Friday, July 2, 2010

Couples yoga date

Yesterday was a super fun couples yoga date at Super Yoga Palace in Deep Ellum.  Shana Stein hooked me up not only with the yoga but also the date.  Pat is a great guy - a creative soul with positive energy.  For our first date, we had a couples date session.  We both thought we'd be guided through poses individually, but we were involved in a lot of closeness and touching in yoga moves designed for two.  We had to communicate not only with our minds but also our bodies.  We had to trust each other and rely on each other for strength.  What a great endurance and tenacity test for any couple!

I recommend it!  As Pat said, couples yoga probably is better for a second date, but hey - why not get right to some innocent touching?!  I love trying new things and getting thrown into new experiences.  It's also fun to share a new experience with someone else.  Pat was a great date, and he said he'd like to hang out again....I'm looking forward to it.

The other great part about the yoga date was uncovering a gem in Deep Ellum.  Super Yoga Palace is tucked away on Taylor Street, and it shares space with a glorious performance room and hip coffee shop, Mokah Coffee Bar.

Incidentally, last night, after the yoga date, I had a late dinner with a successful physician....we were set up by the ladies at No Excuses.  I'm fairly certain the doctor and I will have another date.  He is worldly, attractive, fit, fun and interesting....he has some promise as a potential mate.

Many people lately have told me they are having "bad luck" at dating - they just don't date in this city - their timing is bad....and I say - get out there, and go for it!  What's the worst that can happen?  You make a new friend, try something new, learn something about yourself...

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