Monday, September 27, 2010

State Fair date

I recommend The State Fair of Texas in general and as a date...

I was asked to be a judge for The Texas Fried Frito Pie costumed goat contest and thought - why not?!  My only stipulation was that I needed a date on a valuable Saturday night.  Mike Thomas (ironically, my stepdad's name), of the Frito pie family set me up with Eddie - single, piano-playing, entrepreneurial guy.

Eddie not only was a total gentleman, but he also was a ton of fun!  Eddie picked me up in his Hummer, and we headed to the fair.  I met Burton Gilliam (famous from Blazing Saddles), and we judged the goats together.  Eddie was great in that he let me do my thing but stayed nearby and supportive.

The goats and children were dressed in adorable Halloween-esque costumes.  My favorite was a tiny caveman with his dinosaur/goat...there were many contenders and three winners in each age category.  Burton and I made our final decisions on the prize winners with the help of audience applause.  It was such a fun glimpse into Texas farming and the passion surrounding it.  It was a lively crowd and a festive atmosphere.  It also was really cool to meet Burton and his wife.  He's a Hollywood legend.

After the goat judging, Eddie and I headed to the first beer stand and found some Fried Frito was yummy with salsa.  I really enjoyed the fried beer and fried Snickers.  Now, as a result, I need some fried food rehab.  In fact, all of the dining and drinking out has caused me to gain 5-7 pounds, depending on the day.  Thus, I have decided to cut back in a big way.  I need to fit into a wedding gown (maybe)!?  :)

I talked with my dating coach this morning and decided to give up drinking for 4 weeks, starting today.  That means - no alcohol in Nashville, none at the re-opening of the Opry tomorrow night and zero at dates that occur in the next 28 days.  It also will be interesting to see whether I have more clarity around dating with no alcohol.  Some drinking on dates can be good for "social lubrication."  But too much can be problematic...

So, the next four weeks will be interesting - I'll be like Pink - feeling good sober!  But I'm not planning on giving up the social lubrication forever.  I love champagne at a wedding, for instance!!  And at an engagement party...I just know it will help me take off the weight.

Mainly, I'm looking forward to feeling skinny again.  Dating can be fattening!  And, I'm excited about finding clarity.  I'm still not in love....I have to get serious about dating if I'm going to meet my deadline.  I know I can't force it.  It will happen when it's supposed to happen.  But I am ready for a new phase of dating - more daytime dates, less wining and dining!

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