Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bachy auction | dates and backup groom!

I just had my hair and makeup done by the lovely Mona and Roger at Saks Fifth Avenue.  I do love Dior makeup and just like having someone touch my face and head - it's so relaxing, and it's even more relaxing not to have to do it myself.

I really hope my winning bidder tonight is cool.  What if he ends up being my husband?!  Either way, all the proceeds from the auction aid breast cancer research, so I will feel good about that! My grandmother died of breast cancer, so the cause is near and dear to me.

Since my last blog entry, I've had a first date with Phil, lunch and massages with Chris, a last-minute date with Henry, coffee date with Chris and date with David.  Phil is promising - he's from Indiana, is in his forties and ready to be married (again).  But I'm not sure he really appreciates city life in the way that I do.  Chris is very cool - I just like spending time with him.  We met randomly on a plane and both graduated from UCLA.  He is punctual and considerate.  After knowing Henry for months, he just expressed some real interest, after seeming only to be interested in a casual hookup.  He came to my singer/songwriter show at LaGrange last night and was a great companion for the evening.  David continues to be full of surprises and fun...but is often late when meeting me, which I don't like.  His presence makes up for it, but I get impatient when waiting.  However, his presence does make me happy.

Last night, an amazing local artist, D Anson Brody, came to my show at LaGrange.  I invited him to perform because he is incredible.  His talent is so intense that it touches my very soul.  His songs are well crafted, and his delivery is impeccably filled with emotion and connection. He does not lose sight of his musical responsibility for one moment.  He has an incredible natural ability to express himself in song.  His vocals are dynamic, strong, solid and raw, yet beautiful.  Anyhow, I like his stuff.  He told me that he would be my backup groom!!  I said that my cut off is one month before the wedding - that I would not choose a groom after that point, and I hope to know clearly before that point in time.  D Anson said he'd marry me if I got to that point without having a clear other choice.  This I think is very cool.  He's offering to be my Plan B!  I know our kids would come out singing!!!

The fun part of last night (besides everything) was that I had Henry next to me, D Anson across from me and Blake to my right (my previous karaoke date).  Blake was as adorable and talented as ever....

Blake is too young to want to be married in February, in my opinion - plus he needs to focus on his music career.  But I like hanging out with him.  D Anson is a plausible back up groom!  I'm going with it.  Also, Henry might get his act together and ask me on a proper date!

All in all, things seem to be on track.

Now, I must finish dinner and get to the date auction.....wish me luck and bids!!!!  I gathered some fun prizes to increase my bids and raise more money for the cause - Nokia Theatre (now called Verizon Theatre) tickets (4 of them) and Rangers Tickets (4 season tickets) my date will be fun if he likes those prizes, and he better take me :) !!!

I'm feeling optimistic about Project Husband.  Mainly, it opens the door for communication and honesty in intent.  HOORAY!

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