Monday, May 10, 2010

Dating update | whoa nelly!

Whoa nelly!  This past week was a whirlwind....I feel like I'm in a time warp.  Seriously.

So, after the Kentucky Derby, I had a very fun lunch date on Tuesday of last week.  It was with a guy I had met over two years ago through a dinner dating service.  He looked me up after all that time and asked me to go out with him.  We went to S&D Oyster Company in Uptown, and it was delicious....totally heavy for lunch, but I suppose it's better to eat more at lunch vs. at dinner.  Anyhow, I digress.....but dining, drinking and dating can be stressful.  I want to maintain the weight I've worked hard to achieve.  And, eating out is challenging for the diet.  But, the scale tells me I'm doing fine, and the pants I've purchased lately tell me I'm in good shape, based on the size.

Later that afternoon (after lunch), I had a coffee date.  Mind you, I also taught 4 private students that day - piano and singing.  The coffee date was fun - at the Pearl Cup.  I felt like I was cheating on Urban Dog Coffee, but my date suggested Pearl Cup, so I went with it.  This was a cool date because I met him on the plane, returning from the Kentucky Derby.  He and I met because we missed our connection (weather delays coming from Louisville caused us to miss our connecting flight in Chicago by 5 minutes)!!  He and I sat and waited for the later flight at Wolfgang Puck Cafe, and we were joined by his dad, who also had a connecting flight.  His dad was a total sweetheart - bought me pizza and wine (which made the delay fun vs. annoying).  And I got a glimpse into the guy's relationship with his father, and we found out that we travel well together.... :)  It was ironic that we lived in Dallas but met on the way home from Louisville.  Our coffee date was good....we're having lunch tomorrow, and I have a surprise in store for him if everything comes together as it should.

Tuesday night last week, I had a meeting for Love Cures All (the bachelor/bachelorette auction, occurring this Wednesday at Lemon Bar).  I met the other bachys, and it was fun!!  Afterwards, I had dinner with a date - he cooked for me, and it was really sweet.  We watched American Idol together, as well as a horrible Val Kilmer movie on DVD.  But, it was nice relaxing with a fun companion.  All in all, last Tuesday was a marathon day, with teaching and three dates!!

Wednesday last week, I registered at Williams-Sonoma.  It was an out-of-body experience.  The ladies at the store (whom I met at the Unveiled bridal event) encouraged me to register, saying that most women register on their own at first anyhow....and the guys like to add things like knives and BBQ tools.  HA!  I didn't pick out too much, but I picked out some staple items.  It got me dreaming about a home with a husband, cooking together, dining together, shopping together, adding some kids to the head was spinning.  And I kept picturing one guy in's too early in the dating picture to tell, but it was interesting that his head kept popping into mine.

Wednesday night was Cinco de Mayo at House of Blues and Havana Social Club with a double date.  I was setup with a music producer (hottie) - 28 years old.  He was a great date! We had pre-drinks at Victory Tavern and Havana before heading to HOB for Gipsy Kings.  My date and I got along well.  The foursome was fun.  Double dates can be very cool.  My date and I played Words With Friends later in the night (so dorky), and he kicked my butt.  Currently, I am beating him, and the loser of this game will buy lunch for the winner - that's our bet.

Thursday, I had a meeting with Casey (Atlas Video Productions) and Dora (Style Advisor/Producer), and we came up killer ideas for new Project Husband videos.  Dora also found me two amazing skirts at Buffalo Exchange for $7 each!  They were free for me since I traded in some clothes.

Friday night, I wore one of the new skirts (short and lacy and very Sex in the City).  And, I took a date with me to my girlfriend's birthday party.  She is my maid-of-honor!  We've only known each other for about 3 years, but she is an awesome friend, she's a planner, her job gives her some flexibility to plan, and she's local in Dallas.  I feel it's practical to choose a maid-of-honor who lives in town.  It's a tough job to do remotely.  So, for her birthday, we had dinner at Palomino followed by drinks and music at Poor David's Pub and Lee Harvey's.  My date was awesome - everyone loved him.  He brought an extend-a-fork, which was a hit for reaching calamari at the other end of the table.  It also helped me get some awesome penne pasta bites.  Another bridesmaid, Joanie, attended the celebration, as well.  She approved of my date wholeheartedly, and Monica (maid-of-honor) approved, as well....big points for my date!!!

Saturday, I was set up with a patent attorney who is also a budding fashion designer.  He's a total hottie - 30 years old....we had dinner at The Fish in West Village.  It was an early night for me with church and Chick Singer Night the next day.  But, I felt he and I had a lot in common - corporate background with creative goals.  We'll see.....!!  He said he'd come to the bachelorette auction this Wednesday at Lemon Bar to get my bids up :)

Yesterday, I began the day with church in Frisco.  It was Mother's Day, of course.  So I shared a new song with the congregation - my song, One Little Star, which I wrote for my mom.  My church is the best, because it is small and mighty, the people care, and I get paid to sing uplifting music!

After church, I flew back downtown, ate lunch, showered and got ready for Chick Singer Night at House of Blues.  My awesome Style Advisor, Dora Chu, found me an incredible dress to wear - from a shop called Cabana on Lovers.  I arrived at HOB for rehearsals in my Juicy sweat outfit (feeling so comfy) and later changed into the navy sequin dress with hot pink accents.  The dress was a hit - because guys and girls alike commented!  I even received a text today from a cute boy that I looked gorgeous and he loved the dress....

Tonight, I have been set up with a Management Analyst - by my friends at No Excuses (which is a dating service) - we shall see how it goes!!!!

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