Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 10 & 11

Time is flying!  I'm more than half way through the 21 day challenge from My Fit Foods.  I'm feeling great!  Saturday was a relaxing day...I cleaned up around the house and saw the movie, The Fighter, with my dad.  It was fun to have a Dad date!  I resisted temptation as we sat at the bar before the move - I ordered water with lemon.  I've stuck to the no caffeine, no feels really cleansing, actually.  I enjoyed the quality time with my dad - and it didn't have to include bad food or alcohol to be fun...!  The movie was great...the smell of popcorn was a bit intoxicating.  My dad had popcorn (even Zoe had popcorn), but I focused on the film, which was entertaining, enlightening and inspiring (after the initial depressing backstory).

Sunday began with the My Fit Foods liver cleanse and breakfast, and then I headed to church to set up and lead music.  Again, there was yummy food present - the volunteer for the treats went above and beyond, and I watched as happy people devoured their doughnuts and breakfast items.  I brought my Fage yogurt (with cherry) for a snack, and it was very satisfying.  In fact, some people with their doughnuts looked longingly at my yogurt!

Now, more than ever, I'm dedicated to taking care of myself.  And, I'm putting myself first.  The 21 day challenge has given me the kick start I needed to get back on track.  I'm also sleeping better as a result of the diet, which is awesome.  Who doesn't love a good night's rest?  I especially needed rest for a TV shoot this morning.  There will be some announcements on the local CW33 tonight regarding my wedding...  

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