Monday, May 31, 2010

Sugar-free Red Bull

I think I need sponsorship from Sugar-free Red Bull - I've had one each day for the last week....because I've been at events or on dates each day for the last week....I've also taken afternoon naps the past couple days, in order to rally!  I was going to take a night off last Thursday, but Chris invited me to the the Five for Fighting show at the Granada that night, and how could I say no to a cute boy and a fun concert?!

Last night, David crashed my girls night viewing of Sex and the City, and he was fun as one of the girls.  Tonight, we are heading to Avenue Q.  He called the Director of Marketing for the show and hooked us up with 2nd row orchestra seats.  We are heading to dinner first, and I am starving!

I had to do Turbo Jam this afternoon (even though I usually take Sundays off from working out)....because of all of the fun dining and drinking out....I needed some major calorie burning.  Tonight, I'm thinking I should pass on the alcohol, because the last several nights have involved drinks and yummy food....and I don't want to indulge too much.  I have to look good in my wedding dress ;)

Dating is challenging for a number of reasons - it's challenging to the sleep schedule, it means lots of events and food/alcohol, some dates are better than others (I had a painful one recently; really wanted to leave but was polite and endured it)....

All is well, however.  I'm having fun and working on my own career goals - especially in music.  Seriously, though, I need to contact Red Bull for sponsorship.  Anyone have a contact within the company??

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