Monday, June 28, 2010

Nearly stood up...

I've been stood up once in my life - it happened a few months ago, actually.  I still haven't heard from the guy as to why he was a no show.  And, today, my lunch date nearly stood me up.  But, I communicated with him and learned that he was tied up with work.  Hmmmmm.  I had to reach out, however.  We had plans to meet up around 1pm.  1pm came and went, and he was incommunicado.

Part of me wants to say, I'm done...but we were set up by a mutual friend, and we have chemistry.  And, I do know his focus in on work right now.  Do I fit into that picture?  I think I it worth fighting for?  Well, I will give him this one time as a freebie, but I certainly don't want to put up with it on a continual basis.

Last night was an amazing night at HOB for Chick Singer Night.  We had an incredible group of singers and, of course, the house band was smokin' - those guys are incredible players.  A cute guy I met recently online showed up....and he met my wedding coordinator.  He had no idea about Project Husband, but he does now!  Also, David showed up, which was nice, since he flew to Spain this morning and will be gone until the 10th.  I'm glad I got to see him before he left, and he helped me carry the Chick Singer Night merch's nice to have a strong man around....

My dad brought a date from Houston, who happens to be an amazing chick singer.  It was her first time on the stage in 8 years.  I got on stage and sang a song with her, and it was so much fun!  Go Dad!  Unfortunately, however, my dad received news this morning that he has a spinal cord infection, which occurred when he had surgery last month.  It explains why he has been in so much pain lately.  But, it means that he is in the hospital in Houston for treatment.  I am praying that everything goes well.

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