Saturday, September 11, 2010

Quadruple dinner date + baseball date

Dating really can be a ton of fun...

It struck me recently that I'm having so much fun, maybe I don't want to get married?!  Alas, I still do....but I don't think I've met "the one."

However, I've met some great guys and reinforced friendships along the way.  This past Monday, I had a quadruple dinner date with Cary Pierce of Jackopierce and his wife Cara; Whitney (Cary's marketing coordinator) and her husband, Spencer; plus Elizabeth (my girlfriend) and two guys for us...Elizabeth lined up the dates and provided the Sonoma wine.  Chef Craig delivered an incredible Italian meal.  He's available for private and small-group cooking coaching, by the way - AMAZING.  You can email him at - you won't regret it!

We also were very lucky to have sponsorship for our feast - from the ladies at PeaPod Group.  Check them out on Facebook.  They are my wedding planners, as well!  For our dinner, Chef Craig prepared a bolognese sauce that took him four hours to concoct.  He also helped me prepare proscutto wrapped asparagus and chicken polenta tartlets for appetizers.  We made a handmade Italian dressing and added fresh parmesan to mixed greens for the starter salad.  The main dish involved spaghetti with the amazing special sauce by Craig.  For dessert, Craig prepared creme brulee - one of my top five favorite desserts of ALL TIME!!!  My date, Tim, loved it, too.....he was adorable and sweet and a little closer to my age (my previous date was 22).  Does that make me a cougar?

It was so cool to sit at the table together over dinner, wine and conversation - eight of us for a quadruple dinner date.  Elizabeth has a beautiful home in University Park, and she was our hostess.  Luckily, she offered her large dining room table that accommodated us brilliantly.  I really enjoyed sitting across the table from Cary Pierce and his wife.  I've enjoyed Cary's music since college - I first heard Jackopierce in 1994.  I've been a fan ever since, and I have learned that Cary is as likable as his music is.  He's an inspiration to me - in his craft, his life and his relationship with his wife and family.  The dinner was such a blessing - and the connection to Whitney began when I first volunteered to sell merch for a Jackopierce show at the Granada last October.  Whitney and her husband are another inspiring couple - with a baby on the way!  I feel fortunate to know them.  Back in May, I volunteered to help Jackopierce again (while roping in Elizabeth) in Sonoma for a series of winery concerts.  The experience showed me that volunteering is a great way to learn about a band, build a relationship and do something positive and enriching!

I've been lucky to have some volunteers in my life, as well - and it is wonderful to help and be helped...Shout out to LJ, Erin, Megan and Abby for their recent help with Chick Singer Night!!!  Special thanks also to Casey Romanski with Atlas Video Productions for filming Monday night's date (which will air on the CW33 this coming Monday during the 9PM news).

Last night, I had a baseball date with Kaden.  He was my very first date to be aired on the CW33 back in March.  He lives in Houston and is a DJ for HOT 95.7.  We have music in common, and he is a lot of fun.  He is a huge Yankees fan who originally hails from New York.  Last night's game was an upset for the Yankees, but the Rangers were thrilled!  I sported a Yankees hat since Kaden brought it for me.  I almost wore my pink Rangers hat, but I decided to make a choice to please my date.  It paid off :)  We had a great time - and the game was the world's longest (I'm exaggerating a little here) - with 13 innings.  We stayed until the end.  Then we grabbed drinks at Idle Rich in Uptown and sat together in a cozy booth.  Kaden is 30, and I believe he has some more living to do before he gets married.  But we have a great time together, and I love that!

Today, I started working with a new student - she is 12 years old and loves Taylor Swift.  I'm working with this particular student on voice, songwriting and beginning guitar.  I love working with students!  I love teaching and sharing music.  Both provide such a gift and blessing.  I'd marry music if I could!!  The main thing I'm feeling now is self-respect, love for life and happiness in adventure.  I hope I find my soulmate before my wedding deadline, but regardless, I'm enjoying the journey!!  Follow the yellow brick road and enjoy the path....that's where I am in my process!


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