Saturday, September 18, 2010

Interesting week + replacement date

This week was interesting because of some exciting media appearances, including one on German radio and Great Day Houston.  I am enjoying meeting new, exciting people and increasing my odds of meeting "the one."  For instance, the High Tech Texan, Michael Garfield, was a guest host on Great Day Houston.  He originally is from Dallas and said he has a ton of single, Jewish friends to send my way.  Love that!!!  As a result of my German radio interview, I have received the sweetest emails from German men.  This is my most favorite:

Dear Lisa,
I write from Germany and I hope that my english is understandable for you.  It might be unclear, then I beg you to interpret it.  By a german radio-station I have become aware of your projekt-husband.  Your idea to find the Love of Life by this way is exceptional, but exceptionally good and creative.  I love creative people, because they act with love. This love can be felt in your songs.  I love your songs and your ensitive voice.  Because your search for happiness is so special, that your story would be a wonderful artwork.  Because in this story, so much flirts-meetings, love, emotions and comic will happen, that this story will be succesful as a movie.  Like the film with Julia Roberts und Richard Gere, who was called
in german, the bride not dare, in german it rhymes, " Die Braut, die sich nicht traut."  Traut = also marry.  Therefore, a friendly advice from me, please, you absolute have to secure the film rights of this wonderful and heart-rending Love Story.  I am confident that you will find your desired husband soon and wish you well for your musical career succes.  In hope, do you give me a message, please, that it is possible to buy your songs in Germany.

Your friendly german soul

I love this message!

Also, my story was featured in the Dallas Morning News this week, and I have received messages from eligible bachelors in Dallas.  I just need an army of interns to help me respond to everything and everyone.  Until now, I've been handling everything on my own, and I love it, but I'm running out of hours in the day.

Okay - onto the replacement date, which probably is the true highlight of the week.  I had been set up with this tall, dark and handsome guy who said he was ready to be my mate.  He was ready to put an end to all of my dating.  He sounded promising until he bailed on our first date!  He seems to be preoccupied with work.  I had set up an amazing dinner at Sambuca Uptown, and the date bailed.  So, I figured I'd just stay in Thursday night.  No harm in a little rest.  But, fate had another idea for me.  I went to my apartment office to talk to the property manager, and there sat an attractive guy.  I didn't think too much of it, but when Sharon (manager) asked me what I was doing that night, I said I had a date, but he cancelled.  The cute guy casually mentioned that he was single...and next thing I knew, we were at Sambuca together!

When we met, we both were in casual clothes - I had just worked out.  When we met later before dinner, I thought we both looked great...he has beautiful blue eyes.  We rode together to the restaurant and were greeted by the sweetest server, Chris (who also is an actor and said he'd like a date with me). :)

In conversation, I discovered that my replacement date was a gentleman and sensitive guy with a lot of courage and confidence.  We enjoyed a fantastic meal (we both loved my miso sea bass) and drinks.  We both love Red Bull.  He prefers regular, and I prefer sugar free.  I found out he's only 26 - but he's had a lot of life experience.  We connected well, and he said he'd like to go out again.  He said he'd "definitely" like to go out, thank you fate!!

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  1. Hi Lisa...this is Ashley's (Frocks) mom - I met you yesterday. 1st of all I hope your car is ok & 2ndly, I LOVE this letter from your German soul and TOTALLY agree with his suggestion that this fabulous adventure you are on would make an amazing film!! I've told a good (single) friend of mine in L.A. about you & we just wish you all the luck & love you can find along the way. Such a courageous, engenious trip you have chosen to take!!! Hope to see you again soon around town....Mrs. O.