Monday, December 27, 2010


Currently, Grenade by Bruno Mars is my favorite song.  I can feel the love, the pain, the sincerity....and it's all moving to me.

I really hope you all had a great holiday....and that you're gearing up to celebrate New Year's Eve in a fun, special way.  I thought about staying home, and I thought about traveling....but then I was invited to a house party down the street from me, and that seemed like the best option.  I just traveled to Florida for Christmas.  In fact, I'm on a plane right now (thanks to free Wi-Fi from AirTran and Google Chrome), and I am happy to stay put for New Year's.  The house party sounds perfect - it's just a cab ride away, and I'm fairly certain cute boys will be there.

My mom took me to the airport today, and we had a bittersweet goodbye on the curb.  The Florida sun felt so nice and warm on my face, and my mom gave me the warmest embrace.  The memory is sealed in my mind.  I'm so lucky to have the love of a good woman - my mom.  As we said goodbye, she said, "I think 2011 is going to be the best year for you yet.  I can't wait to see how it unfolds."  She said that regardless of my being single or married, the best was yet to come.  I needed to hear those things.  I've never been a wallflower, and I've never been timid or shy.  I'm a confident person.  But, having my mom say that she believes in me and that everything is going to be okay sounds pretty awesome to me.

Having the love of family makes it easy to take a Grenade.  The song is great....I suggest that you listen if you haven't.  Here - I'll make it easy:

I just listened to Grenade a few times from my laptop's iTunes, and now I just saw that I'm connected to Garrett's library.  How exciting!  Oh wait - tease - the library disappeared.  I guess it's back to Grenade.

Did you notice how many random and fun messages you received this holiday season?  Holiday cards from old friends....text messages from old flames....emails and Facebook notes from buddies and family members and phone calls from loved ones?  How great is it to reach out to the ones we love?!  My favorite message came from an ex who said I should come visit him because he's finally broken up with his girlfriend and living alone.  Funny thing is that I still have feelings for him after a number of years.  Too bad he's in Los Angeles.  Ships passing in the night....all the great, long-lost loves of my life.  If I put them all on a ship, I'd have a cruise line.

In the meantime, I look forward to lots of fun in 2011 - with or without a man by my side.  I am holding out for a hero - the one who would catch a Grenade for me.

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  1. Hi Lisa .. nice to meet you, I am so glad that you have the possibility to talk and enjoy even your parents, your mother is a very friendly person and partner with you .. I think that's the way God does things in this world, at least the relationship between parents and children should be so very pleasant between them ... unfortunately I can not share with my family or my father such a dialogue because they have already died, and in this life I have no family, but I'm glad to see that your if, and more you go on, and as you say "with boyfriend or man next to you or not .." follow this path trying to have fun and live with dignity.
    you know Lisa?, I've written several times .. but received no response, surely you must be very difficult with your schedule or appointments you've had throughout this past year, and heart sincerely hope that you find your man, your "Hero"as well as your you mention it ..
    because it happens to me the same thing to you, I still look and I hope my wife "hero" to the woman he surrender completely.
    There is a Michael Bolton song "Completely", which when you hear certain excited, maybe you already know her .. that song came to the Diffusion few years ago, and came to my hands when I was a radio DJ and I used to hear it several times on my radio show, this song speaks of true love and surrender to another to be true human. this is how I feel love in my life and as yet, to like you, I'm waiting for the "hero"for my life, which give myself entirely ...
    My best wishes to you more this year 2011, I sincerely hope you fulfill all .. you know Lisa? Here on this side of the Internet, there is also a dreamer and romantic man who wants to feel "Hero" to the woman who accepts it .. Heroes are everywhere, we are like medieval knights, the only thing we change our horses and heavy armor of iron, iPods, handhelds, laptops and e-mail ...
    I send my greetings and a kiss for you ...

    Hector. (

    PS: I leave the link of the Michael Bolton song, so enjoy it ...