Sunday, April 11, 2010

Vegas date and Bon Jovi

This weekend, I took a date to Vegas.  In the past, all of my Vegas dates ended poorly.  I have taken three different dates to Sin City over the past several years, and all of the relationships ended afterwards.  This time, my date passed the test!  In fact, I can't wait to see him again....

He was fun, he had a good attitude, and he truly was the perfect Vegas date.  It was a quick trip because I had plans to see Bon Jovi last night in Dallas.  It was action packed and very fun.

Last night at the concert, I saw a super hot guy in a purple shirt and went up to him with my Project Husband business cards in hand.  I asked him whether he was married, and he said I said, here's my card - hook me up with your single friends!  I mean - this guy was gorgeous.  So, I figure his friends might be gorgeous, too!!  I won't be single for long, so I might as well work it while I can!!!

The concert was awesome - and it was a trip down memory lane.  My friend, Lisa, and I saw Bon Jovi in Barcelona at the Olympic Stadium 15 years ago.  We couldn't believe it took us so long to see the band again!  But, the guys looked and sounded just as amazing as they did in Spain.  The energy was good, and the crowd was a ton of fun....

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