Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rangers Game

Last night was the second Project Husband singles Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.  It was a beautiful evening, and I kicked off the game by singing O Canada, since the Rangers were playing Toronto.

We had a group of 18.....and it was $1 hot dog night.  I enjoyed the rush of singing for tens of thousands of people, and then I had a great time with my group....the hot dog and Michelob Ultras added to the experience, as well.

It's notable that I actually had a date for the game and mixer.  I realized that I have performed National Anthems for major sporting events about twenty times over the past decade.  And, last evening marked the first time that I've had a date for one of the events.  He picked me up, provided activities for the short road trip and provided his support and humor.  It was was refreshing.  It took some of the pressure off me.  This is what I envisioned when I set out on my Project Husband journey - companionship, support, kindness and a partner to lighten my load.  Two is better than one....I felt that last night.  I really wanted him to bolster me.  It's not as if I needed it (I survived the other Anthems without a date) - but I wanted it.

The group had a great time at the game....even though the Rangers lost, and it was nice to have the support of friends and to see everyone mingling and enjoying themselves.  At the end of the night, it had become quite cold, and it was nice to be able to intertwine my arm in my date's - to warm up a bit on the walk from the stadium to the car.  It was nice to be a passenger on the ride home, to relax and take in the evening.  I felt blessed, and I enjoyed myself.

So far, so good......still cultivating those relationships to make sure to find the right "one."  312 days until the wedding!!!

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