Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 18 & 19 | beach vacation

I can't believe it - my 21 day challenge with My Fit Foods is about to come to an end!  Parting is such sweet sorrow!  I feel amazing....Sunday was Day 18 - I started the day at church and later found my way to a 90-minute intermediate class at YogaSport in Dallas.  It was incredible...!!  I truly felt empowered.  I was so proud that I didn't spend most of the class in child's pose!  In fact, I was a yoga machine...

I made my Sunday night stop at My Fit Foods for a food pickup.  I headed home to shower and change for a photography exhibit, organized by two friends of mine...with a focus on images they captured in Spain.  It really made me want to go on a trip!!  Before I left for the art show, I ate a delicious beef tenderloin meal prepared by my new favorite chef at My Fit Foods.  In 90 seconds, I had a gourmet, healthy entree ready for me to devour.  And, I resisted temptation at the event (as I was surrounded by delicious Spanish fare and red wine).

Monday was Day 19, and I had an airbrush tan scheduled in the morning.  I was at Facelogic in Highland Park when I got a call that Channel 8 wanted to interview me in an hour.  My hair was in a bun, and I was in sweats.  I begged the ladies at Facelogic to reschedule my tan, and they were super understanding.  I changed the appointment to later in the evening.  Then, I ran home, changed and fixed hair and makeup and drove to Dreamfly in Uptown for the interview.  Debbie from Channel 8 and Mike the cameraman met me at the office, and we launched into the segment.  I had a blast with Debbie.  She is single, too...we bantered about the challenges in finding a mate.  She said she felt inspired to get out there more...since I had gone into super-dating mode, she knew she could at least dip her toes into the pool of dating.

After a day of work, the airbrush tan was a welcome escape.  I walked into the spa looking frazzled and quite pale!  I left with a tan!  I felt as if I had gone on a beach vacation....a little bit of Spain right off Dallas North Tollway.  Who knew?!  Seriously, I felt great...and I love the look of my yoga-toned body with a bit of bronze.  Plus, the diet from My Fit Foods has improved my waistline big time...I feel awesome.

And, I feel excited about my wedding giveaway.  Entries will be accepted at www.projecthusband.com starting tomorrow!!  I've already received some amazing emails from people who want to get married and who would love help with their weddings.  After my segment aired on the Channel 8 news last night, I received some new Facebook friends...and even a couple of interesting guys!  A coffee date is in the works...and I can have coffee again starting Thursday.  It has been nearly three weeks since I had a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.  Amazing...

Love is around the corner...and self-love is an option each and every day!!!!!!


  1. man! I sure wish I was in Dallas area or you were in the Houston area. You seem surprisingly normal ( as not crazy ) Well since I cant get time off nor do I have the money to travel to even dee if you liked me I wish you all the luck in the world!

  2. Your journey sounds amazing! I think it's so awesome that you are helping someone else while doing something great for yourself. I read your story on the 9 news website tonight and thought I stop by and say hi. Good luck with your journey!