Thursday, January 6, 2011

I am in love.

Well, I've decided that I am in love.  I am in love with life - and with taking care of myself.  Thus, I've started the 21 Day Challenge at My Fit Foods in Dallas.  I will be modeling in the Dallas Bridal Show fashion show at the end of the month, so I want to be in my best shape ever.  I'm still looking for my man....but I know that I have to put myself first no matter what.  As a result, I'm embarking on this 21 Day Challenge to lose some stubborn holiday/dating weight and to feel even better about myself.

Part of the challenge involves drinking only water.  That means no caffeine, no alcohol, no artificial sweeteners....none of it!  And, you know what?  I feel really good today!  I normally start the day with a cup of coffee, but I didn't have one today.  And I have a ton of energy.  The key is eating every few hours with nutritionally balanced meals.  It seems to be balancing my energy levels.  I didn't really need the coffee.

So, I am in love with putting myself first.  I'm excited for the next twenty one days.  I saw a few hotties in My Fit Foods.  Maybe my soulmate also is embarking on this challenge....maybe he'll be at the gym tonight!  Either way, I know I'm on my way to feeling great, and I'm embracing life.


  1. Hi Lisa! :) I'm so happy for you, because I think giving you the courage you have, and respecting your life is one more way to feel loved ... I know it was a wonderful person and very beautiful as a woman, and I refer not only to your Figuer, but I stress to your man, or as I say "The woman that you have inside .."

    In reference to diet? I'll tell you that all diets work, but not all are suitable for our lives, and I say this because most of my life dealing with diet, but discover that proper feeding not only improve our lives but also our behavior.

    Drinking large amounts of water, we not only hydrates, but also purifies us and out of any impurities in our body we have, do not forget that our body is the vast majority liquid and this liquid is water .. Eating more often in small amounts? helps us to consume more calories faster all excess, as our digestion calorie needs 2000 or so, and if you eat a yogurt or an apple mid-morning apple or yogurt that has a caloric value that surpasses the 200 calories, is say that our body will put the other 1800 calories you need for the digestive process ...

    I know that Americans have big problems with his food, since it is their way of life .. but make some changes in how we eat more we extend our life ..

    You talk about CAFE? Coffee is also necessary in our daily life but in low doses, because the caffeine (the product with the Red Bull energy drinks, SPEED, etc. ..), leads us in our bodies, and more in our blood, this is lighten or blend, so the heart has the capacity to pump more easily to all our body, but too much coffee (caffeine) causes us to accelerate our heart, and that's not very good, beyond which we we alter our behavior and accelerates the growth process, it is preferable to drink TEA, since it is less intoxinate for our body.

    The help of a gym is very good, but do not go into excessive charges for your body, the best thing is walking, walking on a treadmill or treadmill for 1 hour without stopping and even moderate pace that ensures you burn at least 800 calories, is not good rapid changes in our food, because it causes an imbalance in our body and that you can bring discomfort .. I suggest you swim, swimming is the ideal complement to our entire body.

    You know? I'll follow you almost anonymously since her husband started this whole project, but I'll tell you that I really like to do the same, but in any case would be "Project wife" or "project .. my ideal partner, " is that it is difficult and I'll tell that my almost 42 years and for 43 and a life lived in various ways, without children, being alone with a past and buried, it is difficult to find someone to love forever, and give yourself completely to it .. So I suggested the topic of Michael Bolton, because his lyrics are very simple and direct ...

    I Listen to some songs from you on your website, and let me tell you that you have your special talents, not only likes me as a human being, woman, but also as a singer and songwriter ..

    I also was a musician in my teens too, but the musicians are anonymous minstrels who bring our talents by word of mouth ... :)

    I send my best wishes, my greetings and a nice kiss for you .. :)

    Hector. (

  2. This is awesome! Lisa, i am very interested in the wedding and would love to send you an application. But i cant seem to find the link. Is there anyway you could send me it please?
    Thank you, Mariah