Wednesday, April 21, 2010

TV filming today....!

Today was the first filming by CW 33 for my Project Husband reality segment....

I had a blast....first and foremost, the outfit I wore was provided by my incredible stylist, Dora Chu.  Check her out at

She found me a fantastic Alice and Olivia dress, along with vintage, one-of-a-kind jewelry and silver Stuart Weitzman shoes.  The items came from Clotheshorse Anonymous and Antique Row in Dallas...

Since looking good is feeling good, I was feeling GOOD!  When the producers, Larissa and Jose, arrived to my apartment, I was ready....Larissa loved Zoe, so Zoe got in many of the shots, too!  Larissa created a script for me, and Jose took video and provided direction for flow.  I had such a good time....and it was easy since I'm not acting - this is for REAL!  300 days until the wedding - I feel the media coverage can only help me uncover my soulmate and groom.

Zoe was a complete angel - well behaved and picture perfect.  She actually helped to calm my nerves in a big way.  Overall, the support of the CW 33 has given me confidence.  Tomorrow, I will go into the station for a brief interview, and the first segment will air in the evening!!!

The dating is going will be interesting to see how the TV coverage affects the dating pool.  I am the meantime, I had a good blind date from last night.  He came to my open mic at O'Riley's, only knowing my first name.  He saw my performance, we talked for a while, and we had a good connection.  He asked for my number and my last we shall see.  I did not tell him about Project Husband.

I am feeling good about myself and the process - even though I have moments of insecurity and fear - my overall sentiment is good.  I'm not putting all my eggs in one basket.  In fact, I'm putting different eggs in different baskets.  Baskets in multiple cities, in multiple age brackets, in multiple industries.....this is my own social experiment.  My hypothesis is that I will find my match.  I'm growing in this process, and I'm learning more about myself.  Thus, I am coming closer to self-actualization, and I believe I will find a complete soul to enhance my life - ultimately, to merge two whole individuals into a fantastic shared life.

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