Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Daytime dates

My most recent date was with a 24-year-old who displayed maturity beyond his years.  He was such a gentleman....he drove from Grapevine to pick me up downtown and take me near Ft. Worth for a wakeboarding excursion.  The only downfall was that the place was closed for wakeboarding, even though he had been told it would be open.

Nonetheless, we had a great time chatting in the car, and he helped me realize the importance of daytime dates!  Instead of wakeboarding, we went to Urban Dog Coffee (he said he loves coffee), and we played Jenga while we sipped our iced coffees.  We discussed the fact that nighttime dates in bars are not the best way to get to know someone.  Daytime dates without alcohol really give us the chance to get to know another person.  I couldn't believe the wise words coming from someone relatively young.

He also said he and his friends are intrigued by dating and being with an older woman....he said it's exciting to go out with me.....yet, he respects me and wants to know me as a person.  After playing a few games and drinking coffee, we went for a walk on Katy Trail with Zoe.  He scored extra points for appreciating my dog.  I learned a lot about his family, his ambition, his life and past relationships.  It was nice to spend time getting to know him.  Too often in dating, I know I've rushed to the connection - wanting to have the physical rush - only finding that it was temporary.  I'm learning that I need more daytime dates!!

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