Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Will You Marry Me?

Time is flying....the wedding occurs in fewer than nine months!!  Things are progressing nicely, however.  I was set up with a friend of a friend last night, and we had a lunch date today....we have future plans, as well, so that's a good thing....

I continue to meet new guys consistently - and I'm cultivating new friendships, which is awesome.  I'm enjoying the liberation of Project Husband.  I feel more bold and honest than ever.  I know one "horrified" viewer recently commented negatively about this project on the site.  But, I don't think he fully understands me.  And, that's okay.  I've been through some extreme experiences, and I had a prompting to do something extreme in my own love life.  And, you know what?  It's paying off in spades.....the honesty in dating is awesome.  I am developing real feelings for one of my guys in particular....but I'm finding that I'm attracted to new guys, as well.  I shared with the girls at Facelogic today (before my spray tan) that I dated 25 guys in L.A. from before I found one that I wanted to date.  I've been out with about 30 guys in the last three months, and I have found about three that are keepers.  It's sort of a numbers game, people.  Dating is a bit of a crap shoot.

Tonight I'm going to see Letters to Juliet with a date.....should be fun to see who cries first.

Tomorrow, I'm hosting a singles mixer at the House of Blues Dallas Foundation Room - it's also a fundraiser for Be The Match.  Come on out - 6-9PM.  We'll have door prizes, and we are offering free tickets to Steel Panther in the music hall after the mixer.  If you want tickets, email me at before Thursday (tomorrow) at 4pm.

I'm off to get ready for my movie date.  I just came from an awesome meeting with my music producer, Casey Dilorio, at Valve Studios...we're working on the song I wrote called "Will You Marry Me?" or should we call it "I Wanna Get Married" - or should we call it "I Wanna Get Married, Will You Marry Me?"


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  1. How about "Marry me right effing NOW!!!!"