Saturday, July 10, 2010

Vigilantes game and date

Last night's Vigilantes game was so much fun.  It was my first experience at an arena football game, and I loved it.  I arrived early for sound check and enjoyed watching the players warm up (love those tight football pants).  I ran through the National Anthem and then had a bite to eat in the media lounge (fantastic pot roast)!!

My date, Dilan, arrived just before the game started, so he didn't miss my Anthem - hooray!  I got to hang with Ruthie and Naomi from Dallas Bridal Shows before the game, right next to the field.  I was happy they arrived early enough to be my pre-game "dates."  Before they arrived, I kept myself occupied with Words With Friends.

Everyone affiliated with the team was amazing - friendly and fun.  American Airlines Center was teeming with energy and excitement.  Arena football blends the toughness of football with the spirit of hockey and the pace of basketball - nice combo in my book!  The fans were hilarious - we had amazing seats on the 25 yard line (there are only 50 yards in arena football) - and we were second row.  The guys in the front row were off the hook - yelling at the players on the other team, calling them "McFatty," for instance - and yelling at the refs.  Hilarious!  I was happy we were in the second row because the players get slammed into the sides of the arena quite frequently, and the front row really feels it!

Dilan was a great date - he is a go with the flow guy.  He brought me a Bud Light (that always scores points), and he hung out with the entire group from the CW33 and Dallas Bridal Shows.  During the first quarter, Chandler (the Vigilantes Jumbotron host) interviewed me about Project Husband.  Chandler was hilarious, and again, Dilan was a good sport.  I introduced Dilan as a candidate, and Chandler asked Dilan whether he'd be ready to get married in February.  Dilan said - "I didn't hear the question."  The guys in front of us gave him a hard time saying they all heard the question!  Dilan swore he didn't, but either way, it was well played.  I had a lot of fun during the interview with Chandler.

It was a great night, and I was thrilled to be wearing a Zac Posen dress, provided by TOOTSIES.  Special thanks to the boutique and my stylist for hooking it up!!  I felt great....had a blast singing the Anthem....enjoyed the game (and the company), and I hope to catch the Vigilantes again soon.  There's only one home game remaining, but there's always next year!

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