Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nashvegas trip - Part 1

Nashville is a great town - I love that people call it does have a layer of glitz and glam plus the entertainment influence....hence, the nickname Nashvegas.

My good friend, Elizabeth (also one of my bridesmaids) just moved to Nashville and is working with the Country Music Hall of Fame.  She invited me to visit to attend the re-opening of the Grand Ole Opry and to check out the city!  I was a kid the last time I visited.  This time, I'm getting a chance to network and see this amazing music city.

I knew I needed to get here because many signs pointed this way.  Since I've been here, I've had a couple of dates, uncovering interesting and passionate souls.  Last night, Elizabeth and I went on a photo safari with a fun-spirited freelance photographer, John Brown.  I'm on a drinking hiatus, so it was incredibly funny to bar hop with iced tea and club soda.  I found that I felt intoxicated from the atmosphere and the laughter, and I felt no zombies in my head this morning!

We were scoping out guys in each location, but I found that I was just having fun enjoying the conversation and change of scenery.  I did meet an incredibly good looking player from the Tennessee Titans, and that was fun...tall, dark and handsome.  But, I'm feeling as single as ever!!

People ask me - are there contenders?  And, I say - there have been, but I'm back at ground zero.  I'm learning - that is for sure.  I'm not certain that I've met my soulmate.  I'm not certain I will before the end of the year, but I do believe in possibilities.  I believe my soulmate will find due time.

Nashville is amazing - I could live here.  I took the adventure to come here at this time partly because of my mission.  Interestingly, I've met some amazing people in the music business, and the networking is invaluable.  I'm continuing to meet compelling individuals in this process...which can only mean I'm getting closer to myself, my path and my man.

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