Thursday, June 3, 2010

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Yesterday was an awesome day - I met with the CW 33 and Bridal Shows sponsors, and my wedding is going to be off the hook!!!I am so grateful to have a wedding coordinator and to have support in my marriage endeavors...We agreed it takes a village.And my village is more like the Village People....I envision a music video coming soon....!

Last night, I held a mixer at Samar by Stephan Pyles. It was a beautiful venue and evening on the patio...Before the event, I shopped at Lowe's to purchase sets of nuts and bolts to foster interaction. The hardware rep had a blast picking out nuts and bolts with me....I had fun, too.  Who knew hardware could be so fun?! It made me want to get a tool belt. Lowe's was so clean, and everything was so shiny. I also saw a hot guy in scrubs. I'm thinking I need a singles mixer at Lowe's with cocktails. Nonetheless, at Samar, each gal received a bolt (phallic), and each guy received a nut (seemed fitting to apply role reversal), and the guys and gals had to search for their perfect fit. It was a good icebreaker! I have to give David credit for the idea. And, he couldn't even be at the event - he was out of town for work.  It was a good time overall, and I ended the night at Cirque with Joanie, as we chatted and shared a bottle of Pinot Noir from the C. Donatiello winery in Sonoma (where I enjoyed an amazing weekend of Jackopierce concert events). Good times!

I did have a bad date recently, and someone said he wanted to hear more, so here it is.....we met for a meal, and I was so not attracted to him that I felt repulsed. I felt anxiety - I kind of just wanted to be his friend. We had some things in common, but I knew he wanted more....he wants to be married and find a soul connection. However, that connection will not be with me. I considered ducking out of the meal early, but I knew that would be rude. So I stuck with it....but I felt short of breath and very anxious the entire time. It was strange to be so turned off....but I guess that's dating!! My new friend and wedding coordinator, Marla, said she'd be my "save" anytime. I could send her an SOS text...I think I need to do a better job of screening up front. In general, I've been pretty lucky with my dates....!!

Tonight, I have a singles happy hour for No Excuses - I am the featured client this month - "Miss June." Then, I am performing at the Big D Opry at Gilley's. It's all exciting and good!  I'll be ready for my facial at Facelogic tomorrow - it's a facial date!!! Then I'm cooking Mexican food for my date with the help of Chef Craig....YUM!

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