Thursday, April 15, 2010

Brain surgeon and Houston

Yesterday, my dad turned 60 and had surgery on his spine. I had flown to Houston to help him...and to help my little brother, who is 8. Since my dad is a single dad (and because he had a hole in his spine), he needed some assistance. In return for the favor, he's setting me up with a brain surgeon (who used to be a fighter pilot). I am intrigued by this man...he is a friend and business associate of my father's. I am meeting this potential beau this afternoon, and I hope he will want to go on a proper date before I leave Houston!

Tomorrow, I am meeting with a manager at the House of Blues Houston to set up the next Houston Chick Singer Night. And, I have a potential date with a new guy in Houston (from who also is a musician. I sent him a text with my pic to refresh his we shall see!
Also, last week, I had a breakup...sort of :) I had a second coffee date with my friend Daniel, and we determined that although there could be great chemistry (the kissing was nice), he is not going to be ready to get married in the next year. He needs to focus on his music career. After all, he's only 23, and getting married could be problematic for his musical path. He's better off staying solo for now....but it was funny that we had the conversation. And he said he was an idiot for being so honest, since he definitely wouldn't get any action from me ;) - but I am so happy that we could be honest because the physical stuff isn't worth it if it kills a friendship. I value his friendship, and he values mine. What a cool concept!! Project Husband already is helping me to communicate my desires and to maintain friendships with men. In the past, I didn't ask for what I wanted. I figured it would happen if it were meant to be. But, as a result, I think I lost out on some potentially great male friendships. I've always been better at girl friendships, and I think I've discovered the reason!!

This just in - the guy replied to my text (and we're meeting up tonight)! He's heading to Dallas this weekend, so we are totally crossing paths!! So funny.....he looks pretty cute online. We shall's always good to meet another entertainer regardless. And, with my new approach, we can be friends if nothing else!!

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