Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Project Husband hits Atlanta + updates

I arrived in Atlanta late last night - just barely, however.  Using a free ticket (with miles) can be less than glamorous.  I'm happy I could use the miles, since they made the trip affordable, BUT - I had to connect in Houston, and I barely made the connection.  As I was leaving Dallas Love, the Continental agent told me that with the hour delay, I probably would miss my the connecting flight.  Since there was a slight chance I'd make it, I took the chance.  I had one minute to get to the gate in Houston, and I sprinted - with my carry on bag, and Zoe in her doggie bag and in 4 inch heels.  My heart was about to come out of my chest when I arrived at the gate, but I made it!  Happily, I landed in Atlanta only about 15 minutes later than expected - just after midnight.  My friend, Marc, was waiting for me outside baggage claim, and Zoe and I were very happy to see him!

Quite a few noteworthy things happened in the last week.  I had a blast at the Nuts and Bolts mixer at Samar.  I wore a short dress that Dora found for me at Buffalo Exchange for $10!!  I had stopped at LaGrange in Deep Ellum before the mixer, and the parking lot attendant asked for my autograph when he saw me in the short dress.  He said he would have asked me to sign his underwear, but he wasn't wearing any.  I was flattered (I know some would be appalled, but I found the guy to be harmless and charming in his own special way).  For the occassion, I also had a bang trim by Paul Neinast, and one of the guys at my mixer told me how much he liked my bangs....again, I was flattered.  It's nice to get affirmation!  I know it's not everything, people, but isn't it nice?!

Later in the week, I took Steve for his first facial at Facelogic.  He loved it!  The reclining facial chairs are super cool and comfy.  I didn't want to leave.  That evening, I cooked with Craig for Steve....we made amazing Mexican food!!  It was the best guac I've EVER had.  Steve seemed to enjoy the meal, as well....and Zoe loved getting little tastes.  It was her first avocado experience.  There is nothing that dog won't eat!  I had a great date with Steve, and I also was missing David.  He was out of town all last week, and I picked him up at the airport yesterday just to turn around and have him take me to Dallas Love for my Atlanta trip.  I'd say absence does make the heart grow fonder.  My heart skipped a beat when I saw David again for the first time in a week.  So, I know I still really like him!

Also, I had an amazing experience at the Renew Beauty Medi Spa at Northpark on Saturday.  The owner, Louise, is incredible.  You wouldn't believe all the services that are available....I will keep you in suspense regarding which treatment I had.  Video coming soon!

Tonight is the first out-of-state Project Husband mixer in Buckhead.  We have over 200 RSVPs, so it should be a good time!!!  Tomorrow is my friend's birthday, so we will continue the celebration until I leave early Thursday morning.  With the award ticket, I landed a 5:30am departure, connecting in Charlotte....is it worth going to sleep Wednesday night when I need to wake up super early anyhow?  We shall see....

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