also taught music lessons over the weekend - from guitar to singing to songwriting.  I love teaching!  I also love my pink beginner guitar - it makes playing the guitar fun and PINK!

Yesterday, my mom and I had facials at Facelogic.  It had been four months since my last facial, and I could tell that I needed one.  My skin was a combination of dry and oily - nice!  My mom upgraded her facial with an enzyme peel, and her skin looks amazing today.  She always looks amazing though.  I think it's her Greek skin.  We agreed that the spa treatments were just what the doctor ordered.  The spa chairs were awesome, the massage was fantastic, and we felt like a million bucks after our treatments!

Last night, we saw Jason Derulo at the House of Blues, and it was a BLAST.  Jason has some amazing moves, and he's only 21.  My mom agreed that he is a hottie.  His backup dancers were incredible, as well.  They made me want to dance...so I did.  [But not on stage.]  It was a great girls' night - lots and lots of fun.  House of Blues is one of my most favorite venues ever.  It's pretty much the perfect size!  The sound and lights are excellent, and the talent that comes across that stage is wonderful to witness.  I hope to see more of Jason Derulo.  He has a bright future ahead of him.  Maybe he has a single older brother.  I'll have to investigate.

In summary, I had a blast with my mom.  I'm totally at ease with my journey in life and dating.  In fact, I'm dating less now than I was earlier this year.  And, it's really nice.  I'm taking more time for myself, and I'm trusting fate.  Time will tell...no one can rush love, no one can predict when it will happen.  Yet, as individuals, we can have faith, along with open and happy hearts.

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