Monday, July 19, 2010

Michael Buble

Last night's Michael Buble concert was a lot of was a romantic date....with couples everywhere!  Michael has made a career out of love.  The music and atmosphere were covered in love.  David and I went to Kenichi for dinner before the show, and the restaurant was filled with couples and groups of couples.  It was excellent people watching...the food was fantastic, and I enjoyed some delicious Malbec, as well.  David is a great date - attentive, charming and sweet.  Plus he has a great smile and sense of humor.

We walked down to the concert and ran into my friends, Vanessa and Mike (another couple)!  It was great to see them....they looked happy and stunning.  It's nice to see a handsome couple out on the town.

I got cozy with David at the concert - it was so romantic!  Dinner and a concert make the perfect date.  Michael's show was very entertaining, but I was surprised that he didn't play any instruments.  He does have a great sense of humor - at times, he was a total comedian on stage.  His voice is smooth and in control - very sensual and exciting.

Guys - take your girls to Michael Buble.  Everyone is doing it!  It's like a dating phenomenon. There should be a concert geared towards singles.  The pre-Buble show.  A concert for single people to meet each other.  Then, their first date could be a Michael Buble concert!

I have to say I feel a little nervous about the fact that my wedding date is fewer than 7 months away.  BUT, it will all come together............I hope!!!!


  1. Lisa, Your interview on NBC was so cute this morning. Good luck on finding your husband. In efforts to support you I thought you might be interested in getting a sparkling, white "Bride" tank top. This week on our blog we are having a give away. Come check out our blog; who knows maybe it will help you catch the eye of your new man! ~ Bride to

  2. Wow I really hope you's hard to find love out there. Though rushing might not be the best way to go about it, there are people who spent YEARS getting to know a man just to get married and get divorced a few months later. So who's to say what's the right way to go about finding a husband. Let the blessings be with you.


  3. How do you find a person you want to marry in short period of time (7 months) ?

  4. Wait-

    This whole "create a questionnaire tougher than the ACT and plan a wedding with no groom thing" is for real?

    Be careful of guys acting the 'perfect guy' role just long enough to wind down the clock until you're stuck. Then they have the leverage.

    That's what I'd do anyway.



  5. PS this project inspired me to write a post about it. I was... sort of nice. I wish you luck, but this scheme seems crazy!

    Takes guts though- I'll give you that. Were you on NBC about this?