Saturday, April 3, 2010

He's not my he?

I had two first dates this past week with interesting, intelligent and articulate guys.  However, I felt chemistry with neither of them.  Normally, I go for brunettes.  These guys were blondes.  Is that a coincidence?  I have heard from some people that their partners turned out to be nothing like the preconceived notions in their minds.

So, do we know what we're looking for?  Is that image skewed?  Are we shooting ourselves in the foot if we stay too narrowly focused on our ideal mate?  Or, is it better to stay true to the feelings of attraction we have developed for a particular "type" over time?  I have envisioned myself with a specific and particular type of guy, but I've found myself attracted to men from all cultures, races and hair colors (even though I still love a dark haired man).

Last night, a friend asked me whether I was limited by ethnicity.  I said that I think it would be too myopic to limit my dating pool based on someone's skin color.  Ultimately, we are all people, first and foremost.  I'm looking for a solid individual to enhance my life.  I don't think now is the time to limit myself in finding that fit.  Thus, I'm open!!  I've even considered the fact that I should probably go on one date with a woman just to have the experience.  Don't get me wrong - I'm looking for a man.  But I'm also looking for insight into dating, love and marriage.  I want Project Husband to lead me to my first and only marriage....and I want to start a family with the man I marry.  So, I'm on a mission!  But, I'm staying open to new dating experiences and am learning so much about myself and relationships in the process.  In fact, my head is spinning right now.....

I have heard from multiple brides that their grooms were very different from what they thought the men would, I'm trying to broaden "my type" and keep an open mind.

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