Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Risk and dating

No risk, no reward, right?!  Sometimes I question myself - in performing, in this project, in life....but I have learned that life is short - and it's worth going for it!  In the last several weeks, I have had a total whirlwind.  It's been great - I have met a ton of great people - not just potential suitors.  I've continued to put myself out there, and it's paying off....

Last week, I had a day of doubt, in which I didn't feel like getting on stage and performing, and I didn't feel like going on one of my scheduled dates.  But, I pushed myself to do both, and guess what?!  I felt great once I was on that stage, and I felt good during the date.  I enjoyed myself, and the self-doubt faded away.  I've noticed that fear can hold me back...but I try to walk into that fear, and when I do, I'm rewarded.  Sometimes the initiation of an activity can be the most difficult part of the exercise (for example, going to the gym).  But once I'm engaged in the process, I'm enjoying myself, and I'm feeling good.

Upon reflecting on Father's Day and dating some single fathers lately, I'm realizing that fathers make good mates....they are thoughtful, considerate and sensitive.  For all of you single fathers out there, I'm in your corner!  I used to think that I'd marry someone without children - so that we could start a family together.  But I'm realizing that the connection and love are most important.  After all, a loving father is capable of a secure relationship - he could be great to me as a spouse.  It's a risk to start a family with someone who already has children, but the reward could be great....

I'm feeling good today - had a great weekend with my dad and little brother.  David (my date) spent some time with the family, too.  He was sweet with my little brother, which scored him points.  I have a date later today with a relatively new guy....so we shall see.  So far, so good...!

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