Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 5 | better than candy

I just discovered the most delicious snack - apple slices sprinkled with cinnamon dipped in organic peanut butter.  Better than candy!  Day 5 has been excellent...within my 21 day My Fit Foods challenge.  The only problem is that I'm freezing!  And, that is only because Dallas feels extra cold right now.  We were spoiled in the Big D because freezing temperatures just now body is not used to this.  Although, I know I'm not a total wimp because I left the house without a coat today (force of habit).  Thankfully, the heater in my car is awesome, so I didn't totally die as I drove to teach music and complete tasks for work.

Back to the snack - it was amazing!  I could swear off candy.  It's funny to ponder all the reasons why we feed ourselves.  And, many of the reasons have nothing to do with giving our bodies fuel!  No wonder our country is so fat.  We eat food, drink caffeine and alcohol and consume other naughty things to feel better.  What if we looked to outside sources of feeling better - sources unrelated to consumption.  Such, art, theater, film, literature, exercise, sports, faith....I've always loved all those things, but the world around us makes it so easy to consume.  It's someone's birthday - let's go have dinner and drinks!  How about this instead - let's go do yoga!?  I know it's a dream.  But I have a dream that future generations get back to the basics in life.  I dream that they find fulfillment in passion, love and art.  I dream that they don't have to struggle with body image and self-esteem because they are whole individuals, surrounded by healing, healthy people and attitudes.

Now I'm rambling....but you get the point.  I think relationships would be a lot stronger if people healed themselves before they entered into unions such as marriage.  If we stopped covering up pain and sorrow, and we addressed the issues with positive coping mechanisms, rather than self-destructive ones, the world would be such a better place.

I'm doing my part - I'm taking care of myself and nurturing my self-relationship before I rush into anything.  I am seeking an evolved soul, someone who understands my views and challenges them from time to time...

It's like the Depeche Mode song - "Somebody."  Go check it out if you haven't heard it in a while.  If you don't know it, hit up iTunes.

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  1. Okay this is very eerie and hilarious all at the same time. I dont know what made me look up blogs titled Project Husband... oh wait... I just remembered because I am a 35 yr. old single girl in Dallas with a little chihuahua looking for a husband,,lol...
    So every word that I read down to the apples with peanut butter and the fact that I am also a singer songwriter and live in Dallas and think that my car heater is the best and i always seem to remind those around me about it....OKay and the craziest of ALL THINGS!!!!.... I was just singing somebody on my way home from work 3 days ago... and was thinking of recording it.. Seriously.. this is a little strange... and the fact that I ramble way too much tops it all off.
    ummm...I'm say the least....
    Glad I found your blog.