Saturday, June 26, 2010

Accuracy vs. flair

Last night, I took 3rd place in a Guitar Hero contest at LaGrange in Deep Ellum.  I was not the best technical player, but for what I lacked in substance I recovered with flair.  I used to think that accuracy was everything - that I had to be perfect.  That was before I truly embraced my life as an artist.  Today, I see that flair is important in all we do....from dating, to living to accepting others...

It's not about perfection, it's about progress.  And it felt so good to rock the stage Guitar Hero style to Only Happy When It Rains by Garbage.  I felt empowered, and I had fun!  My attitude and energy came across to the judges, and in 3rd place, I took home an Xbox Elite.

Now I'm learning to embrace my imperfections - and to embrace imperfections in others.  In dating, isn't it easy to dismiss someone because he's imperfect?  He is too big, too small, doesn't make enough money, late to appointments, has bad days...but aren't we all of those things at some point in our lives....?  Is there a perfect partner?  Not really....there's someone out there for each of us - a nearly perfect match - but there is no perfect human being.

So, I'm looking for flair!  If the guy lives his life to the fullest, approaches his days with zest and flair, smiles even when it rains, sees the positive in others (especially in me)....he could be a keeper.  The spark - joie de vivre - is so much more important than perfection is....

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