Friday, June 18, 2010

Cake tasting and whirlwind dating

I had a pleasant surprise yesterday....Ruthie, who runs Delicious Cakes, previously set me up with a great guy, Dilan....and he and I had a wedding cake tasting yesterday afternoon.  Dilan has a major sweet tooth, and he's extremely sweet, as it was a total treat.  Dilan is a catch - country singer/songwriter, master dealer for Clear (wireless communications) and great guy all around.  Ruthie is awesome for thinking of us and for providing the most exquisite cake!!  We tried many varieties of soft, moist, delicate beads of bliss - in flavors such as pink champagne, Italian wedding cake, raspberry liqueur, red velvet, kahlua chocolate, princess....all delicious with varieties of frosting, as well....what a perfect date!  We both felt the sugar high and added coffee to the mix to avoid crashing.....

This past week was a whirlwind of dating.  I had been traveling last week, and my calendar this week filled up with first meetings.  From Dilan to a new guy from and a contact from, there were many dates.  Lunch Tuesday, lunch Wednesday, HOB show Wednesday night, drinks last night, dinner date tonight, movie date tomorrow = 6 dates this week.  This is a high volume week....and I have gained some new insight....which I am still formulating and evaluating.

Yesterday, before the cake tasting, I spoke with Ruthie and Naomi at the Dallas Bridal Shows office, and I got more excited about the wedding....the bridesmaids dresses are coming from Bliss Bridal Salon in Ft. Worth....Bliss is also providing my veil, shoes and jewelry....and I found out that Demetrios is providing my wedding dress.....I love that he's a Greek designer!!!   Now I need my Greek mom to come and help me try on dresses!  And, I know my mom wants a cake tasting.  She loves cake the way I love pizza....and it's intense love....!!!!!

Now, for a little bit of 4 months, I've met 40 different guys...and there are 3 that I truly could see walking down the aisle - and beyond...the guys are very different from each other, each lovely....time will tell.  I am learning so much about what I want and don't want, and I'm improving my listening that I can gain further insight into this dating and mating process....!!!

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