Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dating anxiety and positive outcomes

I've had so many thoughts lately and have been running and running and neglecting my blog!

I definitely have had some dating anxiety lately.....clearly, I have created some time pressure for myself with a wedding deadline.  And, the CW 33 station would like weekly video clips of a date highlight of the week.  Thus, I need to have weekly dates (2-4 is the goal).  As of last night, I didn't have my weekly clip for the Tuesday deadline.  While sitting with some friends at State and Allen, watching the Butler Duke game (so sad about Butler), I told the girls how I needed a date.  We were scoping the guys in the joint - from the guys around us to the bartenders and waiters, and we saw some prospects.  But one of the girls took it a step further - she sent text messages to two guy friends, and one of them drove over to meet me after seeing the Project Husband site.  Turns out he's 25....a strapping rugby player with dark hair and kind eyes.  It was fun!  I loved how the stressful situation turned into a game with a positive outcome.

My favorite part of the date was the yummy dessert and the fact that this 25 year old said he prefers to meet girls through friends.  He's tired of the bar "pickup" scene.  He said that guys go to bars to pick up girls for "one reason," and he's over that.  What a breath of fresh air....coming from a relatively young guy.  

So, you see, the time pressure actually led me to meet a mature and cool guy - the ball is in his court as far as a second date.  But, regardless of what happens, I'm really happy I met him.  He'll be a good friend no matter what...

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