Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cooking date with Keith

Sunday night, I had a great dinner date with Keith.  Of course, I had help from Chef Craig.  We prepared an Italian feast, and truly we had the best manicotti I've ever tasted...the secret was in the cheesy, meaty filling and the butter cubes to top off the dish.  Keith got extra involved in the kitchen - although Craig really did most of the work.  It was fun to be in the kitchen with my date, however.  I liked it.

Keith and I had met about a month prior at the Big D Opry, and we already had established a connection.  However, our schedules had not aligned, and our second date took a month to set up!  It was worth the wait - I know we both had a great time...

We also had an impromptu water balloon fight during the date.  I was looking for cooking tools in a drawer and instead found balloons that were left over from Father's Day.  Keith declared a water balloon session, and we raced to the sink to create our weapons.  He won the toss.....clearly, he is more experienced in water ballooning.  For me, it had been years....which was why it was so much fun.

The dinner was great, the company was great....I wore a fun Alice and Olivia dress found at Buffalo Exchange by the fabulous Dora.  I also had a fun apron from Market Street of Frisco, which was the provider of our delicious food for the evening.

Truly, Keith and I have a connection - it was palpable.  But I wonder how ready he is for a committed relationship.  He plays with a fabulous band, The King Bucks, and he has a musician's attitude - fun-loving, free-spirited, exciting.....I love all of those qualities, but will they allow him to be a husband and father?  Time will tell.  At the end of the date, he suggested going to Vegas and getting married...!  HA!

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